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Hi bronxapostle, do you happen to know if there's a recording of this show?

Thank you.

Hi Bronxapostle ~ I see that you attended The Kinks 2/25/79 (SUNY Oneonta). I was there, as well (in fact, it was my first concert), and I had to wonder if you were a student at the college, lived in the town, or were just following the band. At any rate, a moment ago I wrote to the moderator for that setlist, as I noticed a few errors. A friend of mine recorded the show that night and I later made a handwritten setlist (which I've saved) based on that recording. If you look in the comments on the moderator's page, you will see the changes I recommended. Best regards. ~g

Hey! Did you by any chance film or know anyone that filmed the Jacksons 1984 show? If not, that is no problem, but there is no existing concert footage of this night on YouTube.

Dude, we've been posting that setlist since October and you are just commenting now? Since the list is accurate, according to the venue, I don't see the issue. But I promise I won't post that setlist anymore. Better?

Hey, found this Camper Van Beethoven posting:
This band broke up in 1990, not to play again until 2002. Local newspapers from the time don't mention CVB, only Cracker. I've marked the set for deletion. If you have sources to confirm a reunion on that day, repost and give a citation. Have fun!

Artists are imported from musicbrainz.
Don't know anything about this person, but the spelling there is

Do not reupload these again.
This site is a community, not a personnal site on how you want statistics to look like.

All those Billy Preston and other members of Ringo's All Starr band need to be deleted since they're all members of Ringo's All Starr band.
No need to post these as seperate concert to raise your attended concerts.


I sent it to the message board
Hopefully, a higher power can correct the Spelling error.

Cheers and Happy New Years. Dr. AL

According to his official page, his name is spelled correctly.

You could simply post that to the message board.
A mod. can correct the spelling.

Cheers. AL

Yeah, you should probably list that as @Unknown - [Instrumental including "You Really Got Me" snippet] or something like that. At one point I think we listed it as Intro/You Really Got Me but it must have been discontinued.

If you could post something like "Ad listed on band/fan Facebook page for those six shows it would help. You could provide a link to the Facebook page too if you want.

Yes, this is the only way to communicate here unless it is done on the setlist itself. It really is cumbersome but it is all we've got at this point

My mistake here. I meant to link the setlist/song I was referring to:

I don't really expect to see something listed like this from you.

I also sent you source requests for the early Smithereens shows that you posted. Maybe you don't see those messages in your email and that's why you haven't mentioned them. Those need to be sourced. They are the earliest shows by the band. They make sense to me from what I know of their early history but they do need to be sourced or I am sure that someone will delete them. All setlists that someone does not attend should be sourced but ones with "historical" significance are subject to more scrutiny.


If you look at your second edit for the Marshall Crenshaw show, you see you changed the artist from Squeeze to Marshall Crenshaw and you took over the tour for them.
This should NEVER be done, because you delete an existing setlist.
So please start paying attention to the guidelines which apply here so you don't mess up statistics without any source provided.

Please read for
It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:
The name of another band. E.g. "Supporting...", "Opening for...", "Support to...", etc. All bands that played on a given night are already listed on the page under "Related Concert Setlists".

Apparently you need to reread the Guidelines on how to correctly enter songs. And providing sources for shows that you did not attend is something you really need to do.

HI do you have any audio from the eagles concert at MSG in 1977, I am a HUGE eagles fan and would love to hear it!

B, EM read chapter 1 from his bk, DBTY. i sent U an email a few days ago. I'm going again 2nite...

B, R U going to EM at Stephens or MFP? If so, then let's trade "actual" email adds there, so we don't have to communicate on "here." I don't want to ask+bother EM w/an email, but do U know of any other EM gigs on the E coast while he's here? thx,G!