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Hey! What’s up Lyall? Borderland was awesome. I think Sunday was the best day overall but Friday had the best headlining performance. Karina Rykman is awesome. Farrow played this great song and I have so far been unable to find it. I think all the Dead cover bands should coordinate so that they don’t play the same songs. I think Bertha was played four times and Jack Straw three over the whole weekend haha How about you? What did you think? We’ll meet one of these days at one of these shows

Yes! I am in Toronto and that was my first (and certainly not last) time at the Vanguard. Absolutely incredible spot!

There are only 2 shows in August and I don't want to take the chance something comes up and I miss out. There are 2 in September but I am on vacation for the first show and get home 3 days before the show on the 17th. Already going to Ottawa on the 16th and maybe the 14th, have to squeeze in some work days then off to Anaheim for Frank Turner on the 20th. September is busy.

Had to change plans. I'm monitoring an instructor tomorrow and teaching a course next Monday Tuesday. I have an easy day on 1 August so the 31st is looking good.

Definitely going sometime. Missed his set at the Horseshoe last summer because the 401 was closed out my way for an accident.

This coming Monday I'm at Massey for Mellencap and the following week I teach on the Tuesday so not into a late night with little sleep. Likely 10 or 17 July. 25th I'm seeing Mdou Moctar at the Phoenix and it's getting tougher to do the back to back nights on woork nights.

I'm leaning towards the 17th of July. Been following Steve for about 15 years but only seen him solo a couple of times. More as part of Monkeyjunk. Saw him last year with Colin James as part of his trio shows. Love Colin Janes but Steve added so much to the show. At one point playing bass, harmonica and tambarine all at once.

Looking to come into the city for one of Steve Marriners shows at Sauce. Never been. What time does the first set start? What's the cover? The setlists posted look good

That was a great set, equally as good were the Brothers Chaffey who reunited to open the show.

A video of Them Boots from the night after Belleville. I have both their CDs and the 2 unknown tracks aren't on them. Could be covers, could be unreleased originals.

Hope you enjoyed them. I thought they were great. So was Matt, love the new album.

Only a few Toronto shows coming up; Frank Turner/Interrupters at History, Whitehorse at TD Hall and Mellencamp at Massey Hall. Got Paul James and Jack De Keyzer playing a new place in Prince Edward County. Paul James tomorrow and De Keyzer in July. Hven't seen Paul James since the 80s.

A video of Them Boots from the night after Belleville. I have both their CDs and the 2 unknown tracks aren't on them. Could be covers, could be unreleased originals.

Hope you enjoyed them. I thought they were great. So was Matt, love the new album.

I was at show and have written setlist. The sax player played last part of show with them.

Don't miss The Hello Darlins, great set. They joined Matt during his solo set to do a song they recorded together for The Hello Darlins new EP. He did most of the Big Bottle Of Joy album and it was an excellent show.


Also, last week saw the first show in Matt Andersen's tour. Excellent show. The Hello Darlins opened and they were really good.

Buddy tonight. Can't do Saturday but would if I could. A little thin otherwise, Chris De Burgh in Ottawa 19th, then 4 Frank Turner shows in May, Rochester, Toronto, Montreal and Harrisburgh. Monkeyjunk with the Chaffey Brothers in Ottawa in May and 2 Whitehorse shows and Mellencamp in June. One of the Whitehorse shows is in the new TD Hall. Sounds like an interesting venue.

Last, likely Paul James in Prince Edward County. 15 minutes from my house

Didn't know you were going to this one. Going tomorrow night too? I'm doing tomorrow but couldn't make Saturday. Might catch another show this summer in Ottawa or maybe his free show in Syracuse.

Hi Lyall, I'm afraid I did not.

Hey, I did recognize some of Ribot's songs and commented on youtube. Most of them are pretty tough to tell from just short excerpts.

Nov 8. I was trying to decide between Sons Of The East at the Horseshoe and Just Mustard at the Garrison, but Sons Of The East sold out so the decision was made for me, Just Mustard.

Third time seeing Boy Golden. Love his album. Sheepdogs were great. Same set as Massey except they dropped Learn & Burn and closed with Neil Young's Are You Ready For The Country. Nice mix of all the albums, great show in a small theatre.

See you're at The Sheepdogs tonight. Hope you get there early enough for the openers. Seen Boy Golden twice and love his shows.
I'm seeing them tomorrow in Belleville. I love Massey Hall, but with the cost of gas I can't turn down a show 15 minutes from home.

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