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Hi B, i hit crazy traffic, took 2 hrs 2 drive 33 mi to WChester & i walked in @7:pm. I really wanted 2 c Arthur Brown w/C.Plamer & missed their whole set. I did c him in lobby posing 4 pix w/fans. Was he up there 4 the entire CP's ELP set? Which other songs did he sing other than "Fire"? thx,G! N35

Richard Barone did Simple Visions and knocked it out of the park!

As a further explanation, $300 got you a VIP ticket which covered all 10 sets over the 26th and 27th as well as the brunch on Sunday. For $225 you got all 10 sets over Friday and Saturday. Single day tickets went for $125. Friday evening went from 6-11 PM while Saturday started at 1 PM and ended around 10:30 PM with a 2 hour break for dinner. It was a very unique arrangement to say the least. We drove down from Toronto for this and are so glad we did! Cheers!

Saturday's setlists should remain as is. They were performed at 3 different times, not as one show divided into sets. There were also other performers in between, such as John Ford and Dave Cousins with Larry Fast. Strawbs performed an afternoon acoustic set. Later in the afternoon, they performed Grave New World. Much later in the evening they performed the Grand Finale which was very similar (with a few adjustments) to their recent regular tour concerts. My explanation at the end of of each performance explains this.

The Strawbs never played a concert at the Strand on Apr. 28. That day was the farewell breakfast for the band and VIP ticket holders at the Ramada Inn, Toms River. Here is a link which contains the schedule.

Benny, Mott were much better@Beacon than @Keswick even tho it was same set. I was in 6th row ctr. I guess the leopard shirt, hat/beret, & gray-white-blonde hair sticking out the back was EM-like. Hope 2 c U soon. -G!

Hi bronxapostle, That was Ian's son, Jesse, on backing vocs w/Mark Bosch, during "Dudes". Also performed in the Medley were: "Death May Be Your Santa Claus" & "Mean Woman Blues." I added "Cleveland Rocks w/ the ">" be4 "NYC Rocks" bec like at the Keswick, which I also attended, he sang "Detroit Rocks, Milwaukee Rocks, Minneapolis Rocks, Cleveland Rocks..." & then sang "NYC Rocks" several times. Since it's the actual title, perhaps "Cleveland Rocks" should be in (parenthesis) after "NYC Rocks" or vice versa? They ended the medley with an instrumental snippet of "U Really Got Me" but I did Not add it in bec Morgan had sung a few lines of it earlier after "Jerkin." -N35!

Hi -- I see you put up Jim Messina's set list from last night at the Scottish Rite 4 days ago? How did you know what he'd play?

All the guest singers at didn't need to be listed seperately, so I deleted all of them.

Meant to add, Did anyone happen to record it at the Shaeffer Concert?

Do you, or anyone, possibly have a recording of Lori L. singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" ?? I saw her in Greenwich Village (probably 1975) and taped whole amazing performance, and some years later lost the cassette tape. I've regretted the loss all these years.
She sings any known song and you would never recognize it. It is her own.

Haven't been able to locate a recording on album either.

I would love to know if there is any recording out there.
Thank you so much.

You just posted a second Outlaws show for this date without providing any information about it. If there were two shows on that date please add an @Info tag with something like "Early Show" and "Late Show". If it was a mistake and only one show was played let me know and I will merge the two.

Hi there! I read that you attended some Blondie gigs. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? Special interest on those gigs from 1979. Cheers.

nektar35. No, i did not. MY First ever orchestrating a gig for him at Turning Point was disaster. Sorry i could not get to any this year.

B, Did U catch any EM shows? i saw 5 & will probably go 2 Stephen's. Turn Pt was cancelled. Only 1 i did Not attend was Philly World Cafe...-G!

B, No guests. EM did "Sts of NY" 4 me. Happy ThanxGiving! -G!

bronxapostle, i work 4 him, so...

Eddie money show my fathers place was great,that was his best band ! went there with my
1st wife and some friend ,have pictures somewhere (color slides).

For some reason I was trying to remember when I saw Elizabeth Cotten... I knew it was in NYC with Taj Mahal when I was working there. I finally found confirmation via Setlist, I knew I was mistaken. At any rate, I see you were there as well and was curious if you recall this show. Thx.

Hey Bronx Apostle - any chance the James Taylor show you added for 7/11/1979 was on the the 12th? I have a ticket stub for Pine Knob in Clarkston, MI from 7/11/1979 with no name on it but found this showing JT at Pine Knob. Thanks man!