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Podcasts are not venues. Podcasts shouldn't be listed unless there is an actual live audience and it is played at a confirmed venue with few exceptions. We could probably list 1000 shows a day of someone in their room with a webcam. My rule of thumb is that if it is at a bar, restaurant or another public space it can be listed with that as the venue. Also, festivals are not to be created unless there is more than one performer and it conform to the festival guidelines. Just because a bar calls something a festival doesn't make it one.

FYI - There is no *rule* on this site which states that the use of *official* tour names are the only available options. The only criteria is that they are not too long. Even *official* tour should be truncated if necessary. This is info I received from a mod years ago.

That looks like an awesome show! Wow. I probably won’t make Night Ranger next week so it’s all you! Don’t let the pressure get to you.

Hey. Yes that was probably it. John did sing it.

No problem. I fixed the venue name to ACL Live at The Moody Theater since that is its actual full name.

Hi! Austin City Limits Live is not a festival. Please stop creating festivals with that name. Thanks!

You added an Ike Reilly show in Cotati, CA from 1988, citing a SF Chronicle article. At the time, he was fronting a band called The Eisenhowers and hadn't yet become "Ike Reilly". They played mostly in Milwaukee and Chicago and other places in the midwest.

I'm not saying that someone named Ike Reilly didn't play in CA back then, but it is probably a different guy. Is there some way you can differentiate the artists? Or if it was The Eisenhowers that played that gig, great find on your part!

Please be careful when adding "benefits". Many should not be listed as festivals. Some of them are one band with guest performers. You should NOT be creating new setlists for guest musicians who only played on a few songs for the main band. All new setlists for guest musicians need to be deleted. Thank you.

You're right. Thanks, I delete the Soundgarden show.

You're digging up some great stuff with those old SF Chronicles. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for reporting. He shouldn't be a problem.

By the way, did you ever get the 'I was there' button on that Grateful Dead show to work? I've noticed other problems while trying to edit their shows both manually and by batch edit. It seems like there might be some kind of bug with the artist...

He's right. Those are the rules for our website. The information is of historic interest that some of the Dead websites would probably want to have but I don't know which ones are active right now.

Please only add setlists where actual music was performed. Any date without an actual performance needs to be deleted.

I can't find any mention of this on the Dead sites or anywhere else for that matter. I think that some of the band members were probably in the audience which would make them, well, audience members and not performers. I think I am going to delete the setlist for now in case we forget about it and then if you find out that they did perform you can just make a new setlist with the information as a comment.

Do you know if the Dead setlist for Jan 27, 1979 at the Bammies was a performance and if so whether all the band members were there?

Thanks for fixing up that Main Stage venue and show. I appreciate it.

Source for the Brussels Crowded House concert wasn't mentioned in your comments or creation.

Crowded House concert in Brussels on July 23, 1988 shouldn't be listed since it was cancelled (as well as Aztec Camera) according to Humo magazine 2498. It would have been at Muntplein as part of Bruzzle festival.
Maybe you should also inform the website where you originally took this information from and which you didn't list.

Yes, the date was wrong for the Graham Nash show. It was not on the day Crosby was released from prison (Aug 8), it was on Crosby's birthday (Aug 14).

I owe you an apology, sir. Came home a bit tipsy to an inbox full of emails and lost it, lol. I'm very sorry.

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