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Hi, how are you? I saw your works on this page about setlists of Robbie Williams. I would like to know if you have bootlegs and gigs of him?
I have a lot if you want to exchange. Thanks :)

Hello, I am trying to put the intro as a @Song/@Cover of Last Ninja 2 OST, but the system always reverts it to it not being a cover, can you fix this?


hello, reaching out to you as a moderator.
i am trying to add a show that i was at. the venue is not in the system, when i went to add the venue, the city is san diego ca. this was not an option, all the options were in other countries. i could not get san diego ca.
can you please post this venue. thank you
The Propagandist, San Diego, Ca. located at 835 Fifth ave, downtown san diego, ca

Hey man! Can you help me please? I keep getting setlists & edits reverted for some unknown reason, I always put sources. I also get this setlist has been locked by a moderator on everything. Not sure if I was blocked for some reason?

Could you please help me correct the name of a venue?
I put it as ANA Stage but the full correct title is Tidal Basin Welcome Area & ANA Stage. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/cole-larravide/2023/ana-stage-washington-dc-5bbbf758.html

From what I can tell, in 2014 you changed all Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsys setlists and all covers for the song Message To Love. Since 2014 all setlists that include this song have been changed to Mesage Of Love. I believe this to be incorrect. I know there is debate and it has been printed on albums both ways. However, the vast majority have Message To Love. A Jimi Hendrix documentary was named Message To Love. If you type "Jimi Hendrix Message" into Google you get an auto complete and a billion search results for To Love. The Jimi Hendrix official website has it as Message To Love. I found a live recording where Jimi Hendrix himself can be heard to be calling the song Message To Love. The very link you posted in 2014 that you used to justify your change to Message Of Love currently says Message To Love. And when I attended an Experience Hendrix concert in 2010 Billy Cox, who was a member of Band Of Gypsys and was there when the song was written and recorded, called the song Message TO Love before he performed it. I would ask you to correct this site wide or at the very least my setlist that PhilippeLandry keeps messing with me on.

What did you think about a 50 minute BTBAM set?
Man 5 songs!
I loved the last headline tour with 2 sets.
Orlando show was sold-out and completely packed, being a hometown show for Trivium.
(I left after BTBAM played)

Hope your 2022 is going well. All best, DR. AL

Can you please lock this setlist? With my latest edits? There is a spamer who uses multiple bit accounts and keeps reverting it non stop for 3 days now...

Hi. Can you take a look and chime in on this topic? If this is the new way of naming tours, it will impact a lot of setlists on this site. https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/tour-name-vs-tour-and-leg-in-tour-name-5bd7cb70#2bd4e0a2

Can this setlist be reverted to my last edit with the accurate Artist who performed the show (Kurt Vile & the Violators) and locked? Sources in my edit comment.
A user who edited the setlist originally is reverting. They have made it clear they will continue to revert “I’m in quarantine so I can do this all day.” in the comments. thank you.

I completed the updates to the Kurt Vile & the Violators setlists with sources for every edit. The Kurt Vile solo shows under his name (including an entire Australian tour) I left a comment or edit note (with source)
There are a couple of setlists remaining where it is unknown if it was a solo show or KV&TV show, no source found yet so left as KV. I’ll continue searching.

Can you contact me? I have a serious problem with a troll. I post everywhere but nothing happens

I just saw that you made the Vinnie Paul merge as requested in the forum. This was actually requested the wrong way around! I've fixed it up now, and our artist is attached to the correct mbid.

Thank you for your recommendation!

Do you know anyone who have the ozzfest shows slipknot wise


Don't want to push you but there's still 5 pages of empty venues in USA. Been cleaning up most of the rest.

LM- Did you see Mike Portnoy? He was at the Tool show!

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