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Thanks for your work on the Tim Finn set. Did your sources confirm that Tim said it was his first time performing “Nobody Takes Me Seriously” & “Hard Act to Follow”? Also did he report during the show that he hadn’t performed “Staring at the Embers” since 1986? Otherwise, those comments can only be made if every Tim setlist had the songs fully documented, which is not true. Sadly many empty setlists over the years!

Unfortunately, without a video, we may never know. And most attendees only film the hits. I got to see 5 shows early in the tour, did not disappoint! Surprises every night.


I think it makes sense to note that Oh Hi had been composed within 24 hours of performance. This differentiates it from songs already completed for the new album. Perhaps a note at the bottom of the set?


Are you aware of any recording or details of the new song that remains unknown from the Denver show? I recorded Blurry Grass so could compare


Thanks, I use that source a lot too. I actually can’t remember my specific question at the moment, but may ask you again later when I remember what it was!

I checked Therapy?’s coming album “Hard Cold Fire” you have added on MusicBrainz. MusicBrainz states that currently it takes 6 days for your edit to be authorized.
Import to setlist.fm will be done after the authorization. So, you need to wait for a while.
You can learn better on FAQ about this; https://www.setlist.fm/faq#cantAdd
If you have more to ask, please post it to forum “Website Support”. Thanks.

Hi there. I am trying to figure out the situation with the Byrds shows at the Fillmore East in May 1968. You entered the setlist with the caveat that it was incomplete and possibly out-of-order, and also stated that there was another show that day. What is the source for that? Just want to know because I have a link for a setlist for one of those shows, but the date is is a little unclear so I am going to need to figure out which one it is and whether it’s the same setlist as the one you entered or a different one.

Thanks for figuring out "Hermine," that is correct.

I believe it's fixed now. Give it a little time to show up.


Je denkt natuurlijk dat ik iets persoonlijk tegen je heb. Maar je edit voor https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/midlake/2022/trix-club-borgerhout-belgium-4bb6a79a.html#sfmsesg4bcdf79a is gebaseerd op een veronderstelling. Indien ik deze ongedaan maak, ga je natuurlijk weer steigeren, zoals je nu al subtiel opmerkt.
Dus waarom je edits niet verantwoorden door een verifieerbare bron?

Hetzelfde voor "Adjusted spelling" of "Changed spelling" op verschillende recente setlists. Kan je niet gewoon https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Language/English vermelden waarop de spelling op deze website gebaseerd is. Je weet misschien hoe dit te spellen, maar nieuwe gebruikers hebben niets aan je quote.


Zou je onderstaande dan kunnen aanpassen? Is duidelijk fout.

Mijn excuses dat ik een tool gebruikte die krachtiger was dan bedoeld. De verwijderde concerten zal ik straks terugzetten.
Veronderstellen dat een setlist dezelfde songs heeft als voorgaande of volgende is een slecht idee. Zie mijn opmerking https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tiny-ruins/2021/stony-batter-fort-waiheke-island-new-zealand-2b8fdcce.html

Done. It might take some time to show up.

I can say that the 1st song was I wake up every night (from Conflicting Emotions) and the last was Bon Voyage the encore was I Got You, I found I had recorded these details with my memorabilia for this concert, I can also vividly recall songs from Time & Tide 6 Months In a Leaky Boat (during the song Tim and Neil dancing the Sailors Hornpipe dance) Small World, Dirty Creature. But as for the rest of the content I know they sung cover to cover of the Conflicting Emotions album. I actually have every album of theirs on vinyl (which I searched for, for years to get ones in decent condition).

Hi again..
I see that I did indeed have the wrong year it was 1984 but the Tour Promo stuff I have still ; says it was the Wellington Show Buildings 11 January 1984 (not 1983)

It was the Winter Show buildings in Wellington as I still have the Concert Tour promo material that was printed in the Nz Papers and it was 11 January 1983

I agree and have renamed the set as CH.

Just learned this latest Fangradio will be the whole band. As per your suggestion, I have changed it to "Crowded House." Best to take these shows as they come, much like last year's shows were sometime Neil alone, sometimes Neil and Liam.

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