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hi mod i need help. when ever i click add setlist it says :This setlist has been locked for editing by a moderator.: but its confusing me because i will be on the homepage and click it. not even when im on a setlist so please tell me how to resolve

Feel free to reverse my 549 edits and concert additions. They're legit, but no supporting evidence in most cases.

A link to newspapers.com won't work as it is subscription only. Never mind. Not enthused about sharing data with Live Nation anyway.

Please cite reason for Lynyrd Skynyrd venue reversions. I went through newspapers.com to find the ads announcing the venues as part of a bigger project. Also, it is totally wrong to label concerts through 1977 as part of the Gimme Back My Bullets Tour. They recorded two albums between summer 1977 and early 1976. But hey ...


Is this going to be locked forever? We do have videos from that night.

Sorry all my ticket stubs sadly were taken by my ex years ago but all New York State Universities have the same naming convention...State University Of New York @(CityName) usually abbreviated as SUNY@(City Name). The Wiki page that you linked to shows as much as the first thing you see. Also you can take a look at the school website at the link below but it's your call. Thanks

Not sure why you changed the venue for 3 of my shows. If anything they should show as State University of New York at New Paltz, NY, which would match up the other State Universities (i.e. - Oswego, Binghamton,etc.). The College of Education is one area within the university and not where the shows took place. They took place in the Gymnasium. Some of the shows incorrectly indicated the Elting Library which was incorrect. Thanks

Thanks for the correction on this setlist. You would think the actual venue would have the most correct information but apparently not.


You ignored my comment about Pale Blue Eyes and another moderator, dirkvandamme, told me to try to convince you of the proof.


In the first link, they explicitly state, which song is a cover and which is not. Pale Blue Eyes is not a cover.

Once again, would you kindly change Kadavar's Pale Blue Eyes to not being a cover?

Hey man, I did provided sources, it just does not let me copy the link off a group…
Why would I put something that isn’t real?

Here’s what’s know about MK last night setlist
Please unlock it, or remove the bots, they’re always changing setlists - for instance I updated the dead daisies last show source w an Instagram link of the setlist and a goddamn bot deleted it.

Here’s the setlist. I’m just providing setlists, but I won’t do that anymore since bots always remove em. It’s fine if you do, you’re a moderator. But not them.

Get Along @Info[Live Premiere]
Devil on the Wall
A Thousand Words @Info[Live Premiere]
Native Son @Info[Live Premiere]
Mars Hotel
World on Fire
All Ends Well
Love Rain Down @Info[Live Premiere]
In Stride @Info[Live Premiere]
Moonshot @Info[Live Premiere]
Year of the Tiger
Love Can Only Heal
Watch Over You
The Trooper
Haunted by Design

Hi, after two weeks the new Crowded House still are not assigned to the new album, Dreamers Are Waiting. Any idea what the problem is? I checked last time and the album is on MusicBrainz.

OK. That explains what the expectation for @Info is. However I will reiterate: That information SHOULD be in the FAQ so that new editors can find out that way rather than via reverts.


While I can see that you might not feel it's "relevant to the show", others (including the source whose author believed it to be an important event in the history of the venue) feel differently. I thought perhaps I missed something in the FAQ so I went back to re-read it and couldn't find anything there that suggested that to be the case. I get that they don't want a lot of setlist comments saying "THaT ShOw RaWkEd Dood!" but if Setlist.FM really wants the comments only to be things about the songs themselves and that's it...not the staging...or brawls between members...or historic meetings of rock figures (this isn't one of several meetings of Seger-Springsteen, it's the first which is a cause for notability)...then perhaps that section of the FAQ should explicitly state it. I am trying to play by the rules....but it isn't always as clear as it should be what the rules, in fact, are.

Question here: As for the Blue Oyster Cult version of Born to Be Wild (being credited to Mars Bonfire because he “wrote” it) please let me know if that’s going to be the case…..because if it is then there are 500,000 country songs that are going to need to be changed due to the “actual songwriting/performers” not being listed on the hits even though they may have played them live, recorded them on an indie label or simply recorded a demo. In fact, the “entire” catalog of country songs released during the past 30 years is now gong to have to include “@cover.

Hey man. We're talkin' Megadeth 13/05/2000 Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena. Didn't they close for some sort of movie prop weird hair band?

I ended up with a t-shirt that said living the life. I remember a titty contest and a costume contest. Do you recall?

At the close of it all Dave Mustaine mentioned a after party. Does this ring any bells.

I'm trying to track down a show I went to. My mind is so fast I don't remember much. I paid $5 for the concert ticket, traveled from San Diego with a $20 friend ride free Greyhound ticket. I got to LA and had to fight off crackheads begging for change all the to the damn show..

At the end of it all me and my buddy were almost stuck on the street for the night because the buses weren't running at that hour of closing. Luckily we got rescued with a ride from some girl I happen to bump into at the closing point.

Needless to say but the guy she was with was not very happy that he had to take some random dudes back to San Diego. I had met her earlier in the year down in San Diego at a Roger Waters show who showed me her titties.

I was creating a festival and then deleting it after I grouped the shows there. I figured that way I wouldn't put an incorrect date on shows as the phone screen is small and I have a hard time sometimes seeing similar ( like 5/6) numbers.

I've been working on my phone while my computer was being repaired/energized so I was using it so I could check my edits for accuracy when I got it back. Supposed to be delivered today so that it won't be popping up any more. Sorry if it was creating confusion

hello i reported him but no one has gotten back yet User : Hibernite

Example: https://www.setlist.fm/user/Hibernite (look at the comments) https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/itzy/2021/cj-enm-center-sangam-dong-south-korea-7381de05.html


Hello i would like to report someone

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