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The Wiki article is pretty accurate until they get to The Kaleidoscope part. I remember that I got the real facts from contemporaneous student newspapers, the LA Free Press and other local sources. I am pretty sure you are correct about The Kaleidoscope details. It seems like they made a big deal about becoming "Ciro's Le Disc" but pretty much stopped emphasizing the new name after a few months. It definitely was on Sunset Blvd in what was then an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County ("West LA" at the time) that became West Hollywood when they incorporated in the 1980s. I have to remember to move the Ciro's LA venue to West Hollywood and put the details on it.


I know there was no source given for that Christina Agularia setlist, that was temporary and I was going to change it back to the original date when the other duplicate festival was gone, and if you don't mind id like to have me editing privileges back

I'm not going to beat this drum too loudly because I'm not a Deadhead but to me that source, a blog being done by a person in the midst of writing a massive tome about both the Dead's gigography and the venues where they were performed, would be legitimate as to whether the event below occurred. I should think the concert should only be deleted if a newspaper article or advertisement stating it was cancelled or postponed be produced.


"Unknown location #12
Jerry was scheduled to perform here on
10/17/73 Grateful Dead
Doug Sahm And Band would have opened."

Is how it appeared in site. Since the commenter identified the site, I took the logic leap that they were in attendance.


In retrospect, I probably should have used THIS as the source link. The show is the #12 "unknown" one.
The commenter linked above identified it.

https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/aerosmith/2011/green-arena-hiroshima-japan-7bd1d2b8.html Please fix this locked setlist, Nine Lives and Home Tonight were NOT played, only small snippets of Love Lives and Home Tonight were played before Dream On: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK-yM2a1iLo&ab_channel=Po2012TW

I am adding shows the the Rock 'N' Roll Triple Play Ballpark Tour and setlist.fm won't let me add the show at GCS Ballpark because it said it opened in 2008. It opened on June 27, 2002 as GMC Stadium until Apr 26, 2006 when it was renamed GCS Ballpark. https://www.baseballpilgrimages.com/illinois/sauget.html

All good, I know AMT's discography is massive so it's really hard to know what's an original and what isn't. The setlists and stats are all a mess too, so i've been trying to clean them up as a personal project

In 2007, there was a 23-city tour of minor-league baseball parks across the country featuring Counting Crows, Live, and Collective Soul. There are a listings for a number of the stops (but not all 23 cities on setlist.fm - but they have an incorrect tour name. Live and Collective Soul lists "Rock & Roll Triple Play Tour" while Counting Crows is listed as "Triple Play Tour". The correct name is "Rock 'N' Roll Triple Play Ballpark Tour". Is there an easy way to rename those 3 tour listings to the correct name - short of editing each of them and then having someone edit them again? The following links have articles that talk about the tour with the proper name. I plan to go through and fill in information for the shows/setlists that aren't listed. The Pollstar article also mentions Third Eye Blind played some shows so I plan to add those as well. Thanks, skibone

‘Om Riff’ has a bit of a confusing history, because it is referred to on You as ‘Master Builder’, but was later re-done by Steve Hillage as ‘The Glorious Om Riff’, and since that re-done version, Gong has effectively retroactively referred to Master Builder as ‘Om Riff’ or ‘The Glorious Om Riff’ or ‘Master Builder’, almost entirely dependent on the performance night.
However, the wiki link does note that whenever AMT plays the song, they consistently refer to it as ‘Om Riff’ on setlists (even when playing as Acid Mothers Gong with Daevid and others), unless they’re doing one of the very significant reworks that they dedicated whole albums to.
It’s a little complicated but hopefully that clears everything up!


For this Black Sabbath show the song Rock 'n' Roll Doctor was changed by a user to Rock 'N' Roll Doctor and mods have twice changed it back. But it is now appearing as a separate song in the stats that has only been played once. All other instances of the song are down as Rock 'N' Roll Doctor


I'm trying to add a setlist but this message appears: “This setlist has been locked for editing by a moderator”.

I never added a setlist before.

Regarding your post for one of my links, the album was released in 1965, but the show was recorded in 1964.


I was wondering if you could lock the AC/DC 16 September 1977 Orebro, Sweden show. We have trolls that keep taking the song rocker off of the setlist we went through this a while ago I showed you a bootleg of the entire show I’ll post a link again also that show was at folkets park orebro, known today as Brunnsparken


Regarding your comment, I only deleted those songs which have no audio or video proof of being performed and I think it's wrong that anyone can insert any song being played without having the proof of it.

I remember seeing on the Small Faces official Facebook page when it was active that the 1969 shows in New York were cancelled after Marriott left the band. This pretty reliable Ronnie Lane website confirms it. I am deleting those shows but chance are the Fillmore shows will reappear as posters for it are on the internet.


Big fan of Fleetwood mac from the 1970-72 period and I've noticed if the songs are listed from the concert date there was a bootleg recording. Not all, but most. One of those was their concert at the Sunshine Inn in august of 72. Is there a copy of that recording somewhere? Thank you

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