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Hey VCR. This excerpt is from the tour guidelines page verbatim. Might be helpful. lmf
>>It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:
The name of another band. E.g. "Supporting...", "Opening for...", "Support to...", etc. All bands that played on a given night are already listed on the page under "Related Concert Setlists".<<

because lower case l looks like capital I :)

Travis Scott's tunes done

Yes, the Steve Smith drum solo was song length, however it was embedded in La Do Da. The Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain solos however are stand-alone. That's the way it is.

Hi! Please leave the Steve Smith drum solo inside @Info for any shows from the last 3 years. His solo is part of La Do Da and it is not stand-alone.

If you need to change several times the spelling of a song you could ask a mod, he or she can do this in one batch.

Hello the policy amongst the mods is the guidelines on Musicbrainz apply
So All words in a title should have their first letter capitalized and following letters lower case except as noted below
(1) Always capitalize the first and last word of a title. This rule should be followed even if the words would normally be lowercase according to the other rules.

I'll ask the mods what the policy is
but normally these guidelines should be followed
In my own native language I would also write songtitles in a different matter than is used here.

think I didn't forget anything (Festa maggio, N21 + Pennfest which was at same location and another one)

You erased ALL the songs in the Furs setlist. Please put them back in.

Hi, why do you seperate STING´s from Shaggy´s songs? He plays "Oh Carolina" and "We´ll be together" in one song. Switches back and forth... Even on the official setlist it is "We´ll be together / Oh Carolina"... And: You haven´t been there even. So why?

So should we just get rid of Halo Circus's page altogether then, move those shows to Allison Iraheta's directory, and make some sort of note on the page that the tour was billed as Halo Circus?

I don't think the Bruce Springsteen deal is really comparable here, though. All of her Halo Circus tours have been billed as Halo Circus, not Allison Iraheta. Halo Circus already have a page here so why not use it? This is just a simple case of a solo career vs. a band. Allison Iraheta only released one solo album in 2009. She then formed the band Halo Circus in 2013 and began releasing music with them. Having that material under her solo career just doesn't make sense to me. But I guess if the setlist.fm team wrote you that then that's how they want it?

Podcasts are not venues. Podcasts shouldn't be listed unless there is an actual live audience and it is played at a confirmed venue with few exceptions. We could probably list 1000 shows a day of someone in their room with a webcam. My rule of thumb is that if it is at a bar, restaurant or another public space it can be listed with that as the venue. Also, festivals are not to be created unless there is more than one performer and it conform to the festival guidelines. Just because a bar calls something a festival doesn't make it one.

FYI - There is no *rule* on this site which states that the use of *official* tour names are the only available options. The only criteria is that they are not too long. Even *official* tour should be truncated if necessary. This is info I received from a mod years ago.

That looks like an awesome show! Wow. I probably won’t make Night Ranger next week so it’s all you! Don’t let the pressure get to you.

Hey. Yes that was probably it. John did sing it.

No problem. I fixed the venue name to ACL Live at The Moody Theater since that is its actual full name.

Hi! Austin City Limits Live is not a festival. Please stop creating festivals with that name. Thanks!

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