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Music in the Park seems to be a festival.
We don't use festival names as venues.
Please use the exact venue/location and link it to the festival.

Yes indeed! Would be nice to say hello. I'm wearing a "Cayamo" hat

Ha ha. Came for Cracker of course. Actually, more of a Camper Van Beethoven fan. It was my first time seeing The Welcome Matt, they are new to me.

Korn & Staind are co-headlining & the two newer bands are the opening acts.

Sorry, i wasn't the one who locked it. Added it.

FYI Blackberry Smoke/Allman Betts Band dates are cancelled until August 17th as of the moment due to BBS member coming down with Covid


Please don't add KT Tunstall to any more Hall & Oates / Squeeze dates.

She cancelled her appearances due to hearing issues.

Thanks for the sources. Did I miss seeing a reference to the Rec Area on the schedule source that you linked? I see that many shows are listed at the Raceway but I understand tha reason for listing shows at the generic Rec Area venue. What convinced me to merge the venue out was that it was listed in Monterrey and not Salinas. Just because the organizers want to call it something that sounds more attractive to the fans doesn't change the fact that the venue is in Salinas, not Monterrey and should be listed there.

Hi. i commented on the setlist but figure you must get 1,000 notiications a day so asking here too. What Garth Brooks event was this? It's a past event so the stageit link has no result. A google search for "JG Thursday Night: Streaming show on" results in this Jeffrey Gaines event. I can't find any other evidence of a Garth Brooks stageit stream on July 8.:

Event you entered:

Thank you, I really do believe that you are correct about Katrina and the Waves opening for Don Henley that summer.

By any chance do you have a recording of the Susanna Hoffs Chicago 1997 show? I have an extensive trading list

Okay, but you have to be more careful with that sort of thing. I know, the phone might ring or something distracts you and you lose track of what you're doing but at least it's fixed now. I probably don't have to tell you to be more careful with this type of thing in the future but I will anyways.

Thanks. Got my first vac yesterday, but will continue following SD

Please refer to the guidelines when correcting the spelling of English songtitles. Somebody new (or long time member) over here can learn something out of it. Your comment 'correct spelling' doesn't show why e.g. 'a, the, an, but, on' are written in small letters but on in some expressions are.

Or you could create the new Iveys on musicbrainz, wait a couple of hours before importing, and then could have changed the incorrect Iveys into the correct one

Did you use the correct Iveys here , later known as Badfinger, disbanded in the sixties and at least two members were dead by then.

Just wanted to double-check this setlist with you. Are you sure it was "Hat Fitz and Cara", or perhaps you mis-clicked for "Alessia Cara"?

Thanks for catching the spammer. They are coming up with new tricks every day. Never hesitate to report anything suspicious to me or he other Mods even if you aren't sure if it is one of these clowns.

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