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Thanks for the info! Hopefully they feel better for tonight

Hey: do you know what songs NFG has been playing on this tour during their VIP acoustic sets?

I guess they changed it from Wheel of Fast Songs to just Wheel of Songs sometime since the Pompano Beach show. I took some pics of the wheel tonight. Thanks for the info. Looking fwd to Tuesday’s show!

Did NFG change what songs are on the Wheel of Fast Songs from earlier in the tour? I saw a picture of it from the Orlando show but haven't seen if it changed afterwards. Thanks!

Oh, and welcome to the 40+ NFG show club!

Ok cool. Thanks for clearing that up!

On your edit of the NFG show from 5-22-18, you listed Better Off Dead, 3rd and Long, and Truth of My Youth. These are all songs from the "Wheel of NFG", at each show they spin the wheel and have been playing the one song that it stops on. Did they actually play all three songs at this show? At the previous shows on this tour, they've only been playing one song from the wheel.