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bq. Rescue Me is a song written/performed by Marshmello that features A Day To Remember. The song was included on Marshmello’s album “Joytime III”, which was released June 14, 2019. ADTR released an acoustic version in January of 2021. In the “covered songs” section of the guidelines, there is this passage…
** Exception 2
In cases where more than one artist, who are not in the same group, are credited with writing the song, then the artist who released the song first is given credit. E.g. Because the Night was written by both Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, but first released on the album Easter by Patti Smith Group. Therefore the song is credited to the artist Patti Smith Group.**

You should not explain this to me on my profile page, but use it for your edits.

Your edit is not per guidelines
There might be more different songs called "Rescue Me" as seen here
You need to show why A Day to Remember covered this particular version.
This may be obvious to you, but is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be ****as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. ****

Tool didn't play Eon Blue Apocalypse in Louisville. Adam played something very similar before Right in Two but they did not the full thing by any means. Source: recorded audio of the show. I'll post a link once I get it added to

Hi there,

mind if I ask if Tool actually played Eon Blue Apocalypse leading into Right in Two in Louisville? They haven't done that any time before this tour and I was surprised (I was at the Philly show and they just played Right In Two, no Eon Blue lol)

Thanks for your time and Spiral Out!

Hey Blad514,

These songs titles were not correct. The Guidelines are pretty clear that MusicBrainz's style formatting should be followed in regards to capitalization, so it was necessary to make these edits.

In any event, it appears the albums assignments have now been picked up correctly.


In response to your comment --- yes, NFG played Better Off Dead, 3rd and Long, and Truth of My Youth at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. 3rd and Long was the Wheel of Songs / fan pick, Better off Dead was 3rd song in the set, and Truth of My Youth was closer to end.

They've modified the setlist a bit since the start of the Sick Tour. Hold My Hand was removed entirely and Ready & Willing was moved to the Wheel of Songs (but not played).

Forget My Name was also moved earlier in the set (5th) and Don't Let Her Pull You Down was moved closer to the end.

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