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I’ve noticed that the AC/DC concert September 3rd 1977 at the Old Waldorf San Francisco has 2 sets listed but the first set was never played only the 2nd set. I found a video of the entire show for you and only the 2nd set was played. Please read the description of the video for evidence of the date and the set. In the beginning of the video they even say they’re in San Francisco. Can you please remove the first set because it was never played. Thanks


Hi! Do you know what setlist.fm's stance is on artists that use different capitalization (see newest Ariana Grande, Bring Me the Horizon albums)? Should the setlists still go by the normal style rules?

Example: https://musicbrainz.org/release/9b91c35b-f604-4852-acd9-32e278de9736

Thanks for all your work here!

Hi, someone is repeatadly reverting a set list to an earlier, incomplete, version. The member who’s doing this likely using a fake account (0 edit, 0 concerts since 2013). I have confirmed the set list with an attendee, but wasn’t there myself. Could you lock that set list? Thank you.


I couldn't batch edit all https://www.setlist.fm/venue/backstage-club-munich-germany-4bd5c34e.html into Backstage Club because there's four different venues inside that building. If I had done that, there would have been mistakes.

Sorry about that :(

Yes reverted them one by one to Backstage (Club) and then in one batch to Backstage Club.
I believe four years ago the guidelines were different for venues. Seen already others being merged around that time, which I or somebody else reverted afterwards.
Is there a way to have them reverted in one batch?


I reverted all your Backstage Munich edits which you had changed from Backstage (Club) in Munich to Backstage Club in Munich based upon Oddi's request on my profile page https://www.setlist.fm/user/dirkvandamme?comment=5bd537b0#sfmus5bd537b0
I don't know if these could be done in one batch by you.

Can you please fix this set list. I have provided proof of the venue name but another member continues to change it even going so far as to say the photo of the ticket names a venue not named on the ticket.
All info needed is in the edits and comments.

Mr Executive Chimp, Hello I just became a member and have been going through my old ticket stubs and creating my I Was There List. I added a couple of shows that weren't listed. One of them it shows another venue already listed for that date and for the next night. It was a show by Kansas in 1974 at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pa. The date was Oct 26, 1974. The ticket only has the date but not 1974. However, I graduated High School in June of 1974 and started night classes at MCCC in Sept 1974 while working full time and the handbills for this concert were up when I went in the first night so I got tickets for myself and my friends for the $4 student rate. I was only doing night classes for fall of 1974 and realized that didn't work with working full time. The person that put the setlist up on the same night has it listed at William and Mary College in Virginia but it is listed for 2 nights there and no one else seems to have been there that night. The person who put up the listing cited a spreadsheet of supposedly all Kansas shows but is that his personal list or from some other website? I would gladly send a scanned pic of the ticket (blue paper , printed by the college but it is some proof) I need to know how to send pic if requested. Thanks for looking into this I appreciate it.

Hey question for you. I just did a setlist for steve harris British Lion. They played a song called nickels and dimes by Andy Curran who is the bass player from the opening band. Their stage setlist labeled it as Guineas and Crowns. I assumed they did this as a joke but another user pointed out to me that they have been playing this since 2013. So my question is...what title should be used? If I should need to change it how should it be noted? Thanks

Hey Executive Chimp,
I need some help here. You initially tagged the show but I seem to have gotten into a pissing match with a rogue "newby" moderator named bendobrin who seems intent for deleting a setlist to "prove a point". I'm waiting to find out if I can become a moderator as well for but now would you please take a look at "The Who Redemptorist High School 1967 Tour". A 75 year old friend of mine named Promoter SJ Montalbano promoted the show and "although I wasn't there personally" Bendobrin claims it's an "assumed" setlist and keeps taking it down. Fenyak (who is the autobiographer for SJ Montalbano) WAS THERE and has verified it. Bendobrin has started to bully and threatened to block me from Setlist.fm although I've been on here for over 8 years. I've just contacted Bree McGuire Wilde (Director of Editorial, Producer & Host for Setlist.fm and Live Nation) but this pissing match should not have had to go this far. His claim that I wasn't there and can't "verify" doesn't take into consideration that I've worked in this industry for over 40 years and verify through other areas that "my being there". There are various ways to confirm setistsl (Widespread Panic sends me a twitter after every single song some nights). That's a confirmed setlist. Keith Spera (New Orleans Newspaper Editor) posts the setlist in his reviews (that's a confirmed setlist). The Who posted their setlist (for each leg) of their 1967 tour. If bendobrin won't accept it "because I wasn't there" then he should accept it when "Fenyak" was there? Any BTW, who died and made him God?

I also found this as a backup proof - http://media.philly.com/documents/spectrum092208.htm

Hey now, the July 21, 1981 ZZ Top show at The Spectrum in Philadelphia was postponed due to an equipment truck having been stolen. I believe that the Sept 1, 1981 posting is actually the correct reschedule date. I've been going back to some of these early concerts that I've been to and I do recollect (vaguely) that yes the Joe Perry Project did open for them. Plus ZZ Top wouldn't be opening for Van Halen back then, they were a headliner.

Blue Oyster Cult Philadelphia 1980 was on the Cultasaurus Erectus tour. Black Sabbath was not there.

Hello. Regarding Jessie Colter/Emmylou Harris, July 6, 1976 at the Mississippi River Festival at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Il. Jessie Colter did not perform that evening. Jesse Colin Young was the headliner. I attended the show. Here is the official archive of those events from the online archive of Southern Illinois University: http://www.siue.edu/lovejoy-library/archives/mrf/index.shtml

Asking to delete an incorrect comment that I posted. June 17 1981 Joe Walsh

please remove Jefferson Starship comment. They were not there.

Eddie Money then Joe Walsh played that night. Thank you

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