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Hey again. I’m not sure if I can help you any further, he definitely played Kingdom of Jones, your pic of the setlist should definitely show you this I believe? He didn’t segue from Fail Safe into it either, I remember yelling “Saturday night!” at the end of that song to reference what he had bantered about. My Instagram name is thefabulousyawn should you wish to go check out my new post to see a minute of my video. Hope that helps. Great show.

Hey there. I nabbed the setlist near William’s pedals and this was listed as being played after Fail Safe. I also took a video of this song as it’s one of my favourites of his! ;)

Thought so. I was by the pillar by the stage entrance, my favourite spot in the Horseshoe. Only 2nd time I've seen them live. Caught them opening for The Record Company 2 years ago at the Velvet Underground.

Your welcome (re the Kasey Waldon update)! I saw her last night opening for John Prine and was adding her set list...I got stuck on one song and was looking through old set lists in hope of finding a title but ended up supplying one instead when I saw yours.

(The song missing in my list contains the line "Can't nobody touch you when you ate your piece of the pie," or something close to that. I think she introduced by saying it wasn't recorded.)

Great show last night, too bad it was such a small crowd. Avatars are small but I assume the pic is you. Curious, were you front and centre at the show last night. What I can see of the pic kinda looks like you.

I like the way you did the Buddy Guy set list. Would have called some of them snippets myself, but that's personal preference.

Question out of curiosity, why did you call some unfinished and some partial? His sets are really hard to accurately capture because of that but also make his shows so much fun.

From my understanding, Don Nix was also a member of The Alabama State Troupers, who released a recording of the song a couple of months before Don Nix solo. Therefore, then we should attribute the song to TAST.

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