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Thanks for taking care of the Carcass setlist. :)

The Manowar one is keep being reverted back by bots, so if you could take a look there too, I'd tremendously appreciate it: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/manowar/2022/plateia-nerou-piraeus-greece-5bb5bbc8.html


Could you please lock those two setlists? I've been trying to edit some minor stuff, providing sources, but some user with multiple bot accounts keeps reverting them. Judging by comments on their profiles, they have a habit of doing so.



Please, consider locking them with my edits intact.

I have audience tapes of all the concerts where Paul performs Someone Else I'd Like to Be. So please don't revert these.
That's why the first two words of my source read Audience tape.

I put the links because amongst Beatles fans and on Tripping the Live Fantastic it is released as If I Were Not Upon the Stage.
Hope that's OK with you. Do you think that as a Beatlefan whose name is in several books I want to mess up the Paul setlists?

Luke71 Keeps reverting my setlists I Follow the Guidelines but it's hard to link multiple Instagram and Twitter links of the Show I Know the Setlists stay mostly the Same and If I See a Song isn't Sung I Take it off I watched a Grand Ole Opry show on TV and he keeps saying I Need a source I cant Very Well Link something on my TV and the youtube livestream was taken down... The Setlists Have been on for months now all of a sudden they are getting deleted constantly

Hey, I'm trying to add a setlist for the bands Lord Of The Lost and Airbourne which are gonna be supporting bands for Iron Maiden in Pragues on 20th June 2022 (yes I've added the source too) and they are getting deleted just a minutes after I create them. I know that I made some f*ck ups in the past in here, but I've carefully went through the guidelines and I won't make them again. Is there a way to fix this problem ?

We don't say live debut for classical operas, we say creation

You have a problem with a troll at Stadium Tour right now

OK, I apologise for calling you an arsehole (I’m in the UK, that’s how we spell it), I was frustrated - forgive me.

I appreciate the guidelines are necessary, and I probably did read them when I signed up eight years ago, but it’s not something I feel compelled to go back to on a regular basis.

I am seriously impressed with how thorough you and other mods are on here - it must be a massive amount of work, and I hope you are rewarded for such dedication.

I also appreciate the fact that you probably have better things to do than reply to my griping every couple of days (I too have better things to do than gripe!).

So, in an effort to draw a line under this one, here is a link to my friend's Tweet with the setlist, I am not sure if you need to follow him to see it (I think not):


Keep on modding...


Hey “ExecutiveChimp”,

Thank you for your message regarding your continuous removal of a setlist I’m trying to post.

Apologies, but I didn’t see any previous messages, I don’t use SetlistFM that often, so am not familiar with the detail behind everything (as you clearly are).

Whilst I appreciate there needs to be a level of moderation for numerous reasons, I hope you can understand how frustrating it is to add the same setlist 3 times only to have it removed by a moderator for what I see is no good reason.

You said: "Read the guidelines. If you didn't attend a show then you need to post a link to source proof or don't edit.”

In the 'General' section it says: "It is perfectly fine to add and edit setlists you haven't attended in person. If you would like to add or update such a concert, then a simple link or comment must be given explaining where this information is coming from." - I gave such a comment every time.

And under 'Adding sources' it says "Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist" - as above, I did - every time…

Each time I’ve posted the Tool setlist in question, I’ve stated this was a show attended by a friend, who has sent me a photo of his setlist, taken off the stage, on the night, which is surely as relevant as "I was there", which I’ve used on previous postings.

What do I have to gain by putting a false setlist up there? I’m just trying to add new information that Tool’s fanbase will find interesting. I’ve posted nothing stupid or offensive…



Why do you keep removing a Tool setlist I have uploaded at least 3 times now?

Feel free to ping me on Facebook or email if you’d like to say hi. Always good to see a familiar face in the crowd. Pretty sure I’ll be free around 7 and grabbing food or drinks. Will likely be directly in front of the soundboard for Metallica wearing very loud shorts.

Hey there - we see a good amount of the same shows. If you’re at Boston calling today, I’d like to buy you a beer for your efforts on this site.


Again we seem to have a disagreement.

quoting Radinsky
why the power trip on the TOOL setlists? bad day at home?
so is your plan to now go through every TOOL setlist and change to encore? seriously, why are you deciding to do this edit now?

Encores are better used for the statistics per tour e.g.
Look here https://www.setlist.fm/stats/average-setlist/tool-2bd6d836.html?tour=2bd074aa
there are no encores at all while on the recent tour there's one listed

Is it setlist.fm fault that someone else started to list this as intermission?

PS No I'm not having a bad day, it's my birthday today so it might take a long time before I get on setlist today.

On the Pet Shop Boys setlist of 10 may 2022, the user squirrel22fr's refuses to let the song mentionned as You Were Always On My Mind as you said and as it mentioonned 384 times in the statistics. Can you do something ? Thanks !

Hello, we got a problem on the Pet Shop Boys setlists with the song Always on my mind which was fisrt released as You Were Always On My Mind on 1972.
Has the song to be mentionned as You Were Always On My Mind cover OR Always on my mind cover ? I didn't find this case in your rules.
On the studio album of the Pet Shop Boys, it's released as Always on my mind.
Thanks !

As a heads up, I notice you've warned Luke71 about wiping other users' setlists in the recent past, and he's just done the same to several of mine. I work with artist Stephen Kellogg and he provides me the setlists to post here, and I've been using "provided by artist" as my source, but Luke71 appears to think this is not sufficient to protect my setlists from being wiped. Thanks.

Hi. You've commented on tour naming in past forum posts. Can you take a look at this topic and chime in. The implications of splitting Tours into numerous Tour Legs, thus creating multiple Tours, will impact a lot of setlists on this site. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/tour-name-vs-tour-and-leg-in-tour-name-5bd7cb70#2bd4e0a2

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