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Yes, I noticed that too. I think it's best to keep it that way here too. Otherwise, several user reversals would start. As the tour is already coming to an end, we won't know now, but I believe that after the album's release in October the band will already be using Super Lonely Freak and then the bot will be able to change the setlists. I'd even seen that musicbrainz is already identifying Super Lonely Freak with the two songs it's based on, so I guess it's only a matter of time before it can change here :)

Hi there, you asked if Beat it played here was the Michael Jackson song: yes, it was.

Hey @RockerFanV, thanks for the kind words!
Maybe I mislead you. The show did say scheduled for 8PM but at 8PM they began playing youtube videos on a projector for 1.5hours. The Beat didn't start until 9:30PM and people were pretty upset about that. For that reason I labelled it as a "late" show. Let me know if you'd like that changed!

Of course not the whole sonata was played and I'm rather sure the Adagio was played, but Sonata No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001 has four movements
Fuga (Allegro)
So even if it is most likely, it is a guess to say it was the Adagio

As I said we are working on this issue.

I slao saw somebody changing Brahms' "Hungarian Dances" into "Hungarian Dances no. 5" because it is the "most-played" one.

Oh it's me again. We are working on the big project classical music. As you know we have lots of inaccurate datas and our guidelines don't cover this anywhere near perfect.

So, for your batch edit requests for Johann Sebastian Bach. I did not apply some of them because, though they might be correct, it's just a guess the adagio was played.

You may edit wrong titles or do capitalisation edits anytime but every change should be 100% correct and no guess for 80%.

We are dealing with many questions about classical composers and even musicbrainz tries to find the proper way. It may take sometime to get clear guidelines, but we are working on it!

Just saw you messaged me back in August about the Extreme show at the Skyway. Yes they did have the gorilla from the album cover, and a pre taped drum instrumental

Hi, I saw you changing medleys (for example in this setlist:

You stated "Medley titles do not repeat songs". I know what you mean but I think that's not the case if a medley is played like in this particular.

I could not find a discussion about how to deal with those medleys so maybe it would be an idea, to open up a topic in the mods forum to get this clarified for the guidelines.

Please apologize if I just missed the discussion.

Yeah, I should ask a moderator. This change of songs will still cause a lot of reversion wars, fans are still not familiar with the new album. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! If you have any problems with the bot to edit Duran Duran medleys or any other questions, you can call me if you want, I'm at your disposal :D

I remember the day when they played GIVE IT ALL UP with Tove Lo! Unfortunately I only saw them live twice, I wish I had seen more :( Maybe it wouldn't be better to close the setlist from yesterday's concert? People are reverting Super Lonely Freak to the old medley. And the new album will also have new versions of Secret Oktober and Night Boat with new names, so will these songs also have to be updated here?

Thank you very much, I appreciate it :) Coincidentally, the band debuted live tonight DANSE MACABRE (finally, I was eager to see if the song sounded good live too). So, about the medley, is Super Lonely Freak the name that should be updated in the previous shows? If you want, I can edit later, just say :D

Hey Rocker, re:Extreme Sydney setlist. Yes, they had a big red gorilla & some sort of chant sound before they came on. Thanks

Hey man, how are you? You like Duran Duran, right? Could you answer me a question please? Now in October they will officially release the full album DANSE MACABRE and one of the songs will be called "Super Lonely Freak", (which is the official version of the Lonely in Your Nightmare / Super Freak medley that they already play in shows) and I would like want to know what it looks like in the setlists? Would I have to change the song and add it with the new name to the setlists of past shows or only from the date the album is released?

Hey, I would say the tape songs at the start and end of the Extreme set were the same as those for the rest of the tour. Not 100% sure for "Here's to the Losers" but did sound similar.

Hey. This edit was made a long time ago but can you take a look at this setlist? Was your original source on microfilm or online? Do you have access to the SF Chronicle online archive and can get a clipping/ screenshot?

Hi. Yes the Extreme show in Melbourne on Sept 10 started with recorded chanting and the gorilla pic appearing. The setlists I've seen from other recent shows on the Australian tour seem reasonably accurate from what I can recall - especially the Sept 12th show seems to be an accurate copy.

Hi RockerFanV! Thank you for adding the Velet Rage Tour to the site and to the existing Todrick Hall dates. I tried over and over to add the tour, but the site didn't seem to want to accept it. I'm happy and grateful you had better luck than I did. Appreciate you!

Updated the Lionel Richie show in Philadelphia!

Yes, the gorilla always the back drop and it was a recording of a chant with percussion

Hey Rocker Fan five,
Yes they did, I assume it’s the same as their previous show in the US before hitting Auz, Sacrifice - Hail to the King
(John Barry song) (Music from "King Kong" - 1976)
I got that from Setlist

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