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Thanks for Willie Nelson merge
Much appreciated!
Dr. AL

Thank you, sir! :)

Good digging, sir! Now to delete all of those “Added Glen Phillips” emails in my inbox. ;) :D

Thank you!

I am puzzled as to the changes you made to Strawbs' setlists. You changed "The River/Down by the Sea" to "The River / Down by the Sea". The spaces usually indicate a medley. "The River/Down by the Sea" is not a medley. The first song flows into the second song, but both songs are played in their entirety, much like "In the Beginning/The Nails From the Hands of Christ". You also did the same thing with "Lay a Little Light on Me/Hero's Theme". Once again, this is not a medley as both songs are played in their entirety as opposed to a medley which is simply a mix of different song snippets.

A further reference as to how these songs should be shown is here:


I hope you will change them back.

How were you able to assign songs as medleys? This show has several medleys that are not listed under the Medleys section but I have not been able to find a way to assign them to medleys in the song stats:

Hi - wondering if we can get some moderator attention on this setlist:


There's some disagreement going on about whether the songs should be listed as Yes covers, like every other show on this tour. One particular user disagrees and keeps removing all the cover tags.

I don't really have a dog in this fight either way, it'd just be nice to get it straightened out and get some users a bit more educated (and that might just include me, as I might be in the wrong in thinking that the cover tag is necessary).

ok, i did check after ur changes for that exact thing about artists but only noticed the one and they artists name looked exactly the same, so was confused, thanks for explain

Hi! Was it you that voiced concerns about Brucefan’s recent changes to Smashing Pumpkins setlists? Did he address your concerns? I attended one of the shows in the current tour and I am pretty sure that the first song before Disarm was on tape. I am not even sure that the rest of the band played with Billy during Disarm. What are your thoughts on this? Please disregard if I contacted the wrong moderator.

To add, I was just curious to see how some songs never played live before had albums assigned to them, so I just wanted to see which songs are and which songs are not in there.

Alright. It's just funny to me how they aren't all just automatically assigned, but I understand you. Never understood why user's can't do it themselves.

I don't know why but they you worded it just sounds very funny to me, but alright, I apologize for making you do unnecessary work.

Hey there! Back in November you said you'd be able to share some old Better Than Ezra recordings with me. If that's still the case, I'd absolutely love to hear them! Let me know :) Thanks

Thanks for the cleanup on the BTE setlist from last Friday, much appreciated!

ExecutiveChimp - Moderator
We shouldn't be listing stages as venues (unless it's an actual venue used throughout the season/year).
Please go back and change the Summerfest Milwaukee shows you changed from Maier Park. Thx!

Hey thanks for cleaning up the setlist.fm database for the tracks on Vide Noir! The Philly show was outstanding. Funny that when Ben was talking about the prior Philly shows that he forgot to mention the World Cafe Live at Noon show when they had to do all acoustic as the equipment trucks didn’t get there in time! You know if that performance is recorded and accessible to listen to?

You have recently updated "Big Country Setlist The Tube, Newcastle, England 1984". removing the links which took the user directly to the footage for each track from the television program. I understand you are applying guidelines, but is it a guideline or a rule?
I would assume guidelines are flexible and In what way is having a broken link better?

@boothman If you look really closely, the old song title had a curly single quote, and ezralite's edit replaces it with a straight quote. Details!

Also, thanks for your attention to detail, @ezralite23! I made a few cleanup edits to some TMBG songs, and am happy to see you sweeping through and doing more tidying in return.

Just curious about the "change" you made today to the 9/16/16 Martina McBride show. Previous and changed setlist and song highlighted as changed(We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off) look exactly the same. What am I missing?

Thanks for the 4-1-1 and the many updates to Toad & Glen. <3

Hey Ezralite... thanks for the Glen/TTWS updates. :) How do you become a Roadie? # of edits or something?

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