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naaaah don't think so, it's fine that was just me trying to fix some ramones setlist with a homemade source. But I think I now the guidelines now. You know I have done good things on this site as well mr moderstor

Hello, am I classified as a troll? Because I have not done anything trollish. I just signed in.

can you change the venue for https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-beach-boys/2012/lake-tahoe-outdoor-arena-stateline-nv-33dcb041.html to Harveys Outdoor Arena, this place has been called a number of things over the years but setlist.fm is saying that it was Harveys Outdoor Arena from 2006-15 and I'm trying to fix all the setlists to match that, thanks

Hi, this setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nathan-carter/2023/liverpool-philharmonic-hall-liverpool-england-5ba26b74.html#sfmsrsg53865729 . I requested to you for the troll account 'Shulace' https://www.setlist.fm/user/SHULACE to stop reverting the setlist linked above. Since I have asked it has been locked and the last person to revert was the troll so now it's been locked and there is no setlist, could you please unlock the set and either revert it yourself or I can do it and then potentially lock it again if you want. thanks

Hi. You're a mod. Can you please help me? This setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nathan-carter/2023/liverpool-philharmonic-hall-liverpool-england-5ba26b74.html#sfmsrsg53865729 , has been reverted so many times, obviously someone trolling can you ban him or fo something?

Hi. How do I get in touch with you? The same setlist being taken down. I was there and wrote it all out and someone just delete

In the meantime, found the source with a quick google... thanks for the prompt. I should have checked it first.

Hey there. Hope you're well and that you can help me. It seems my account that I have for 11 years have been "blacklisted". Every setlist I creat with sources either are deleted or reverted. I have never been a troll and from what I saw from the e-mails I exchanged with the team it seems it was due to adding the name of 2023 Lana's tour. I didn't mean to troll I just saw it the fansites using the laminate as an example.

Please help me.

Hey: I remember a few years ago, you helped clean up a bunch of Streetlight Manifesto setlist song titles. Was wondering if you’d be able to do something similar for the Gin Blossoms. I noticed that setlist editors have no idea how capitalization should work for As Long As (as?) It (it?) Matters.

Hi, I added the venue "The Stash, Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia" to the database but it won't show up when I try to enter it on a setlist. Keeps referring me back to the add missing venues page, and when I enter it again it shows that I've already entered it, so obviously I choose that instead of making another entry for the same venue. Please help.

hi, i know it was a joke about my 1000s of entries slowing down the system, but if u really think it would help update the system i can stop for a while?

hi there, "you stupid bot" that was my attempt at humor, im sure u have to deal w stuff like that everyday

so im trying to correct some of the Buddy mag mistakes that i find as i read the DMN paper which was more current than monthly printed mag, im finding it confusing and harder to fix

without the display updates that havent happened for over a day maybe 2 days,

instead of the almost immediate updates we used to see, although over the last month i noticed they slowed down to a few minutes, im trying to wait patiently, but thats an action i have trouble with, so im curious whats happening, my guesses range from most likely, storage space restrictions, to conspiracy theories which involve deciding whether to delete my entries 1st (kinda of joke but it is something scrolling thru my head),
timeframe till update? thanks

K-ZOSMA7-S See "Potentially Problematic Sources". comment on https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/marilyn-mccoo-and-billy-davis-jr/1980/venetian-room-fairmont-hotel-dallas-tx-2ba2e0d2.html#sfmssg3b94a4ec
i have posted my link to both o u, it would be great if u would click link and let me know if it displays any info, i have started putting my source dmn w date and the link now, but if the link is useless i dont see the point, please respond soon

hi, how can i get a full statistics page for a venue, not just the main page, but like our personal page where u can walk thru every artist in order most to least not just the top ten +, i want the 'more statistics over here' info for venues, thanks

did u try my newsbank link, did it display for u?

it of course displays for me but im logged in,
i forgot how long the link was displayed

here is an example of my library online access im using for some entries im making right now, click on it and see if it displays anything from ur end, without having a access #, if u can read it i will use it, but the mod i dont rem who years ago said it would not display and did not show dates or anything useful, let me know, i can use this type of link its from Newsbank im guessing all libraries use it it says world news,

i have another question rarely there is an opening act, usually described as a brief opening act, im guessing saying both start times for opener and headliner should not be 8p and 11p, so should i just say opener 8p headliner 8.3p as example?

yes i can enter start times instead of early late show

by the way ANYBODY can access the dallas morning news, i used to put the online link in setlists but a mod told me it didnt display w/o library card and was useless info, so i type source dmn w date,

yes u need a dallas county lib card the way i access thru the library, or a tex share lib card which lets u access most tx libs, or a special access lib card from any US lib w access,

also Buddy mag is now avail online, at least the issues i gave them my slow scans i took, they told me they would add the others i didnt have but last i checked they only added some newer ones

has some jerry gray and early venetian history i found just recently or i would have used this as a link

Jerry Gray Orchestra (Venetian house band/orch until his death in 1976)
shows 6 days a week, plays b4 each headliner 2 sets, plus is the backing band for headliners during their sets, the way setlist enters shows i think that is officially 4 sets a day for house band? im only entering them as 1 setlist a day

in general early shows r 8pm, late shows r 11pm, but over the years sometimes friday & saturday were 1/2 hour later, this went back and forth, original they were closed mondays then changed it to closed sundays, starting around 1977 they stopped printing start times in paper and just said 2 shows nightly

i am willing to put in start times of 8p and 11p for new entries i make,
i just did 1 day i see its not the 1 step i was hoping kinda slow for rapid pace entry,
im not willing to change the 10000 entries for venetian ive already made,
feel free to use ur power to make the blanket sweep changes i think u can

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