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Small world - I've been using some of her videos for transcription. Thank you again!

Hey man, this is obviously a better question for your wife, regarding Billy Corgan's show on 2019-11-20, but maybe you can pass it on. I'm doing some updates re his fall 2019 tour here (https://spcodex.wiki/wiki/United_States_2019_tour) and saw in a bunch of YouTube clips that Meena Ysanne guested at all 3 Gramercy shows. Videos show that Chloe Mendel guested on Silvery Sometimes on the 18th and 19th, but no videos seem to exist from the 20th - is there any way your wife remembers if she did on the 20th as well? I also saw that your wife has setlists from a couple of the shows as well - would you or she care to provide scans for our site? Thanks so much!

Do you have control over the albums that get added for an artist because one of my albums The Up And Up hasn’t been added and it’s been a few months. Or is there any way I can fix it on my own?


Hello Ezralite! Just wanted to see how you were doing down in NOLA. I know our home state of Louisiana has been hit pretty hard. Hope you are staying safe and healthy my friend!

Heyo, should TTWS' song "Is It For Me" be "Is It for Me"...? Can you bulk edit if you agree.

It does not make any sense. I only wait for a reasonable explanation, maybe a wrong date input or something like.

You’re right. They are probably a local band that never registered the name or came across problems with it. It might be easier to just delete the setlist if its the wrong Tonic

A band called "The U2 Show Achtung Baby" played the show in Australia.

Hi ezralite23,
Achtung Baby - the U2 tribute band is listed on MusicBrainz with the MBID 7e146e46-17a7-4faf-9412-3ebf06260879.
In my opinion the artists of the gigs in Australia, England and Ireland are wrong.

Thanks for getting back to me on the Fillmore NOLA issue. I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate the names to avoid confusion.

Just wanted to know your thoughts on how to list the Fillmore in New Orleans. When you walk into the venue, the sign above the entrance into the concert hall itself has a sign over the door saying "The Fillmore At Harrah's". So, should the venue be listed as The Fillmore or The Fillmore at Harrah's? What do you think?

Hey - reached out via email jsyk. Sorry for the delay. Thanks!

Hi there, got a change that's an actual correction, if you would be so kind. The database has multiple Trevor Jacksons in it and a bunch of setlists I've worked on credit the wrong one. First off there's Bus Song. It's credited correctly here in this one:


But these 57 instances are credited to the wrong Trevor Jackson.



Thanks! Just let me know. That was exactly my concern as well. I'll be open to other options if there turn out to be any.

That's fine, thank you! Can I ask you to globally change some things, then? I would need all the Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers songs that have been played by Stephen Kellogg changed to appear as Stephen Kellogg songs, and all the Stephen Kellogg songs played by Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers to appear as Stephen Kellogg and The SIxers songs. I will ensure these are isolated going forward as well. Thank you!! Stephen is going to be thrilled to know this is happening.

Hello ezralite, I'm working with artist Stephen Kellogg to complete and maintain the archive of his setlists here on setlist.fm. He's appeared on here in setlists in five different forms now: Stephen Kellogg and The Root Cellar Band, The Stephen Kellogg Band, Stephen Kellogg, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, and now Stephen Kellogg & Tyrone Wells. Because of the way setlist.fm connects songs to albums, I am not seeing a tidy way to have "Sixers" era songs, for example, show up as *not* being covers. Because they're not really covers, you know?

Would making these bands "aliases" of each other on Musicbrainz fix this issue? Would it have any other drawbacks? Is there another option you'd suggest? Is it a problem to just list the songs as Stephen Kellogg songs in the setlists if they originally appeared on a Sixers album? Thanks for your time.

Hey -- thanks so much for writing back about Better Than Ezra! Glad to hear you still remember! Awesome; let me know any updates from your wife's collection. I really appreciate it!

I'll give the list a look and let you know! I could also email you if that's an easier way to keep in touch -- looks like you've got your email address on that site and I can give you mine as well. Thanks! I also see Butch Walker on there, which is exciting. If you want, I can definitely give you a couple Butch shows I have, and three Kevin Griffin shows I personally recorded, in return.

I'll check out the list and let you know -- but again if it's easier to move this elsewhere let me know. In general, I'd say sets that include any Surprise material, or that are heavy on How Does Your Garden Grow? and Before the Robots, are what'll likely interest me the most; RIGHT away I can say I'm definitely interested in Tipitina's 1990, Murphy's 5.2.91, and Fred's 5.3.91. I have zero live versions of some of those songs -- so the very earliest stuff is what'll appeal to me the most.

Thanks a ton!

THANK YOU for the NR&TNS setlist artist name change. I raised this question in the forum in 2017 when someone was changing it from the band name to the solo artist for full band shows. I appreciate your correction.

Good pickup for the Waite shows. I have no evidence they occurred, safer to remove. Thanks!

Since you're from New Orleans, you might know whether these two venues need to be merged. There might be more, but I just came across these two

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