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Hey, it is not certain at all that the Sweden Rock was Agent Steel's last show with John Cyriis. I interviewed both Cyriis and Juan Garcia back stage for next issue of Sweden Rock Magazine and they both want to try and continue. Cheers.

praying mantis first song 12 june
Highway video on my space
drun solo on benji reed . com

Cheers bro. Just added a couple more: Rick Springfield, Opeth (fill in the last song if you know it!) and Mustasch. Just two more to come from me.

Let's just lay this beside us and try to make the sabaton page as good as possible, Now no tracks are duplicated atleast;)

hi, please have a look at the highlighted section below "Songnames" of the guidelines http://www.setlist.fm/guidelines - hope that helps. if you have any suggestions on how to improve this guideline, please post it in the forum sothat everybody can participate


hi, thanks for your message. we'll get in touch with him.

hi! just wanted to let you know that we have opened a discussion about the format of song-snippets on setlistfm.uservoice.com (just click on the "feedback" button on the left side of the screen) - and we'd love to hear your opinion

rock on

Timelord is now in - but I couldn't find the others on musicbrainz, maybe they're waiting for approval - we know it's a bit tediuous, we're actually thinking about adding custom artists ...

alright, then it's not as easy as it was with Portrait :-) setlist.fm's relying on the database of http://musicbrainz.org so if you please added the band there, it'll be on setlist.fm in a few days - sorry that it isn't easier (yet) but we're working on it ...

heyho, just seen the duplicate - yepp I'll redirect it to the right one ... Portrait is in the database now, but I never heard of and didn't find "Cast Iron" ... sure it's a metal band? :-)

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