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Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

I've updated Neil Finn - let me know if it's worked as hoped.

Thanks for listing the Finn live stream. Got to get to bed, so glad you can handle it!


Thanks for getting back to me.

The issue with those albums is at musicbrainz level. They need to be marked as "Official" releases in order to be recognised by setlist.fm. So if you can make those changes on mb, I'll update the artist again on setlist.fm, and all songs should be auto-assigned correctly.

Rowwen Hèze and Daniël Lohues are done now. Let me know if anything's not automatically assigned, and I can fix that

Daniël Lohues should be all done now.

I've moved 'A'j joe verkleden as schaop' and 'Ik haal mij 'n hond op' to Ericana. The issue is because of different apostrophes: ’ and '. They are treated as different characters on setlist.fm, although I understand that the Admin are working to fix this soon.
The issue with the album D is that the "Status" of the "Release" on musicbrainz is not "Official" - it's currently "(unknown)":

I've made the appropriate edit on musicbrainz, and the changes should be reflected on setlist.fm soon (a few days at the most). Let me know if that's not the case :)

Done! Let me know if it worked as hoped :)

Yes, I can help with album assignments for Split Enz (or any other artist).

Just post a list of songs, along with the album each song should be assigned to, in this thread:

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