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Dorset as a county also works, I fixed it now

Hi! About that Billy Bragg setlist - do you, by any chance, know which city it was streamed from? We could change the venue to a more specific one, like "Private Venue, London, England" for example, and this way the setlist wouldn't be assigned to that festival anymore

Please use the exact venue or location for the concerts you attended following the guidelines at
In the meantime when you create a new venue there's a specific warning not to use the festival name as venue
Please don't use festival names like Lollapalooza Festival for venues, but rather use the name of the actual venue, e.g. Grant Park in Chicago for this specific example. Also check our festival naming convention for details.

OK done

I added 7 Tibet festivals like it should be, unlike writing it as an info line on the setlist.

All these need to be corrected too.
Please learn from your mistakes.

You really give me a hard time correcting all these fake tours into festivals.
Please learn from your mistakes.

Please write unknown songs as @Unknown[] instead of ?

For a non native English speaking person a tour consists of a following of concerts by the same artist to promote something. A festival consists of several artists performing at the same venue over one day or several days.

Are you sure about that? The Equals never performed it themselves and it ain't assign to any album at all. I almost always work with the usual one. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is one of my favourite Ramones song.
Difference between a tour and a festival
It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:Festivals. E.g. "Bonnaroo 2004", "Glastonbury 2010", etc. Festivals are one-time events and shouldn't be listed as a tour.
Other one-time events. E.g. "In-Store Acoustic Gig", "Comic Con 2008", etc.. These would be better as @Info at the bottom of the setlist.

CharlesD, I was just looking at your concert list, pretty impressive! I need to point that out to my wife next time she says I see too many concerts. ;-) How were the John Cale VU anniversary shows at BAM?

Hi Charles,

Tx for the information :)


no problem !!

i only change on 2 setlist and added setlist for Zagreb 2013 gig
not a fan

Happy New Year man !!!

Yes. Smaller group of family members than Carnegie Hall, but about 6 or 7.

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