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Ok, they should be all fixed now.

Good day mate! Do you have Mest's live stream video saved? I'm looking to trade for my livestream collection, Let me know what you want:

NFG Acoustic Songs for VIP:

Ballad For The Lost Romantics
Party On Apocalypse
Don't Let Her Pull You Down

The band has been sick lately so they've cut Party On Apocalypse from the acoustic set occasionally. Better Off Dead, At Least I'm Known for Something, and Failure's not Flattering have also been cut from the main set.

Some shows I haven't found dates for yet:
1. Loose Nuts & The Youth Ahead at The Continental, 1998-1999
2. Catch-22 and Arrogant Sons of Bitches, some school or community space in Long Island, Summer 1999
3. Last Week at The Vanderbilt, Summer 2001
4. L.E.S. Stitches / Casualties at Tompkins Square Park, Summer 2002

Yup, the Wheel of Songs has changed slightly as well as the set list.

Set list wise, Hold My Hand and Ready & Willing were removed. Don’t let her pull you down and Forget My Name were moved closer to end of main set.

R&W is now on the wheel. Truth of My Youth and Better Off Dead were added to the set (pretty sure those were on the Wheel). Also think Black & Blue was removed from wheel. That’s everything that comes to mind.

Great show in Asbury tonight. I’ll be entering the 50+ club by end of June. I think there’s a girl in California who’s at 300+ so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do ;)

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