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By any chance do you have a recording of the Susanna Hoffs Chicago 1997 show? I have an extensive trading list

Okay, but you have to be more careful with that sort of thing. I know, the phone might ring or something distracts you and you lose track of what you're doing but at least it's fixed now. I probably don't have to tell you to be more careful with this type of thing in the future but I will anyways.

Thanks. Got my first vac yesterday, but will continue following SD

Please refer to the guidelines when correcting the spelling of English songtitles. Somebody new (or long time member) over here can learn something out of it. Your comment 'correct spelling' doesn't show why e.g. 'a, the, an, but, on' are written in small letters but on in some expressions are.

Or you could create the new Iveys on musicbrainz, wait a couple of hours before importing, and then could have changed the incorrect Iveys into the correct one

Did you use the correct Iveys here , later known as Badfinger, disbanded in the sixties and at least two members were dead by then.

Just wanted to double-check this setlist with you. Are you sure it was "Hat Fitz and Cara", or perhaps you mis-clicked for "Alessia Cara"?

Thanks for catching the spammer. They are coming up with new tricks every day. Never hesitate to report anything suspicious to me or he other Mods even if you aren't sure if it is one of these clowns.

Yes, all five members in the same room playing and interacting should without a doubt credited to “Crowded House”.

I’d say Fangradio from the week before with Neil, Liam and Elroy playing, with Nick present, premiering a new CH single and performing nothing but CH songs is arguably also a Crowded House set. :-)

Sean mentioned Sara and him sang it on one of their live streams a few weeks ago and Chris got super excited over how much he loves that song and started singing and they joined in for a minute “tease” of the chorus.

I wrote (tease) because they only played that song for a minute after realizing how much they all loved it. Didn’t play in its entirety. I am signed up for the show and VIP after show again next week and can add the encore songs again if you start the initial list again. Thank you for adding, I couldn’t figure out what to put for venue

Hi, a few suggested edits to this -
I did not want to edit directly as a couple of them is tricky
The audience recording I have (two versions of the same recording, both ripped from bootleg CDs) has the following differences:
Last One Standing
Private Universe
One Step Ahead
Try Whistling This
Faster Than Light
Distant Sun
Pineapple Head
Nails In My Feet
Only Talking Sense (with Grant-Lee Phillips)
Souvenir (with Grant-Lee Phillips) *****THIS ONE COMES AFTER THE NEXT ONE
The Shallow End (with Grant-Lee Phillips, Grant Lee Buffalo song) *****SEE ABOVE NOTE & YOU HAVE THIS ONE LISTED TWICE AS #10 AND #12
Four Seasons In One Day (with Grant-Lee Phillips)
King Tide (with Grant-Lee Phillips)
She Will Have Her Way
Sinner (with Dave Dobbyn)
Suffer Never (with Dave Dobbyn)
Fall At Your Feet (with Grant-Lee Phillips)
Honey Don’t Think (with Grant-Lee Phillips, Grant Lee Buffalo song)
Don’t Dream Its Over

Hi there, Thanks for the recent update of Fangradio. I started thinking if this new series should be under the “Crowded House” moniker instead of “Neil Finn”. Actually this last one was performed by Neil and Liam Finn and that realisation led me consider that “Crowded House” would be most fitting considering the current lead-up to the new album and the whole band is participating. I also noticed that the video of I Feel Possessed is credited to “Crowded House” on social media accounts. In older posts it’s “Neil Finn” in the other hand...

What do you think?

Thanks for the info. There is a weird parallel and conflicting bunch of websites that list early Aerosmith concerts. Some of them are no longer on the internet. But different ones will have them on the West Coast one day and in Massachusetts the next. I have never been able to figure out which ones were accurate and which ones weren't. Probably because all of them seem to have a bunch wrong so I am always curious about these early shows. Anyway...

Why would the San Pedro News-Pilot have info on a show in Boston? Can you give me some more info on this as it seems odd that it would be in that newspaper.

Hi (again),
Do you have a source for the SNL 25th Anniversary show shooting on the 25th? It aired on the 26th and I can't find anything showing a performance date different than the broadcast date. I'm freelancing on an archive project with the NBC photo dept and all the musical artist candid performance pictures are dated the 26th. Started a conversation about the Beasties/EC performance and I went to the setlist. thanks.

Hi, what does this symbol ( -->) mean on your setlist edits? There are a few symbols on the Greatful Dead setlists I could figure out but I did a search and can't find it/the meaning of this one ( -->) on the Jennifer Lopez Inauguration setlist. thanks!

I see you added multiple setlists for one David Bowie tribute concert. A Bowie Celebration isn't just the name of the show, but the name of Bowie's former band mates current band that will most likely be present throughout the entire show. The concert should either be under their name or various artists like the Freddie Mercury tribute show. It's not a festival or even akin to a festival like an award show. Here is an example of a recent A Bowie Celebration concert.

Also, even if it was appropriate to add dozens of concerts for every name there, you missed a lot of them. So, it would probably be best to delete these and make a single setlist for the show under A Bowie Celebration or various artists. Thanks for hearing me out.


How would you like this tour to be renamed
It runs from April until June

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