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FYI: Soundgarden - Wiltern show from Feb 17th 2013 finally available on Blu-ray and more!!

You’ve seen some great shows as well! I was so glad to get a chance to see The Church, especially with them doing the complete Starfish album. Extra bonus for the fact that it was at the Horseshoe which is one of my favourite venues.
P.S. I didn’t know you could comment on profiles so thanks for introducing me to this fun feature. :)

That's amazing. You've seen so many of the shows I was way too young to see and wish I'd been to! Yes I noticed that Tool show and am waiting for them to come by on another tour seeing as I missed them in 2009 & 12. I am still very glad I got to see the Verve (barely!) and totally agree that their studio efforts are top notch. They might not be listed on my profile but a lot of the others that you've seen more than once I also still want to see (DMB for example!). NIN is one of my favourite live acts so its cool to hear that you also think they are still improving - I'm just waiting for another tour announcement for them or HTDA. SG put on a solid show a few of my NIN friends weren't really fans and they loved the SG set too!

I've updated the whole tour now! Thanks so much :D

Nice list of bands you've seen! Cheers for the words on the Hip setlist!
Did they do the thunderstorm thing at the hamilton gig? I was hoping someone could confirm it so I could standardize it for the tour.