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Chimpster wrote:
Please be careful when adding "benefits". Many should not be listed as festivals. Some of them are one band with guest performers. You should NOT be creating new setlists for guest musicians who only played on a few songs for the main band. All new setlists for guest musicians need to be deleted. Thank you.

Got it. Usually, these are multi-artist events with each band having a set. I don't always post all the bands for the event. Will keep your advice in mind, thanks!


Not that I'm aware of. I only add setlists I know about, such as Motley Crue or Evanescence.

Hi Executive Chimp,
Sorry about all of the Darkened Soul setlists. My cousin found my login info and has been using it to add false setlists. He's the guitarist of a garage band by the same name. Is there a way I can delete all of them at once?

Update: I fixed and added all the correct venues for "King Catalyst"

Hello, King Catalyst is the band i manage for and you can find them easily with a google search "King Catalyst" https://g.co/kgs/xmY9BH
They are a post hardcore band and the reason for many unknown venues attached with their setlists is that they play many bars and schools that do not have setlist.fm locations.

Hi, I have a question about the possibilty to the change the artist’s name assigned to a set list. There are two set lists from september 2016 under the name “Neil Finn” which should actually be “Neil & Liam Finn”. The latter is a relatively new entity which will release a debut album with their own songs later this year. They are already in the database. I don’t think I’m able to change a name accorded to a set list being a “Roadie”... could you help me with this? Thanks in advance!


Re: Richard Thompson setlist at Warwick back in October 2017
"Who Knows Where the Time Goes?", was written by Sandy Denny and recorded by her with the Strawbs back in the '60s, before she joined Fairport Convention. They (and lots of other ppl) keep the song alive, but it isn't their song. I looked at the stats for the song. Amusingly saw the 'last performed by' stat.... I sang the song 2 days ago at a folk festival - but that's another story ;)

Can't post any dates in 2018, the site doesn't offer that year as an option.

A member has taken it upon himself to continually revert setlists.



It has been widely reported that this is a set in stone setlist that Bruce is playing night after night. There has been absolutely no change since the second night of the run, yet this individual, livemusicfan, insists on removing the setlists until someone who was in attendance comes forward to post. Quite frankly, he’s become something of a nuisance.

Hi, ExecutiveChimp,
thanks a lot for your message.
This problem with multilangual interpreted songs doesn't exists ony with german songs, but also often with french and italian and spanish songs. I am sure, that they won't like it either to have to enter the english titles of songs performed in their native language. And I don't see a problem in having both titles in the database as long as they exists in Musicbrainz, too.
I even would use an english title of existing english versions of german artist's songs, if they were performed in english. And this should be the way to enter that data then, at least for statistic reasons. I know for example that Sting had performed his songs in different language. That should arise in the Statistics as well, I think.
Just an idea, if a Song wasn't released in the language the artist had performed it, you could probably programm a new feature like "@language".
Merry Christmas!

Dear Executive Chimp,
thanks for your info. I will wait for the decision.
One remark: the problem can also occur with one language songs, e.g. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/thomas-augustine-arne-2bd4ccf6.html?song=God+Save+the+Queen . HM The Queen is 91 years now. Her successors will be three kings, Charles, William and George, so the title of the song will then be "God Save The King". How to handle that one?
I Wish you a merry Christmas and and many great concerts in 2018!


As for this posting, it looks like Soundgarden was exclusively in Seattle at this time. I found a few gigs in Feb 1988 in CA, including Feb 6 1988 at teh Mabuhay, perhaps you entered in 1987 for a 1988 gig?

I heard about a Change of "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" to "Silent Night".
I think, if the german Version was played, it should also have the german title and not the english title.
I never would accept for example a Setlist of the well known german artist Nena, where "99 Luftballons" has been changed to "99 Red Balloons", because there exists an english Version! So, if it was sung in the german version, it should have the german title! That's my opinion.

Admin told me that there is no guideline, and refered to the following discussion. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/music/setlists-concerts-and-tours/international-cover-versions-7bd6be28#1bd6a9fc
He thinks that "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" is difficult one that will lead to much confusion, but that you are very experienced in such things to find a good solution. So I trust in your inspiration for Stille Nacht.
And I promise that I will never bother you with "Freude schöner Götterfunken" (english: Song of Joy)...

Dear Executive Chimp,
some month ago I added in a Sting setlist "Mariposa Libre" (a Jimi Hendrix cover), because Sting sung the Spanish version of the song. You changed it to "Little Wing" and you wrote, that Jimi Hendrix never wrote a song "Mariposa Libre".

But now you did the same that I did: You changed Joseph Mohr & Franz Gruber song "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" to "Silent Night". They never wrote a song called "Silent Night". It's quite funny thinking of farmers in the Alps 199 years ago singing in the holy mess on Christmas Eve in english.

I would prefer to use always the language in which it was sung. I can accept to use the language, in which it was originally written. Always just to use an english phrase seems not correct to me. I will asked an admin, how to proceed.

Best regards,

please merge:
because 28.3 is the broadcast date
1970.03.24 MTH, Beat Club #53 Taping, Bremen Germany [You Really Got Me, At The Crossroads]
1970.03.28 MTH, Beat Club #53 Broadcast, Bremen Germany Led Zeppelin, Marsha Hunt [You Really Got Me, At The Crossroads]
Beat Club Bremen (TV) and Beat Club Langelsheim (Disco/Club) are different venues!
Why do you think that the gig 15.8.1970 in Langelsheim is wrong? Because it is not listed on your source?

hey, just want to make a correction, you have the mars volta's 12.29.07 show at the echoplex in LA as being from the Amputechture Tour, though it was actually the first show Bedlam in Goliath tour. The previous tmv gig was in april of 07, that spring tour of california was the real AMP tour. the 12.31.07 NYE gig at bill graham also incorrectly states that the concert was part of the Amputechture tour. having been there personally, i can assure you both shows were very much part of the TBIG era.


Chimp wrote: ExecutiveChimp
You're digging up some great stuff with those old SF Chronicles. Keep up the good work.

Thanks. The 80's Bay Area music scene was my jam, so having a fun nostalgia trip getting this pre-internet data entered in!


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