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You mentioned that you fixed the title of the first song and I see it’s released on the album with that title but I have the physical setlist and it says Better Off With You. Weird.


What songs he didn’t perform at Toronto so I can fix it

Hi Emily_In
Looks like you’ve been at this for a while. I’m just learning the rules. Re Joey Molland edits of a few minutes, please explain why If I Needed Someone (first released on Rubber Soul) doesn’t get listed as a Beatles cover (?)

Can you please add a setlist for NAV on April 15, 2023, at Manhattan College? Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/nav/comments/12npume/whos_going_to_this/ (setlist in comments). This is not part of a tour by the way as tour already ended, it's just a private show.

Thanks for catching that. I was trying to fix some Diana Ross setlists and did it wrong..

The Future Superstar 2023 tour at HISTORY opened with Toronto artist Ox who was a grant recipient of $6000 from Cannon and Live Nation. SYMBA and Klondike Blonde were both no-shows.

Emily, thank you for the correct update of this Setlist. I left the show comments to my friend that he did t play a few songs but yet were added to this show I created. I see you attend a FEW shows lol.

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s concert in Toronto in April 2014. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of the concert in audio or video?? If so, could you please email me at LTM1997@gmail.com?? I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

Thanks for adding the other song to Ally Venable’s set at Massey Hall. I couldn’t remember the title. Sadly the video attached to the song Real Gone is incorrect. ( not your fault).

Hello! In response to your question, the Temptations came on first. There was an intermission and then the Four Tops came on next :)

Hey Emily! I'm pretty sure the Thundercat show at MTELUS ended at around 11:20 PM. Hope this helps :)

Hi, to enter the US you need a negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of the flight's departure (I took a rapid test at Shoppers for $40). To come back to Canada you need a PCR test, I was surprised that many mobile clinics in the US offered these for free as they usually cost ~$200.

Thanks for updating the setlist for Choclair at 90s Nostalgia Rap City. Nice work! Take care



Where would that Willie Nelson recording be available? Any other recordings from that show?


Hello, did you happen to record the Steely Dan shows you attended? If so, please contact me at barbecuefan91@gmail.com

There's a thruway that goes across Grand Island from Niagara Falls and has a Tonawanda exit

These two venues are not really the same. The Avalon Ballroom is a part of the Fallsview Casino. I wouldn't be surprised if most (if not all) of the shows listed at the casino where held in the ballroom theatre but I don't want to just assume they are. If you have any information on the venue that isn't in the Wiki article or on the internet (like when the ballroom opened) please let me know by posting on my page. And if you think that virtually all the shows were held in the ballroom we can merge the two then retreat the casino venue.



Earfdae never commented on my self page, other than to agree that I should request a batch edit on Smooth by Santana. In case you don't see this on the Setlist you changed earlier:

I am happy to say that I will be leaving setlist.fm. I only joined to help others find setlists of shows they attended. Of course Thomas was never a "member" of Santana. However, Itaal Shur wrote the melody. Rob Thomas wrote and performed the lyrics. He and Santana share credit for the song, and I believe wholeheartedly it should be credited as it is on the album in the same manner as one of the Beatles performing a song they wrote as part of the band, and under the exception that if an original writer records a version, they are credited with writing the song as well. I didn't expect such snobbery and all-out marriage to rules on a site that is meant for entertainment and helpfulness, however; I should have guessed. I hope you all enjoy living in an in entirely virtual world, but I am happy to say I won't be wasting anymore time here in the future. Emily_In and Luke71 are absolutely ridiculous, as I have seen other people note on your profiles. Enjoy your virtual kingdom here on Setlist.fm.

It is a shame that you would run off fellow music lovers in your need to be validated on an internet forum. I don't have the time or inclination to be trolled by morons like you and Luke_71.

Sorry for thé mistakes, m’y téléphone Works in french only.

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