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I have an addition to your Lynyrd Skynyrd list. You have May 19,1974 listed as San Diego. The venue was at San Diego State outside arena. They were the last act of the day and the crowd was getting rowdy. They had stacked Marshall amps and people started getting near the stage and toppled one of the stacks. My friend Gus and I were 18 and sitting behind some Hell's Angels. He accidentally spilled some beer on one of them and we ended up buying beers the rest of the day for them. Please add SDSU to your Wiki post.

Not sure how to handle this. You may be aware of an editor called "livemusicfan." He decided to remove the labeling of the Led Zeppelin set from the entire West Coast Zebra Tour despite the fact that the band specifically promoted that set in their advertising. I can reinstate it, but perhaps you all as moderators need to step in.
Here, they call it the "Zep set:"
Also here:
Concerts in question:

The setlist for Loudness with Judas Priest CNE Grandstand August 31, 1986 is incorrect and should be removed. I do not recall Loudness opening for Judas Priest. I do know that they played Toronto about 3 weeks later supporting ACDC. Krokus also is the documented support act for this leg of the Judas Priest tour, the referenced website is incorrect. Unfortunately the ticket stub does not show a support act. Thanks

Just saw the July 23 1988 setlist for Cinderella at Maple Leaf Gardens. As per your note they were on the Judas Priest tour and played the CNE Bandshell on the 22nd with Judas Priest. I was with them here in Toronto. Please remove that setlist. Thanks

The date was listed on the Wikipedia article for "Killing Machine Tour". However, since I can not find any other confirmation that the concert was on that date it could be deleted.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[About Megadeth in Japan 1991.]
Was the source I provided pretty thin?

I'm not so sure about Joe Zawinul. Miles Davis is a solo artist. He may has musicians behind him but not an actual band.

Willie Dixon played bass on almost every song he had written but that were first recorded by Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and any musician that went through Chess Records in the 1950s. He did re-release some of these songs himself later on but he had been a member of the band that had performed what had eventually been the original release. However, the ones that he did release, we call them Willie Dixon's.

Can anyone help me out with getting the Yo La Tengo show where they did the two songs with Conor Oberst, they did "Like A Rolling Stone" and "The Slider"
I'm going crazy trying to get them.
I think there were a few other songs he did with them live.
You can have it all
Rex's Blues

If anyone has even one of those will you please send them to me?! Danielhammons1@gmail.com
If need be I can send anything else Conor Oberst ever touched, literally.

The person I previously mentioned is back. Again, he is creating many different accounts to undo a change I did to one artist's setlist. All these accounts have one thing in common, they were created years ago, yet haven't made any edits except to MY setlist. You can check the edit history of https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/alan-jackson/2017/erie-insurance-arena-erie-pa-6be27a06.html

Please look at https://www.setlist.fm/user/joint_of_view.
They reverted 2 of my setlists with no explanation whatsoever.

There appears to be sockpuppetry at this setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/alan-jackson/2012/bank-of-kentucky-center-highland-heights-ky-43dae3ab.html. Every time I try to add correct info (a mod previously accidentally reverted it, although I told him about the mistake) back into a setlist. An account with no edits before whatsoever shows up and reverts it. Please ban whoever is doing this.


The Chronicle lists BBHC at Kaiser Oakland for this telethon, not the Cow Palace.

Can you take a look at this setlist?
Someone added artist A at venue A and date A, and then changed to completely different artist B and completely different venue B on completely different date B. Doesn't make any sense.


Can you please look at user EbenezerStooge1 for erroneous changes? He’s changing Alan Jackson set lists and adding songs that were not played such as Lil Wayne and Akon. He’s done it several times to several different shows.

Thank you!

Chimpster wrote:
Please be careful when adding "benefits". Many should not be listed as festivals. Some of them are one band with guest performers. You should NOT be creating new setlists for guest musicians who only played on a few songs for the main band. All new setlists for guest musicians need to be deleted. Thank you.

Got it. Usually, these are multi-artist events with each band having a set. I don't always post all the bands for the event. Will keep your advice in mind, thanks!


Hi Executive Chimp,
Sorry about all of the Darkened Soul setlists. My cousin found my login info and has been using it to add false setlists. He's the guitarist of a garage band by the same name. Is there a way I can delete all of them at once?

Hi, I have a question about the possibilty to the change the artist’s name assigned to a set list. There are two set lists from september 2016 under the name “Neil Finn” which should actually be “Neil & Liam Finn”. The latter is a relatively new entity which will release a debut album with their own songs later this year. They are already in the database. I don’t think I’m able to change a name accorded to a set list being a “Roadie”... could you help me with this? Thanks in advance!

Re: Richard Thompson setlist at Warwick back in October 2017
"Who Knows Where the Time Goes?", was written by Sandy Denny and recorded by her with the Strawbs back in the '60s, before she joined Fairport Convention. They (and lots of other ppl) keep the song alive, but it isn't their song. I looked at the stats for the song. Amusingly saw the 'last performed by' stat.... I sang the song 2 days ago at a folk festival - but that's another story ;)

Can't post any dates in 2018, the site doesn't offer that year as an option.

A member has taken it upon himself to continually revert setlists.



It has been widely reported that this is a set in stone setlist that Bruce is playing night after night. There has been absolutely no change since the second night of the run, yet this individual, livemusicfan, insists on removing the setlists until someone who was in attendance comes forward to post. Quite frankly, he’s become something of a nuisance.

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