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https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sepultura/1994/megaland-landgraaf-netherlands-43fd2b5b.html Hello, could you erase it? this is an irreal setlist, it copied from the Pinkpop 96 performance, plus, Sepultura never performed on this edition of the festival.

Hello Chimp.

Can you please delete this whole tour. it never ended up happening due to an illness https://image-ticketfly.imgix.net/00/02/39/47/07-og.jpg?w=495&h=640

This is why you need to make an update that denies people from adding setlists until the show actually happens, as the setlist doesn't actually exist until the show is over.

thank you

Hi user Timothee keeps defacing the last ac/DC concert setlist (and others) I keep reverting but can you do something? Thanks

I forgot to mention that in Santana's official setlists it shows up as "Orinoco / Rain / Shine"

Hi! I was wondering if you might recognize this song played by David Mathews on keyboard in the current Santana tour. You can hear the beginning of it at 5:45 mark of this video:

They are playing it between "Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" and Shine.

Hey, some more album assignments seem to have changed themselves....

Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Songs: "My Love Will Not Let You Down" "Rendezvous" "Brothers Under the Bridge" "Part Man, Part Monkey" "Where the Bands Are" "Loose Ends" "Seaside Bar Song" "I Wanna Be With You" "Hearts of Stone" & "Sad Eyes"
Correct Album: Tracks
Songs: "Murder Incorporated" "Secret Garden" & "Blood Brothers"
Correct Album: Blood Brothers
Song: "The Ghost of Tom Joad"
Correct Album: The Ghost of Tom Joad
Songs: "The Promise" "Save My Love" "One Way Street" "Ain't Good Enough for You" "Gotta Get That Feeling" "Come On (Let's Go Tonight)" "Outside Looking In" "The Brokenhearted" "Spanish Eyes"
Correct Album: The Promise
Song: "Streets of Philadelphia"
Correct Album: The Essential Bruce Springsteen

I also maintain that "Because the Night" isn't a Patti Smith cover and should sort to "The Promise" :)

Thanks for the help!

The following Led Zeppelin website has the setlist for this show the same as I have been trying to tell you as I wrote down from my DAT recording...
Surely myself as well as the Led Zeppelin setlits website both didn't get it totally wrong!
The Page/Plant website setlists.fm has referenced for the setlist is incorrect, the following is the correct setlist.

01) babe i'm gonna leave you
02) bring it on home
03) heartbreaker
04) ramble on
05) going to california
06) laride (hurdy gurdy solo)
07) gallows pole
08) the song remains the same
09) the rain song
10) since i've been loving you
11) whole lotta love (with snippets of night flight / light my fire/ break on trough (to the other side) / dazed and confused)
12) yallah
13) four sticks
14) in the evening (with carouselambra snippet)
15) kashmir (with black dog snippet)
16) wonderful one
17) black dog
18) rock and roll

Hi, I was hoping you could help with these album assignment issues

Artist: Marillion
Songs: "Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury" & "The Great Escape"
Correct Album: Brave
Songs: "One Fine Day" "Memory of Water" & "Estonia"
Correct Album: This Strange Engine
Song: "Wrapped Up in Time"
Correct Album: Happiness is the Road

Artist: Dream Theater
Song: Illumination Theory
Correct Album: Dream Theater

Artist: King Crimson
Songs: "Hell Hounds of Krim" "Meltdown" "Banshee Legs Bell Hassle" & "Radical Action (To Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind"
Correct Album: Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind
Song: "One Time"
Correct Album: THRAK

Thanks for the help!

Page/Plant - Melbourne 1st March 1996
Why does the moderator keep changing the setlist back to an incorrect setlist???
Night Flight was 1st in the Whole Lotta Love medley not 3rd !
The Hurdy Gurdy Solo has a name! = it is called Laride, by Ancient Beatbox, who is one half Nigel Eaton, the very guy performing the solo! It was played once at the show, not twice!
Going To California was 5th song, not 14th!
etc. etc. etc.

hi family values tour 1999 dallas oct 27. so my personal notes say this show was Monday Nov. 1, 1999 at reunion, not this date Oct 27 which is the date printed on tix. quick research not enuf proof yet but here's a link https://www.msopr.com/press-releases/success-of-the-second-annual-family-values-tour-surpasses-expectations-as-plans-begin-for-its-return-next-year/ which says Nov 1. does anyone rem a reschedule. thanks

hi van halen sept 8 1980 armarillo tx needs to be deleted it is a dup of correct date of 7th.
the correct van halen sept 8 1980 i just changed from an incorrect date of sept 9.
i am new and dont know how to delete the extra entry. thanks

Hey, is there anyway you can lock this setlist or something, im correct in saying that for statistical purposes it's supposed to be how I have it?


Hi! The 7th of July, (2001) Judast Priest and Savatage played in Cádiz, At Colegio San Felipe Neri. Venue renamed, same place, different names!!! I tried, but I can't edit the setlist :)

Is this an appropriate tour name?
Chicago & The Doobie Brothers 2010


I think You've Got the Love by The Source ( http://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/the-source-3bd6b0c0.html?song=You've+Got+the+Love ) should be credited as You Got the Love by Candi Staton ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Got_the_Love )


Thank you for giving me a hand on Playing Dead

Bob Dylan didn't play Centennial Olympic Park on May 5th,1996 in Atlanta. I corrected it but you reverted it back. Centennial Olympic Park wasn't opened yet to the public. It was opened July 19th -August 14th for the Olympics. They did have a concert series during that time period but Dylan wasn't there. Music Midtown is where he played on the Miller Lite Stage. He closed out the festival. The following year Midtown Music was moved to Centennial Park.

For the love of God, can you please step in and put a stop to the pissing contest that's going on with regard to the current U2 tour? A handful of members have changed the name from The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 to The Joshua Tree 2017 so many times, it's making my head hurt. Don't even get me started on the barrage of e-mail notifications.


Crowbar: October 10, 2016 @ House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, Fl needs to be deleted.
They went home to NOLA because of bad weather and were replaced by a local opener.
Thanks, AL-

Living Colour: April 22, 2017 @ Central Florida Fairgrounds Orlando needs to be deleted.
The band was a last minute cancellation, and they did not perform.
Best, Dr. AL-

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