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Hoping you have a great Holiday and New Year!

I think this Monday December 18th will be the last Local Electric show of the Year!

Hi there, northernlights,
thank you for your kind and cooperative words on my profile! And, yes, you are absolutely right!
Because I think it also is important to have correct song statistics onn this website, I just changed the song title on the setlist for Bremen 2023, too.
I also added my comment:
At this moment (12/2023) it is impossible to find out the official title of the new song: maybe it is "Let It Roll", maybe it is just "Roll" - could be both because Meg introduced the song as both, "Let It Roll" and "Roll", on different shows/nights/occasions so far.
We have to wait until their next official CD/LP/DL release including this song and we will - if necessary (if it will just say "Roll" on its tracklist) - correct the song title everywhere on this website once again.
I changed the title into "Let It Roll" here as it is called on every other setlist that includes it on this website, so that it is only called "Let It Roll" everywhere on this website from now on - not to confuse anyone and to get a unique title for one and the same song as well as correct song statistics.
I think we all can live with that until we will have an official release.
And, yes, it is a great song indeed! And I hope they will release it officially soon as well!
So, thank you again!
Martin from Hamburg, Germany

Greetings! I added the setlist for Thursday but won't be able to attend unfortunately. Be sure to catch the opener Little Magic Sam!

What other shows are coming up for you? Steve should be back at Sauce in December.

Hi. Thanks for following up. I did check the Lucinda Williams list. Note there were set lists for Lucinda on the 4th and 5th. I was there on the 4th. Interestingly there was no set list for Levon on the 5th. Crescent City was the 4th song on the 4th. My notes matched the posted set list. I was wondering after if the Levon Setlist may have reflected the show on the 5th. I only had notes that Lucinda came out for the weight. I don’t expect that Levon played the same list twice in a row. I have no info for the 5th. Thanks for checking.

Not sure whether I will be able to catch the July 31st show. In any event, enjoy!

Still planning to catch Local Electric tonight?

Your movie clips list had an extra "]" is all. I tend to clean things up. Nice setlisting, keep it up!

The Sauce shows are usually from around 8:15pm to 10:45pm.

If you are there by 8pm you will be safe. Let me know if/when you plan to go!

Jealous of that MonkeyJunk set!

A great video!

Both Paul and Jack are top tier entertainers.

I will be seeing Matt at Massey on April 14th!


I ended up scalping in at the eleventh hour, so I did not even know I was going until about 7:50pm last night.

Another stellar show for the books, and I managed to get Buddy to sign my ticket stub!

That will be it for me for a while, as I leave Tomorrow morning for a Week out of the country.

What shows are coming up for you?

I gave a listen to Just Mustard - interesting stuff. I'm tied up that evening but I hope its a great show!

Sounds like the show at the Empire Theatre was a great one. Do you have anything coming up in Toronto?

Last night was a stellar show and Boy golden was great. Hoping you have a an equally fantastic time this evening!

Hi! Great capture of the songs Tre played. The only reason I knew the song wasn’t right was because I have a recording, if you’re on you can grab it there if you’re interested. If you can’t get it there, send me your email address and I’ll get a copy to you. Cheers!

There were two duplicate venues with the same name. I merged them together. It will show up as an edit on all setlists from the venue which disappeared. It was a batch edit so I never edited the individual show.

Oh well that's simple. The answer is... moderator stuff. I could give a more specific explanation, but I'd like to know why you are asking first. If you can't see a difference than why question am edit from two years ago that didn't change anything?

Was that a serious question? If so you would have to post a link to the setlist. The link you posted is clearly wrong.

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