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You will need to create the new artists on and then import them to using the link on the Add Setlist page.

I see your comment on the setlist and that you got no reply.
Was there any opportunity for an audience who wasn't working with the artist? This is my unofficial rule for such shows.
If you do think that the setlist should be deleted, please report "fake setlist" link at the bottom of the song area.

Cliff Richard performing Peace in Our Time is now an Eddie Money cover. Thanks for reporting!

Lanny, apologies, I have just re read my writing!!! Sorry Suzanne WAS done after Can't let Go & before Jennifer Eccles. I wrote down "Suz" and it was on the fold of my paper. (Blush)

Trustpower Arena should be good now. Thank you for your help.

Do you know the exact date of the name change? If so, please let me know and I will add open+close dates to the venues.

Each setlist should use the name of the venue at the time of the event.

it's all definied in the guidelines:
If you have a problem to create a new venue, let me know.

Regarding venue name changes, the older setlists stay the same. Just add a new venue for the new name. Any future setlists will use the new venue.

You've been updating a lot of Status Quo setlists without listing any source. Please do.

Please use exact location or venue for Kroghall Festival Rättvik following the guidelines at

The setlist you updated about Weller was the written one and not the one he played. I was in Brussels with a lot of fans and I'm sure of my setlist. I've checked it with the bass player. No way to be wrong. All the best.

Please report duplicate artists in this thread:

I am not seeing two separate entries for "Vengaboys" though.

Hey lanny_laster, I saw you edited my setlist...just to make clear that I got the "Opening" from the Montreux 2009 DVD where it's titled like that. I suppose "The Drone" is somehow more official? But why delete my comment that it includes snippets of POMM and BBQ?


Hi, old venue names don't get removed from the database. If a venue changed it's name, just create a new venue with the new name.

What is your source for the 25th of february 1972 Bee Gees setlist in De Bliksem, Den Helder, Netherlands?

Please post the info about the Status Quo song in the "Cover assignments" thread on the forum:

Hi, thanks for adding all these setlists for Pretenders. Could you please post a source along with the setlist from now on - I don't want to see your hard work deleted for a lack of evidence! Thanks :)

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