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Many thanks for the comment and this is a cool feature! I appreciate all you do. Setlist.fm is awesome:)

I don't really remember why I used Private Venue but obviously I was wrong. I probably saw an article that implied it was or misinterpreted it. I reverted it already and did the same for this show held on the same date with the same attendee even though this artist isn't mentioned in your link. Thanks for the catch.


Sorry I didn't know you were going to the Cure show last night. I would have been happy to buy you a beer and talk music. It was one of the more interesting shows I've seen by them in the 39 years of seeing them. Any chance you are going to the Better Than Ezra show at Coushatta Casino? I might go, if you do end up there, we can chat after the show!!

If you took any video from TMG in Huntsville, please put it on your YouTube channel! Thanks for adding the setlist!

Hey Ezralite. I agree with your comment that some of the setlists I moved under Roscoe Village Oyster Fest did not actually occur in Roscoe Village so should be updated to show the name of the festival for those years. Was trying to bring all these under a single umbrella by adding venues where missing, then found the festival traveled around the city over the years. Some of the attempts I found by others to attribute these to Guinness Oyster Festival contained the misspelling "Guiness" so not appropriate to just revert. Glad to help with cleanup in any way I can, but I do not think I have the powers to do anything but report the ones that need to be changed. Suggestions welcome.

Hello ezralite23, I came here from your post about the Aurora 2017 Elizabeth Murdoch Hall concert. I was wondering if you had any videos or a recording from it? It was the first concert I ever attended and Aurora is my favourite singer, but I never recorded it. If you have any videos or any audio, please email me or reply to this message. Thanks for reading. email - atveria@gmail.com

Hi, sorry about that, gimmie some time and I’ll try and sort those 7m3 sets out, fark that’s annoying though!

Hi ezralite, song title question for you: There's a Josh Ritter song that goes by two names and both appear on the site. First released by Sweetback Sisters as Deputy Blues No. 2 in 2009, then released on the deluxe Conquests LP as Sheriff McGiven in 2013. Josh is currently listing it as Deputy Blues on his typed setlists, which leads me to think Sheriff McGiven was what he called the demo before settling on Deputy Blues No. 2 by the time Sweetback Sisters got it. Thoughts on which title should be used on the site? More here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1967900890116316/posts/3087238074849253/

Toad tour assignment Q for you. It's not officially been dubbed the Starting Now tour (that I've seen anywhere). Anywhere I've seen it, it's either been not name or been called the "Fall Tour." But I think a case could be made for calling it "Starting Now" or "Starting Now - Fall Tour" or something... thoughts?
PS- stoked my calendar opened up and I'll get to see them in Seattle and Portland (COVID-allowing).

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