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Yes, the date was wrong for the Graham Nash show. It was not on the day Crosby was released from prison (Aug 8), it was on Crosby's birthday (Aug 14).

I owe you an apology, sir. Came home a bit tipsy to an inbox full of emails and lost it, lol. I'm very sorry.

Just noticed your message re the Neil Finn stream. You're welcome. It's morning here, so no problem.

Haha. Saw your note about Night Ranger. I was close enough to sneak a peak at the set list. I'd rather do it that way and go back and edit. That way I can enjoy the show and not be on my phone the whole time. Rock on!

thanks that is some excellent info, it might be, the more i say the name the more it sounds familiar, i also noticed the waterboys played on the tour at url, i have a mem of seeing them too and have no info in my concert shows notes either, i kept notes on shows but have a few holes thru the yrs, thanks again for the extra effort researching this

hi do u know who opening act was for the bangles 1986 tour, specifically the show i went to at mcfarlin in dallas, but any info on who it is for ur show, might be the same opening act, did some researching b4 sending this to u and having no luck, thanks

Sorry, I delete this setlist as the date is far too much inaccurate as Blacfield started touring in 2004.

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