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I just saw that you made the Vinnie Paul merge as requested in the forum. This was actually requested the wrong way around! I've fixed it up now, and our artist is attached to the correct mbid.

Thank you for your recommendation!

Do you know anyone who have the ozzfest shows slipknot wise

Okay will go through the changes you made prior to 2012 for https://www.setlist.fm/search?country=be&query=editor:leglessmoof&venue=23d6347b


Don't want to push you but there's still 5 pages of empty venues in USA. Been cleaning up most of the rest.

LM- Did you see Mike Portnoy? He was at the Tool show!

Your own moderator Fabio is LOCKING setlists without proving that certain songs were actually played at a souncheck. Which was proven to be fake later.


Legless - as per your update to Live & Bush 2019-06-07 (Atlantic City), the venue is actually Hard Rock Live *at* Etess Arena, as per both the Wikipedia entry linked by event_monkey and my ticket from this show. I'll send you a scan of the ticket somehow if you need proof. I'm not going to make the change myself though, since that apparently opens up a giant can of worms with every single other show at the venue.

...Is "Shake" a cover song? {Tom Petty 1985 Farm Aid "Shake"}
..Towards the end of 1985 Dylan was doing a fair number of jam sessions with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, trying out different ideas and looking for what he could do next. One of the resultant songs “Shake” did obviously please him as he played it at Farm Aid, and on three more occasions, but didn’t record it.

ok so u guys want all versions of stevies bands and solo under srv, why dont u delete the other opts o his name, and list all as alias under main name u like

Hi I saw that you changed in one setlist i created (Viral playing at Palatset 23/9 2016). There are more than one band called Viral. The concert I went to was Viral from Sweden playing classic hard rock. Can you change it back

Re: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/emerson-lake-and-palmer/1998/coors-amphitheatre-greenwood-village-co-63de864b.html#sfmses63612e57

I read the Wikipedia article you cited about the name change, but the posters and the tickets both listed the venue Fiddler's Green at the time this concert took place.

So as you suggested, I went for it. I made the change from Electric Light Orchestra to Jeff Lynne's ELO for all concerts that have taken place since September 2014, when Jeff adapted the new moniker. I guess I should not be surprised that another user has changed them back again.


I do not want to get into a battle with the user, so what would you suggest now?

Since there are other festivals at the same venue, they need to be changed individually.
There's hundreds of them.
I'm not that a metal fan, so think I'll leave it at that.

https://mega.nz/#!sEMlVbSC!bAel_TGvjuVcZhS3DCFrEAMGE0VAMycJdYjPtqskeFI I uploaded here for you, I also included some scans of the live shit book

I want a promotion :)

Not sure how adept with Google you are, but this could help with issues such as the Trump Taj Mahal Etess Arena / Xanadu Theatre (it's a shorted Google search link):
Replace the appropriate placeholder words, and search away! :)

FYI, SXSW will going on all this week in Austin. Expect many artists to have duplicate shows some days. The schedule is huge and very hard to keep track of. I have already started adding some shows and venues but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some sites with more info if you need them:
http://schedule.sxsw.com/?conference=music (official shows)
http://www.showlistaustin.com (unofficial shows)

leglessmoof, thanks for the reply. A similar thing is going on with De Pul in Uden.
Somewhere in time there was a new building that became De Nieuwe Pul, while De Pul was somewhere else and became De Oude Pul or something like that. Then De Oude Pul was torn down and De Nieuwe Pul became De Pul again. That was in 1997. I asked, no exact date knonw, unfortunately.

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