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Hi Ravenheart,

Regarding the Deep Purple Southend 2002 show you enquired about, here is the link. Any problems, let me know.



Please pay attention when adding a venue
This one already existed with over 1300 concerts as https://www.setlist.fm/venue/n9-villa-eeklo-belgium-4bd7a71a.html
You surely got a warning a similarly named venue already existed in the same city.

Always great setlists uploads from you! Thanks for the Unisonic Setlist! I have noted lots of sweden rock setlists too i will upload that stuff you haven't already uploaded, later that day.

Keep on rockin'

It's fun to find you here after such a long time. I'm PushingMe, we shared tons of Metallica stuff on Soulseek.
Hope you enjoy the website!

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