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Hi, I saw your comments on the setlists of the Ramones in the palladium 1992. Thx for making this complete.
Have you taped the 1992-10-15 show and how do you know the second encore of the sow the day after on the 16the. I can't find any traces of that?

thx for a reaction for in my ramones archive

Hello, was wondering what you could tell me about the 1995 Club Shelter Motley Crue performance, What was the atmosphere like in the club? Any indication that it was the end of the MC 94 album era? Were there tix sold for that show or just pay at the door? Thank you in advance

[Re Iron Maiden 3 June 1992] - I don't believe this setlist does fall into that category. I don't think moderators usually engage in the kind of behaviour of which you are accusing the particular moderator who added the setlist. Besides which, the show was a run-through of the set for the tour starting a few days later. The setlist for the tour is readily available...

Hi. Re: Iron Maiden setlist 3 June 1992 - You added a comment to this setlist "If the OP Isn't sourcing this from a recording, then it's definitely fake" but have also listed yourself as being at the show. What part of it is fake, please could you clarify.

Hello! Are you ijwthstd from MetalSetlists? If so, it would be great if you could join us at the new board I started to replace MS (this is Maideneer). Hope to see you there.


I added the name of the tour -Nurse- to the setlist a well a countless others. Why the set list itself was removed... I don't know. It wan't deliberate.

Hi there,

You mentioned on a setlist for a Cheap trick show in '97 at Birch Hill that a bootleg exists. I was at the show and would love to get a copy. Do you know any outlets where it is available? Thanks!

dude, who ARE YOU??? do i know you?? i accidentally came upon some old text list of yours, every concert/gig you've ever been to deal & 1. you have some amazing taste, 2. i have been at MANY of those same shows myself (i mean same exact shows) & 3. i KNOW tons of those people, they are friends. so who ARE YOU??? i have to know! at the very least, i want to discuss all the amazing shows you've been to. bowie, cheap trick (i saw some other thing in trying to find you about music u wanted. i have ALL the ethyl meatplow btw, because i bought it, though later a band member was my boyfriend). anyway, PLEASE get back to me. i joined this site. i suppose they will notify me of replies?

hey man, can you please help me with fake KISS setlists ? Can you report they to me as long they're getting in ?

Do you have this show, Ramones Setlist at Tejon Theatre, Bakersfield, CA, USA

I think you can see the link on my facebook page.

I'm sorry about the changes in Monroes setlists but I really wanted to clean his page because it looked horrible! I would link you before and after pictures but it's not allowed in here.
I'm sorry!

Sorry dude about all the Monroe setlist changes :/
But here is the reason I did that all! Please check the picture -> http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/2516/beforeandafter.png

Why do I recognise your user name?

I was talking about Megadeth sorry.

Do you know what tour that was? I seen them in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1991 ,but I can't find it anywhere.

Someone called out for it and they stumbled thru about as much as they knew.

p.s. referring to Hoodoo Gurus' set at the Viper Room on 10/17/10.

Thanks for posting the setlist! "Good Times" -- why did they play only part of the song?

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