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Hi jmediavi! I already had a ticket for the final night. But. I was unwilling to pay the astronomical secondary market price for Saturday the 5th. All in all I made it to 5 shows. Final weekend was epic. Hope they do it again next year. They sound so dialed in right now. Great stuff!

I will unlock the setlist, so you can do the edits, ok?
The Super Bowl info appears at the festival page.


Hey, how are you?
I'm not acting in favoritism of any user, I locked the Super Bowl setlist because it was happening a lot of edits that weren't necessaries. Cold you show me how you think it should be the setlists?
About the ARTPOP setlists, I will see what I can do.

ps: Sorry about my english

jmediavi - Unfortunately I do not know how to add a city to the database. I would send a pm to mod executivechimp.

Did @gangbang ever explain to you why he is writing "Act I - VI" in the Lady Gaga setlists.
Does that make sense to you?

I'm flagging Chat Line Larry so we can change it later because as of now, The Co-Operative is not on MusicBrainz. And the songs is not a cover op The Operatives which is another band that has nothing to do with it.

I think the show looks great. I deleted the 'Grateful Dead' setlist. Did you mean you don't want it to say "intermission" before the interviews?

If you follow the links of the individual artists in the search results, they should redirect to the correct Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga setlist. The database will update the index in a few days, and those merged setlists will disappear from search results.

Hi, I just saw how you handled this setlist:

The setlist was only performed once, so there should only be one setlist. I've merged the others to the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga setlist.


Regarding your request for the King Crimson NYC setlist, I can't help at this time, as I was not there. Sorry, Carl

As with the cover credits, I said I would abide by the site guidelines, but again, I think this is unnecessarily restrictive and leads to potential inaccuracies. In the forum thread you posted, someone gives an example using "Stagger Lee", which is a good case in point. According to the following link, the original recordings were called "Stack-a-Lee" or "Skeeg-a-Lee Blues":

To my mind, and doubtless those of many others, to change all the setlists for the numerous artists that have recorded a version using the more common name "Stagger Lee", including Taj Mahal, the Grateful Dead, and Nick Cave, among many others, it would be both bizarre and incorrect to change it to one of the original names.

The Nick Cave "version" is also notable in that it bears absolutely no resemblance lyrically or musically to any of the traditional ones other than the title and the general plot (evil man shoots boyfriend of barroom prostitute).

Anyway, as I said, I will abide by the guidelines, but I think it would be useful to review some of them if they become restrictive to the point of sacrificing accuracy. :-)

Sorry that i called you an idiot but when you cover a song and change the title, that doesn't make it your song. On your DOUBLE DOSE link, the song is clearly stated as a Chuck Berry cover.

Whenever i change the title of a song, i always click on the link first to see if the song had been covered by some other artist. The original name by the original artist is always the right one.

Also, regarding ""Talking 'Bout You" / "I'm Talking About You" - we tend to take the original spelling/wording of the song as it appeared on the first release too. Have a read here if you like:

Is this the "New Time, New Day" Hot Tuna played in the 80s? Are Joseph Baldassare and Joey Balin the same person, or is JB / JB just a coincidence?


a) I don't appreciate being called an idiot, let alone being told what to do

b) if you click on the Wikipedia link you provided, and then click on the Hot Tuna "Double Dose" link within, you will see it is recorded as ""Talking 'Bout You", just as I said.

see also the back cover of the album:'n'Roll/ceedee/GHI/Hot%20Tuna/images/Double-Dose---detail-1.jpg

You can see that they continue to release live recordings where they spell it
"Talking 'Bout You", as follows:

So if you feel strongly that they should match the spelling of the original Chuck Berry version, then feel free to make the changes yourself. But don't call me an idiot, because they are not "wrongful corrections" as far as Hot Tuna is concerned.

Thanks again for the thoughtful reply. At some point (when the weather gets bad?) we can make a concerted effort to delve into the Hot Tuna & Jorma gigography, which is complicated because of all the covers, guests, etc. I'll definitely send you the batch requests.

Another thing which crossed my mind is whether it's worth the effort to populate with all of the other Tuna/Jorma shows, most of which are not here, but are available on "TunaBase" ( Perhaps tackling a year at a time?

Btw, if you need any batch-edits done (eg. If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back
-> If This Is Love), please just send me a message to my user page and I can do them a lot quicker for you :)

You seem to be quite knowledgeable of Jorma Kaukonen / Hot Tuna / etc. songs. I have spent the last few minutes grouping performances of the same song - assigning them all as Hot Tuna songs. Perhaps if you have time, you could let me know if any of these are incorrect, and I'll fix them up best as possible?
Thanks :)

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