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Sorry for the late response. Seems like you already found out what happened. The opener was great, Soriah, he incorporates throat singing into his music. I work at The Chapel, so it was at least nice peter murphy showed up to play anything. With his shows, it seems like nothing is ever certain.

Done, but possible dates for some venues have to be shortened.

Do you think these shorter named festivals should also be linked to the one below?


I've linked some of the Noise Pop Festivals which you created as seperate festivals together with the others

For duplicate setlists, please use the report button under the setlist.
See also:

done :-)

Hey there - just wondering what your sources were for the Fear gigs in San Francisco and Los Angeles in late 1982? Thank you!

A few more things: please don't use 'Various Artists' to group multiple performances. If the artist is not there, you can import from MusicBrainz or if it doesn't exist there, you can add it.
For multiple artists performing a song together, if the collaboration doesn't exist, then just add the main artist only and use @With and @Info to depict the other performers. Don't add multiple entries for the same performance.

I see you have worked out already how to add festival instances and update the names. Let me know if you need any help with anything.
Cheers, B.

...but you can use exactly the format you want when adding new instances. Just update the name before you hit 'submit'.

I'll be removing all the new entries you made yesterday and add them to the correct/existing festival

Hi there, for recurring festivals or events (e.g. Academy Awards), please don't create a new festival for each year.
See also guidelines:
If you need help, let me know or post it on the forum.


noticed you added the Belgian Tears For Fears setlist with Alyson Moyet as support act. This last one probably automatically was assigned to the Tears For Fears support tour. So it wasn't your fault. The guidelines for the naming of tours about that subject are: The name of the album that the artist is touring in support of. Note: Each artist tours in support of their own album, so the album title from another artist should not be used.

Hi, concerning 'Standing Hampton' tour- the batch editor for tours is still (2 years later) broken. It auto-corrected itself like that and it can only be fixed one-by-one. That's not how I typed it in. Feel free to fix it if you would like.

Why are all the songs from that Babys setlist March 10, 1978 gone now?

Why did you change the date of the Babys show from March 10, 1978 to March 11? The date of the show was March 10th. They backed up Rush and I still have the ticket from the show. I am looking at it now and it says March 10th

They did not play auld lang syne

If MTV Theme Song and The Big Mac song were never recorded by the composers, the cover tag has to refer to the artist who fist recorded it, not the composer.

Can you also put sources for the MTV Theme song?

I'll post what I remember from the zebra nye show

Hey there! Re your question about the Crest Theater Jellyfish show and was "Harmony" a cover of the Elton John song, I don't think it was. That show was rife with covers, but I was very well familiar with EJ's GBYBR album so I think I would have recognized it had it been so. Will check my notes again to be sure but I think it was not.

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