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Ever-shrinking list of bands I really want to see live that I haven't (even if there is a small chance of reunion etc): R.E.M., The Miniatures & more...


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I wasn't aware they introduced the festival feature later. But that would make sense, because 2011/2012 and all the years before that really are a mess when it comes to festival names as tour names.

But you're welcome :) It makes the artists' festival page also a lot clearer.

You're right - I should've added it as a festival. I see we both tried to correct it lol

Thanks Keri! I looked at your wishlist and thought to myself, bet she'll like the first show I saw as an adult (Tool, '94). I came to Canada from the Caribbean in '93 as a 19 year old, where I grew up they didn't get concerts...I think I made up for it pretty well. Cool to see you got to the Verve's Ricoh show, shame they ruined it for a third time and never did a proper North American tour for Forth but their studio output is still amazing and in regular rotation for me.

So glad some of my other fave artists like Soundgarden, NIN, Janes, have continued to tour...I think they've all got better actually and the 2013 SG tour blew the '94 performance I saw in Barrie out of the water. Similarly Trent's final tour in 2014 I thought was the best, although the '94 show in their case wasn't far behind.

Yes, at the Hamilton show they ran the lightning video for a few minutes while Gord had a costume change.

Cheers for the comment! =D

oh, I thought they meant it was the first time they played the entire song. we can always ask Andrew if/when we see him in person :p

hmm, I think Sloan played only a small part of 48 Portraits on Aug 16. after streaming the album, there was a part I recognized from the concert. back when the setlist was posted, it was a complete guess but now I'm pretty sure that's the song (if my memory is correct).

Finally, being a Rush nerd pays off! That riff is about 50 seconds into the studio version, under the line "What you say about his company/Is what you say about society." Happy to help!

that's pretty spontaneous! if you end up going, would you be going both days?
ahh yes, the Arkells are close to home. haven't listened to them in a while and haven't gotten around to seeing them live yet! I plan to, one day but I don't get to attend many concerts every year so I need to choose wisely.
oh I wish I could travel anywhere to see a band esp if that band was doing a one-time special show or reunion-type thing. I longed to be on the Weezer cruise (hopefully they do that again) but that'd be a tough one to explain to my parents.

whoa, just noticed that the next festival you're going to is in a land far, far away.. (but in Ontario). are you one of those fans who travels with the band to wherever they go? :P you must love the Arkells. that's right - I call them "the" Arkells dkm.

phew, you scared me but no worries :) yep, that festival will still be fun. Sloan would be a huge bonus if they were there though! can't wait for the new album~ love the 3 new songs they shared so far! I've got a feeling they'll be adding tour dates very soon.

I can't tell if you're joking or not. please tell me you're joking!

Sloan is playing Riot Fest?! why was I not informed? how sure are you? where did you learn of this?

hey again :) I've msg'd you in 3 different places now, haha. you've been to so many concerts that you'll probably be at the next one I go to! so def will see you then. glad to see you supporting a lot of Canadian musicians! you have killer plans for the rest of this year~ enjoy! (plz excuse my excessive use of exclamation marks)

I didn't mean to click on the Molson show. I did not attend that one. I attended the one in south jersey. NIN was awesome but I'm a huge Sound Garden fan and thought Chris sounded amazing. He's 50 years old!! Trent is 49 do
These guys do it? I'm in my late 30s and am blown away by their abilities still at this point in their lives. My email is if you have any interest in continuing the convo there ..I have IM through that too ..if not, no biggie.

They are absolutely worth the trip. Heard they are wrapping up a be album so hopefully a fall 2014, spring 2015 tour .. You ever travel to Philadelphia?

By the way ..see TOOL live show I've ever seen.

hey can you tell me what time did the first band, soundgarden in this case, actually go on stage? I'm going tomorrow night in Philly and don't wanna miss any songs ...

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