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The Cheap Trick songs It All Comes Back To You and Baby No More is assigned to the wrong album. They should be on Self Titled Again not Cheap Trick. Please fix this it aggravates me.

Okay, thank you! :)

I sent an email to help@setlist.fm regarding the moderator promotion. Is that the right email? I couldn’t find anything labelled as Setlist Support.

Hello, ExecutiveChimp!

Thank you very much for recommending I get promoted! I really appreciate the consideration! I think I’m going to go through with it. I did want to say, though, if there is a new set of rules that comes with being an admin on here (like there was with Roadies), please let me know about them so I can study up on them and act on them. I don’t want to do anything to let you or the other admins down.

Again, thank you so much! It’s a real privilege to become an admin on here! I won’t let you guys down!

found something that kinda works against at least my practice comments for thin lizzy at mother blues nut my article did say they jammed https://www.facebook.com/WHENDALLASROCKED/posts/in-the-late-70s-the/1084506941683893/

hi bootleg source for rod stewart & faces oct 3 1971 la forum with songs, but date cant be right setlist shows them in england b4 and after date, checked other la forum gigs diff years not same song setlist, want to enter but concerned about date, what should i do

hi thin lizzy mother blues, i read in a 'Paper' from 1979, prob Buddy or local newspaper, ive packed them back in box dont want to dig out again some r brittle, article said thin lizzy loves dallas why decided to start tour in dallas, came in a week early, hung out at mother blues every night, jamming there on a few days b4 tour started, i only added 2 entries even tho maybe more, something in article let me believe they were practice for tour, but if u know anything about mother blues dallas, it was a hang out after shows for alot of bands coming thru dallas didnt shut down until 5a most nights, mother blues was the local place to find access to cocaine and other drugs and groupies, bands had a private access area upstairs where it all took place most patrons not allowed up there unless u were providing what they wanted, also read that mother blues dallas was the original 'House of Blues' u might know better than me if thats true, about me, i first entered all my shows i attended which i have tix to most except my 60s shows which my parents took me to, after the home computer was invented i created a digital transcript for all my shows from tix filling gaps like opening acts from memory, from that point on i kept very accurate records on all concerts i attended and going ons with extra notes when unusual, a week ago i could not find any info online about a show i wanted to update and i rem i had these music papers from time frame so i unboxed my stuff and snd found a lot of info in them on local act shows mostly and stared entering what setlist didnt have, i didnt enter 100s of local shows cus i was lazy and did not want to research and add bands not on musicbrainz already , now im going thru my bootleg info which i guess not surprising mostly already exits, i do not change anything that i find questionable, especially if u guys already have like the entire tour and all songs entered, but will make a comment if i think it is worth knowing, i have no desire to falsely enter info that i think is not true, if u at setlist think anything i enter is out right false feel free to delete it as i know u would, i bet there r many other pre internet people here that also have there local music paper with tons o info in them, i am considering going to prob the last record store owner in dallas Bills still around from 70s to see what local music papers he has crated up see if i could borrow, he never throws anything away

Hi, i know that i edited too much the Mariah Carey April 16 2016 concert in Milan. But there's just a mistake. She performed Against all odds after the fantasy interlude, Heartbreaker was the end of the act. Thank You!

Sorry in my delayed response but yes positive. I checked with others as well. Thanks for all your work!

Sorry, could have been more clear about that. The version of "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" you locked the Neil Young setlist to is different from the rest of the setlists, and MikeM's comments seem really odd (unless responses were deleted?)

Hi again. Out of curiosity, what the hell happened here? Is there a conversation I'm not seeing or something? https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/neil-young-and-crazy-horse/1970/cincinnati-music-hall-cincinnati-oh-bd1156e.html

About the Primus set lists, sorry about that, won’t happen again

Hey, thanks for being awesome and putting so much time into the site. Quick question on the Judas Priest setlists, is it "Rising from Ruins" or "Rising From Ruins"? I usually use http://www.songcase.com as a guide and it tells me the first one is right, but you locked one of the sets that has the second. Right now two setlists have one version and three have the other. Could you (or another mod) please edit those so they at least all match up and accumulate stats properly? Thanks!


I got a notification about a setlist changed by this user PatriciaGonz, the information in which was all completely wrong and I had to revert it.
Checking their profile they seem to just be mass editing setlists with the wrong information, which quite a few users have commented about..

For all Pantera shows:

I have an addition to your Lynyrd Skynyrd list. You have May 19,1974 listed as San Diego. The venue was at San Diego State outside arena. They were the last act of the day and the crowd was getting rowdy. They had stacked Marshall amps and people started getting near the stage and toppled one of the stacks. My friend Gus and I were 18 and sitting behind some Hell's Angels. He accidentally spilled some beer on one of them and we ended up buying beers the rest of the day for them. Please add SDSU to your Wiki post.

Not sure how to handle this. You may be aware of an editor called "livemusicfan." He decided to remove the labeling of the Led Zeppelin set from the entire West Coast Zebra Tour despite the fact that the band specifically promoted that set in their advertising. I can reinstate it, but perhaps you all as moderators need to step in.
Here, they call it the "Zep set:"
Also here:
Concerts in question:

The setlist for Loudness with Judas Priest CNE Grandstand August 31, 1986 is incorrect and should be removed. I do not recall Loudness opening for Judas Priest. I do know that they played Toronto about 3 weeks later supporting ACDC. Krokus also is the documented support act for this leg of the Judas Priest tour, the referenced website is incorrect. Unfortunately the ticket stub does not show a support act. Thanks

Just saw the July 23 1988 setlist for Cinderella at Maple Leaf Gardens. As per your note they were on the Judas Priest tour and played the CNE Bandshell on the 22nd with Judas Priest. I was with them here in Toronto. Please remove that setlist. Thanks

The date was listed on the Wikipedia article for "Killing Machine Tour". However, since I can not find any other confirmation that the concert was on that date it could be deleted.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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