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hi! Any interest in or ability to share BTE stuff still?

Hey thanks for cleaning up the setlist.fm database for the tracks on Vide Noir! The Philly show was outstanding. Funny that when Ben was talking about the prior Philly shows that he forgot to mention the World Cafe Live at Noon show when they had to do all acoustic as the equipment trucks didn’t get there in time! You know if that performance is recorded and accessible to listen to?

Yes sure, I'm subscribed to the topic in the roadie forum, so would have visited anyway ;)

You have recently updated "Big Country Setlist The Tube, Newcastle, England 1984". removing the links which took the user directly to the footage for each track from the television program. I understand you are applying guidelines, but is it a guideline or a rule?
I would assume guidelines are flexible and In what way is having a broken link better?

@boothman If you look really closely, the old song title had a curly single quote, and ezralite's edit replaces it with a straight quote. Details!

Also, thanks for your attention to detail, @ezralite23! I made a few cleanup edits to some TMBG songs, and am happy to see you sweeping through and doing more tidying in return.

Just curious about the "change" you made today to the 9/16/16 Martina McBride show. Previous and changed setlist and song highlighted as changed(We'll Pick Up Where We Left Off) look exactly the same. What am I missing?

Thanks for the 4-1-1 and the many updates to Toad & Glen. <3

Hey Ezralite... thanks for the Glen/TTWS updates. :) How do you become a Roadie? # of edits or something?

HEY EZRALITE!!! i just recalled attending the CBS show here in nyc on 8-24-2001 for BTE and have added it here. BUT I DO NOT RECALL DEFINITIVELY ANY SONGS played. though i will eventually find it, please help if you can. i have also added THE ACADEMY and TRADEWINDS 1995 setlists as i located my recording of 11-11 which also had my paperwork from THE ACADEMY Sept 1995 NYC!! thanks, benny

Heyo! No rush, but still interested in the BTE stuff whenever you get a chance :)

Hi. I made a request about three songs from Hardinger Band on the album thread. The songs "Lollandia", "Et barn er født i Bethlehem", and "Andre end dig" are now visible in Musicbrainz' database. They belong to the band's new album Sym-fo-19. Could you update them on setlist.fm? Best regards, JensPetersen.

I still think you should contact Michi to get your view heard. There was a thread somewhere else that I can't find that dealt with this but it was pretty old too. There may not be a "right" way to handle this that satisfies everyone.
Another problem with these shows (like many others) is that most of them do not have sources. Then we have an "alleged" show with no attendees that somebody may have seen live but might have seen as a video clip that may have the right date for the show and may not and on and on. Thanks for getting back to me.

There has been an ongoing discussion about this issue. You should post what you put on my page on the homepage of Michi to have your concerns heard. As far as I am concerned Stage.it is NOT a venue. Neither is it a "television show" or "special performance" either. It is a concert series. No different from the "Syracuse University Fall Semester Legends of Jazz" concert series or the "Great Artists Summer Series Brought to You by Budweiser". We don't list those as the venues and I don't think "Stage.It" and "Use Show" or "Couch Concert" is any different. If anything I would think it could be treated as a Tour, but not as a venue. This is just my opinion and that doesn't necessarily mean that I am correct. As I said above you should definitely have your opinion heard by other Moderators and Administrators.

Hey, just saw your reply. No problem on the delay! Sounds good, thanks a ton for being willing to share! Let me know whenever.

I created the list for the Cain’s Bleachers show. I got an alert that you had updated it. When I went back to Check it out, it was empty. No biggie, just curious.

Hey! I see you deleted the set list I added. Just curious as to why?

That's fantastic! I don't know whether you're willing to share any of those old shows - whether ones that you've obtained over the years or that she has herself - but I'd absolutely love to hear any of them if you are.

Curious, do you have any recordings for some of the old Better Than Ezra shows whose setlists you've edited on the site but didn't attend yourself? Particularly like the early 90s ones that have some of the only performances of some songs off Surprise

Thanks for the info about Tove Styrke. I must've missed the announcement.

Would you happen to know where I can find a recording of ttws 8/23/97 show?

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