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I think the date might wrong on this one. The other rockefellers gigs are later in August. Also, I've got Graham Nash opening for Joan Armatrading at the Greek in Berkeley on 8/8/86 according to the SF Chronicle on 7/20/86. Thanks!

That's unfortunate, but thank you for the information! If they all have to be sorted individually anyway, I can help with some of them, but with regards to changing back the location of the festivals, do you recommend I contact this Japanese moderator directly or simply post on the forum's "Problems with festivals" thread?

Hi ExecutiveChimp,
I've posted in the forum three times now requesting that the mass edit you made on 6 September to 1200+ setlists for the venue "Makuhari Messe" (in Chiba, Japan) to be undone. Since it's been a month and a half now and I've still received no reply, I thought it might be best to post this issue on your wall directly:

Hi Chimp!
Love this site and i'm geekly serious about it, esp the shows i attended.
After MUCH research, i've found Cinderella did NOT open for Judas Priest on June 12 1986.
I actually entered that setlist on the wrong date. Can it be deleted? It should be Judas Priest and Dokken. Cinderella was not there.. Again i thank you...

Any idea who opened for The Doors of the 21st Century
Jun 18, 2004

That user, Iffy, is changing all of the Am I Evil's again ugh

Well, as those venues are apparently not the same, I assume it would be ok then to get back to the more refined version?

I just want to resolve this issue before I edit the venue again only to see it getting reset again for some (to me as a contributor unknown) reason.

Thank you!

Why does this show keep getting reverted?

This is the only show under the tour "2014 Summer Tour". Considering that they were opening for Journey and Steve Miller Band I don't understand why it's not listed as "2014 Summer Tour with Journey and Steve Miller Band" along with everything else.

Hi! I really want to thank you for your hardwork for supporting us, users.

Thanks for correcting the venue in Buffalo NY to the correct spelling of Nietzsche's. So many times, I have wanted to raise this issue. Accuracy is great!

Hi, is there a way to become a roadie? I Would love to contribute more to the site :D

Could you please delete the comment you left on my wall last month?
I would appreciate it.
Thanks, Dr. AL-

https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sepultura/1994/megaland-landgraaf-netherlands-43fd2b5b.html Hello, could you erase it? this is an irreal setlist, it copied from the Pinkpop 96 performance, plus, Sepultura never performed on this edition of the festival.

Hello Chimp.

Can you please delete this whole tour. it never ended up happening due to an illness https://image-ticketfly.imgix.net/00/02/39/47/07-og.jpg?w=495&h=640

This is why you need to make an update that denies people from adding setlists until the show actually happens, as the setlist doesn't actually exist until the show is over.

thank you

Hi user Timothee keeps defacing the last ac/DC concert setlist (and others) I keep reverting but can you do something? Thanks

I forgot to mention that in Santana's official setlists it shows up as "Orinoco / Rain / Shine"

Hi! I was wondering if you might recognize this song played by David Mathews on keyboard in the current Santana tour. You can hear the beginning of it at 5:45 mark of this video:

They are playing it between "Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" and Shine.

The following Led Zeppelin website has the setlist for this show the same as I have been trying to tell you as I wrote down from my DAT recording...
Surely myself as well as the Led Zeppelin setlits website both didn't get it totally wrong!
The Page/Plant website setlists.fm has referenced for the setlist is incorrect, the following is the correct setlist.

01) babe i'm gonna leave you
02) bring it on home
03) heartbreaker
04) ramble on
05) going to california
06) laride (hurdy gurdy solo)
07) gallows pole
08) the song remains the same
09) the rain song
10) since i've been loving you
11) whole lotta love (with snippets of night flight / light my fire/ break on trough (to the other side) / dazed and confused)
12) yallah
13) four sticks
14) in the evening (with carouselambra snippet)
15) kashmir (with black dog snippet)
16) wonderful one
17) black dog
18) rock and roll

Page/Plant - Melbourne 1st March 1996
Why does the moderator keep changing the setlist back to an incorrect setlist???
Night Flight was 1st in the Whole Lotta Love medley not 3rd !
The Hurdy Gurdy Solo has a name! = it is called Laride, by Ancient Beatbox, who is one half Nigel Eaton, the very guy performing the solo! It was played once at the show, not twice!
Going To California was 5th song, not 14th!
etc. etc. etc.

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