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As to the Bangles gig at The Palace Dec.15, 1984, I remember The Beat Farmers were the opening act, not the Long Ryders. I spoke with Buddy Siegal once in 2002 and we talked about the big commotion Prince made when when he entered the building.

Nice job coming through with that The Alarm set after all these years. Can you confirm the opening band? I remember it being either the Brandos or the Godfathers. Obvious reason to get those two confused.

MIssed the Bushka's in Dec, but it looks like they are tweaking the set. Likely do the LA show since it's on a Friday...

Sorry I missed your msg, cut out after Timebomb. Catch you at Baby Bushka next month?

No, I don’t, unfortunately. Just a big X fan, so I think I could help ID those unknown songs.

you missed some songs, please get it right before submitting

If Spokane Paul McCartney VIP Soundcheck has disappeared you may put it back.

It's too late now since you asked to have the incorrect one deleted.
You can choose
edit setlist
edit venue and date
click in the artist box and change it

You could also edit the incorrect setlist and choosing the correct blink-182 instead of creating a new setlist and ask to delete the wrong one.

Hi I just wanted to follow and see if we can work something out for a copy of the Susanna Hoffs shows that you recorded.

Hi Can we work something out for a copy of you Hoffs show? Would happily give you a few rare solo shows

Would you be willing to share or trade your Fixx '91 recording? I have a fairly extensive list I could share with you. Probably easiest to reach me by email:

Just curious if you happened to record any of the Fixx shows that you attended?

Hello by any chance do you have a recording of the Susanna Hoffs show that you were at? I have a very extensive trading list

Haha! What a coincidence because there is actually audio of the concert from the 27th already, just not footage. Good to know, thanks for the response!

Hello there! Did you happen to film the Michael Jackson concert in LA 1989 or know anybody who may have? If not, I get that, but there's no full footage of the concert on YouTube.
Hey! Here’s a link for the source on DEVO playing two shows on 12/19/81

I am currently working on a multicam video for fans of the U2 concert in Seattle 2017. Did you record any videos from that concert?

Was it an Arena Ringo played, if so I (or you) could create a new venue, I could put an alias for the venue and delete the wrong one.
Maybe you could put your findings and discoveries as comment in one of the setlists, so I have a source.

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