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The set times are 6 hours apart. It's two distinct times y'all got up on stage. Clearly delineating between instances of performances enhanced stats (otherwise it looks like you performed the same songs multiple times in "one set" when we all know from looking at it that it wasn't one set.
Are there certain hesitancies you have with following the guidelines on this?

It may be the same "event" but it's not the same concert/set per's guidelines.

Hey there,

The Yo La shows go pretty much like clockwork:

8:30 opener
9:30 comedian
10:15 YLT

I'm aiming for my first ever straight-8 this year! TBD if I can pull it off but I'm still standing : )

Hi jmediavi, U r very Welcome. Paramount Trio was better than the 4 shows w/Bernstein. A "Light Show" of 5-6 large projected slides/images replaced Steve! -G!

Hi jmediavi, I don't want to tamper w/your setlist; Chas even showed me at intermission that U were posting during the show; but perhaps remove "with Steve Bernstein" from every song because he was a member of the band 4 every single song 4 the past entire 4 shows, which I attended. Bernstein will Not be at either of the 2 Paramount shows...-G!

On the Squeeze setlists, are the "The Man In The Golden Cape" sections actually from @Tape, or is this just a way you're denoting something other than songs played?

Washington Street seems to be on the other side of the Hudson River

Thanks for the reply.
But for festivals we don't use the different stage names, otherwise (European and surely US) festivals would be split up in 8 different stages.
Would you know the junction where the stages on 3rd, 7th and Observer Highway were located?


thanks for responding. The intersection is much better than using the festival venue. Can you create the intersection or should I do it after you tell me? If all editions of the festival were there I can batch edit the venue.

Please use the exact venue or location for the concerts you attended following the guidelines at
In the meantime when you create a new venue there's a specific warning not to use the festival name as venue
Please don't use festival names like Lollapalooza Festival for venues, but rather use the name of the actual venue, e.g. Grant Park in Chicago for this specific example. Also check our festival naming convention for details.

I'm sure the admins will post an update
Re: Can't add an artist from database
Posted 17 Dec 2019, 13:19
Any idea when the current issues will be resolved ?
Hopefully soon, but I can't give you an ETA.
Posted 11 Dec 2019, 08:26
There are currently problems with the musicbrainz data import. They will be fixed as soon as possible.
Sorry for that – until then it's not necessary to report any more failing imports. Thank you

Hey, sorry for the late reply! Hope this triggered a notification ;)

Hi jmediavi - the John Cale shows were great. I looked forward to that weekend for a long time. The Friday Hot Tuna show at Mt Tabor was one of my favorite too.

Glad I could help with the Seldom Scene. I added about a dozen shows' setlists the other day, and saw this on youtube, and wanted to make sure it got documented. I've never been able to see them live, but this sure looked like the line-up for that year. More later...(:

Foprget to say I posted that Seldom Scene link on that particular 1988 page in the edits/comments section...(:

Just posted the link for that 1988 Seldom Scene video for you. It looks like the 1988 line-up to me, and its definitely from the gettysburg Camporee. Hope this is it. More later...(:

I will unlock the setlist, so you can do the edits, ok?
The Super Bowl info appears at the festival page.


Hey, how are you?
I'm not acting in favoritism of any user, I locked the Super Bowl setlist because it was happening a lot of edits that weren't necessaries. Cold you show me how you think it should be the setlists?
About the ARTPOP setlists, I will see what I can do.

ps: Sorry about my english

Did @gangbang ever explain to you why he is writing "Act I - VI" in the Lady Gaga setlists.
Does that make sense to you?

I think the show looks great. I deleted the 'Grateful Dead' setlist. Did you mean you don't want it to say "intermission" before the interviews?

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