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The two Boy Golden setlist you changed include a few songs not his. I am sure most are covers but my song knowledge does not stretch far into country. If yours does could you look at the "other" songs and see if you can identify any of them? Titles are as written on a typed setlist.

There are some real assholes here. I'm sure you have run into some and may even know some of the people I'm talking about. Fair enough explanation. Quite often what we hear in our head as we type is not what is read by the only person when tone and inflection is taken out.
Appears we are just interested in the same thing, getting the song and album stats correct. Sorry for the misunderstanding and I'll try to remember your name and style in future.


Couldn't care less what is or isn't proper English in the mind of MusicBrainz. They pick and choose the rules they do and don't want to follow with a randomness that makes little sense. I only care how it is spelled in the album listing so it gets assigned to the correct artist and album for stats. You could have just referenced the following
Would have been far more appropriate support for your change and came across far less dickish.
Maybe that wasn't your intent but the way you posted it was a little bit dickish and sadly all too common here. If it was not intended that way I take back what I have written.

Appreciate it. Quick fix with the bump. It was bugging me for days!

I asked about those Rockweave edit a few days ago but am still waiting. My first time adding a festival and naturally I made some mistakes! Had a Gob Bluth moment as soon as I clicked submit on them.


Yes, I found that out and already posted for an Admin to make a bulk edit.

Prior to my edits, there were only 10 with the correct one and 200+ with the incorrect one.

Please make edits so the songs show up on the correct album assignments. All those Knocked Loose edits you make show those songs not being assigned to any album. It just says “others”. They were correct before you made the edits.

If you wouldn’t mind, I left some comments on my edits for tonight’s Cage the Elephant set at Shaky Knees that you may be able to help me with based on your other edits this weekend! I’m trying to up my edit game as I do more of them! Thanks!

Hey there,

thanks for your post!

Wow! I did not know that, so you really helped me out a lot there. :)

Thank you!


Hey astuder,

I went for the spelling on Spotify which is 'Master & A Hound', but I support you if you want to follow 'Master and a Hound' as it's written on his web page.

Hi astuder, I know it looks strange but on Arthur Buck's debut album each word is capitalized for song title's. For example, the songs are I Am The Moment and If You Wake Up In Time. I know it looks funny but that's how it's listed on the album and registered in's database. Cheers!

You're welcome, if you need 'batch' edits just contact a moderator.