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Hallo Otis,
Bedankt voor het aanpassen van de notes wat betreft de twee concerten op een avond van Jack Poels. Hoe kun je een note op deze manier toevoegen? Dan kan ik het een volgende keer zelf doen.

Great work! There is always more to do, the fun never Enz!

Ok, now it's fixed.

Healthy and safe, yes. Let's continue the international team approach, eh?

Another great show from NF. So needed in these challenging times. I hope you are as well as possible.

Daniël Lohues is zo te zien net ververst:
"Artist last updated: 2020-02-15, 18:58"
Ik hoor het wel wanneer er nog eens een zetje nodig is.

Thanks to you for raising this issue.

Other mod recommend me to import "Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour" and then reassign the album. However, right now, there is a defect in the artist importation feature. Once admins solve it, I'll try to make this.

Sorry for the multiple messages

I found this on their official webpage, I think it is enough for the case.


Also, I saw their songs listed as "other" in stats in recent concerts listed here.

I'm going to propose the case as an improvement. Let me see what can I do.

Finally, I'm taking some time to understand the problem.

This is the source used for the MusicBrainz entry. This release appears as the two of them as different artists, because of it, setlist.fm is not understanding it as a release of Tiny Ruins as a solo band.


also, Spotify & Amazon made the division

This seems away from my reach as a moderator. It's more a technical issued based on a rule of use, potentially a special case. However, I would check if they are any other similar case discussed previously. In any case, could you provide me more info,

Does this album belong to their official discography?
Which songs of this album do they play regularly?
Any other info you consider useful for the case

Thanks for the consideration and very happy to help

Hi otis82,

I don't have any idea about this artist. Is it incorrect to label this song as covers? Or are they incorrect labelled on musicbrainz?

In any case, musicbrainz is able to edit if you register. If it get complicated for you or you feel lazy to edit I can do it later.

Een moderator kan een verwijderde setlist ook niet zien of terughalen.
Ik heb de bewuste setlist (13 mei 1999) zojuist terug ingevoerd op basis van twee krantenartikelen.

Goed nieuw jaar!

Voor wat betreft het UDS concert in 1999 in Nighttown kan ik niets doen. Ik kan deze ook niet meer zien of iets dergelijks. Misschien kan een moderator dat wel. Ik vraag het na.
Ik begrijp dat deze ten onrechte verdwenen is?

Wende is geüpdate, al moest ik zeker drie keer klikken ;-)

Allennig moe'j 't ok kunnen en Slof zijn geüpdate!

Ik heb de gevraagde Rowwen Hèze aanpassingen qua songs koppelen aan het juiste album zojuist gedaan.
Dus ook voor de song De Peel in brand, maar dat het daar 'mis' gaat is wellicht te begrijpen. Op de mini uit 1987 staat het nummer als De Piel in brand, terwijl het nummer op het album Boem uit 1991 als De Peel in brand staat ... Klein verschil, maar toch. Ik heb het genoemde mini album zelf niet (zou er graag een exemplaar of anders opname of kopie van willen hebben), heb Boem wel, maar kan dus niet vergelijken om te horen hoe groot het verschil verder is. Jij wel?

Hi otis, thanks for the "support" ;)
I'm waiting for his answer and then we'll see what can we do!


You were wondering why I deleted the tour on https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rowwen-heze/2010/grand-cafe-de-sjees-delft-netherlands-33da5459.html#sfmss73d2ca3d .
Well I'll give you my arguments.
First there was only one setlist of that group (or any other group for that matter) with that tour. To me a tour is a series of concerts by the same group in order to promote a CD or under some theme after which they name the tour. Up until now there's no other concert by that group for two months before that date and another four months after that date.
Secondly when you added the tour name you didn't link it to any source. Something I already insisted you to do since several months but for some reason you refuse to do in a hard way.
So how could I suppose this was part of a tour?
Again I've told you more than once it's a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge.
Not everybody might be a fan of groups you know a lot about so as a matter of respect to others you might consider helping them in finding out why and how you added a setlist.
Now you've added again the tour with a source. I'm wondering why you don't add more concerts of this tour, especially since you seem to know a lot about this group.

PS. This tour isn't the only one I deleted, to be honest the last month I literally deleted thousands of them because people either confuse a festival with a tour, decide to give a tour name to a one off concerts, or for whatever reason. So this was not especially aimed at you, no matter what you might think because the remark you put underneath your edit 'Do not do this again, Dirk' might be considered as a threat to me that I should leave your edits alone.
One of the tasks of a moderator is to guide people into following the guidelines and correct them

PPS I also deleted the following tours for the same reasons

PPPS I continued your editing of the songtitle "De Peel in brand" which you started to save your time.

Despite several requests you still fill in setlists without mentioning any sources. Nor did you make any effort to correct the Paradiso shows in Amsterdam you attended.

Known issue. Sorry. Please report future bugs to forum. cheers.

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