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Thanks for your compliment on the setlist!

What seems to make Buddy quite hard to capture, and can be tough to capture for any other performer with a similar style, is of course the rambling and/or shifting songs/jams. It seems like the Medley feature is popularly used for these types of song segues, but I don't consider it to be a proper use whatsoever.

I've seen Buddy once before (2016) and so I went into last night's show knowing what was coming!

I definitely agree that snippet would be a likewise apt descriptor. I guess in my mind partial/snippet indicates that a few key lyrics and/or guitar licks have been sung and/or played. In the case of Buddy, it's as if he is asking the audience "remember this one" (and then proceeding to do a gorgeous tribute. I swear it's almost as if he is summoning those people to the stage!). I suppose its close to a tease, but I've always considered that term to specifically refer to a snippet/lick within a song.

I thought Incomplete might otherwise signify that more of the song was played (i.e. closer to the entire piece), but that for whatever reason the "rip cord" was pulled, whether to continue the segue or often just to tell the next anecdote etc.

I suppose that "ideally" Partial tags would instead be replaced with information indicating the actual portion played (e.g. second verse and chorus only) and Incomplete would be substituted with a general comment about what portion was left unplayed. But even with an audio/video source to refer to after the fact that would be a pretty grueling task.


Hi. When in doubt about song titles we use (which is where our album assignments come from). Musicbrainz lists the song as just "Undefeated" and it appears on its proper album with that title. Retitling the song would remove it from its album, so it should stay the way it is.

Point taken. I know the cover song Guidelines have changed more than once over the years. You can always ask a Moderator or post a question in the Forum if you have questions. It's not a big deal for you when you change one song but it would be a big waste of your time if you edit 50 songs and see them all reverted.

Grandstand at Lansdowne Park is what we will go with then. Anyone trying to create a setlist before it became Frank Clair should be able to figure it out as I will create a CCE Grandstand as an aiias for the venue. This way I can keep Lansdowne Park as the venue for the entire grounds themselves. Thanks again for your help with this

Thanks for putting in the time to dig up the definitive information on this venue. One of the problems is that there are websites that use CCE Grandstand as the venue. Now we have to decide what to call the venue. I don't want to use "Lansdowne Park" as that is the name of the entire grounds. I see it referred to as The Grandstand in some places but I don't think that was the formal name. I lean towards either "Lansdowne Park Grandstand", "The Grandstand at Lansdowne Park" or "Grandstand at Lansdowne Park" Any opinions?

Tickets for concerts can have any name printed on them that the promoter wants. It is quite common to have the venue name on the ticket not be the actual name of the venue. Many other Users disagree with you about this. Please provide links to reliable websites that confirm your belief that the name of the venue should be changed.

LOL...You asked for Venue Proof...& i gave you it, In many forms via tickets, Tour Press Release & a same Toronto Ex Venue...Your from Toronto & no shit about Ottawa even if you lived there a few years...Get a Life yourself...

Just another few to show my proof...Look at Venue...LOL...& with Lansdowne Park on the ticket they are meaning the 40-Acre sight of the CCE Grounds.

No such venue exists and you have no proof it does. For Aerosmith I have the original ticket that states "Lansdowne Park" which trumps your fantasy.

LOL...Tell me whats the difference in venues you've been to in Toronto at CNE Stadium or CNE Grandstand...It's listed the same way at Lansdowne Park with Central Canadian Exhibition Grandstand...It's the way it's listed on here to separate the 2 different seating layouts just like Toronto...All Ottawa Exhibition concerts are listed as that...Sure it probably could be called CCE North Grandstand at Lansdowne Park...But it's not.

Why must you change setlists via petty lil things...Yes Aerosmith played at Lansdowne Park...But it was part of The Central Canadian Exhibition Grandstand shows, Only using the north grandstand...Not the whole Lansdowne Park Stadium...All Central Canadian Exhibition Grandstand shows are listed that way just like in Toronto at CNE.

Hi there ! By any chance, do you have a tape of the Kim Mitchell show from July 27, 1986? I have a tape of the previous night (I just added the show here), and noticed that your setlist is pretty close to my tape but with a few different songs on the second night. Would be happy to swap with you, if so.



I'm a big J.Healey fan and always interested rara bootlegs!
Do you have ?