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Difference between a tour and a festival
It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:Festivals. E.g. "Bonnaroo 2004", "Glastonbury 2010", etc. Festivals are one-time events and shouldn't be listed as a tour.
Other one-time events. E.g. "In-Store Acoustic Gig", "Comic Con 2008", etc.. These would be better as @Info at the bottom of the setlist.

CharlesD, I was just looking at your concert list, pretty impressive! I need to point that out to my wife next time she says I see too many concerts. ;-) How were the John Cale VU anniversary shows at BAM?

Hi Charles,

Tx for the information :)


no problem !!

i only change on 2 setlist and added setlist for Zagreb 2013 gig
not a fan

Happy New Year man !!!

Yes. Smaller group of family members than Carnegie Hall, but about 6 or 7.

hi Charles D, were the Guthrie family members also on hand for "This Land is Your Land" and the encore at the NJPAC show?

No......but I know him.

Are you "Everynight Charlie Crespo"?

Perfect. It's mainly about two things: Cover-tags and capitalisation (for example and, or, to, in, the, a, an in non capitalised letters, just doublecheck with our guidelines to know what I mean)

Hi, I came over the "Radiators" setlists. You've been working on some, but could you doublecheck our guidelines for capitalisation again, I started changing some of the setlists, but maybe you might go on with this ?


Hi. The three different shows that Patti Smith played on April 24, 2009 have been split into three different set lists (they were previously combined into one). You are the only member besides myself that attended any of them and I wanted to let you know so you can mark all 3 if you need or want to. I was only able to make it to 2 of the 3, unfortunately. Here are the links:


I think I was wrong with The Bangles' "Ball'n'Chain", thank you for correcting it

I'm surprised that there's someone who's been to the same shows as me.

Love the variety of shows you've been to. Particularly envious that you got to see the Left Banke (tell them to come out to the west coast next time). Hope you had a fun time at Patti Smith last night--she's an amazing performer. Hope you enjoy the show in Seattle tonight just as much.

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