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Since you're from New Orleans, you might know whether these two venues need to be merged. There might be more, but I just came across these two

OK thanks, to be honest I haven't heard of any of those 7000+ bands on the magasin4 website, since I'm not into metal/punk/hard rock and they seem to only program such concerts.

I'm starting to upload all Magasin 4 concerts in Brussels with the help of their website.
I don't see any mention of https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-mountain-goats/1995/magasin-4-brussels-belgium-2bd08c3e.html on their website http://www.magasin4.be/site.php?Page=Archives&Action=RF . Do you have a source for this so the venue could eventually be changed?

Hi again, Ezralite23-- Per your suggestion, I've reached out to Jazzlobber to see what his/her basis was for the bulk-edit request. I suggest we give Jazzlobber until 03/01/2019 to provide an explanation, at which time the reversal of the bulk-edit should begin. If a bulk-undo isn't possible (and I don't think it is), this will be quite a feat to manually edit because "Bonfire" and "Bonfire Chant" (again, two different songs) were sometimes played at the same show, so a bulk-edit won't fix this.

Hi Ezralite-- Regarding a bulk-edit you made to Third Eye Blind song "Bonfire Chant" > "Bonfire" on 11/26/2018, did you have any other basis for this besides the following URL?


I find this bulk-edit inaccurate. There's a difference between "Bonfire" and "Bonfire Chant", and the 11/26/2018 has resulted in a major skew to this band's setlist statistics.

Please explain. Thank you.



Hey, I have a general question: If a band performs a song in a different version (acoustic, for example), we put it in an info note next to the song title. But what if the song title actually includes the version? For example, DIR EN GREY has a song called "ASOM -UNPLUGGED-" and on setlist.fm, it's listed as a different song from the normal version.

However, the same is not done for songs that are acoustic or symphonic, for example "DECAYED CROW (Symphonic Ver.)". Should I split the songs that were performed in a special version if the band officially gave them an extra title?

Perfect, thanks again for all the work for that band, I really appreciate it! :)

Oh no, I made a mistake! It's "304-GOUSHITSU, HAKUSHI NO SAKURA". Not "340". Could you please fix it? My bad! :/

Yup, thanks! :) I actually changed those dots myself. You did so yesterday when you changed "Unknown... Despair... a Lost", and the two songs I posted were the only ones in DIR EN GREY's list that hadn't the "connected three dots", whatever they're called.

For sukekiyo, there are no changes that need to be made, or rather... the way the titles are named right now, they don't follow the guidelines (both sukekiyo's and DEG's). We have them in all caps, even though that shouldn't be the case for romanised titles. So if there was a change, almost all song titles would've to be changed.

Yeah, I noticed that as well. I've made another post there, there's some more songs that could need a fixing. Dunno how it works, I hope you don't have to do it by hand :D

There's also this old post: https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/problems-with-songs-33d6b809?page=171#73d7826d

And if you want to do even more (I'd gladly do it myself, but can't), you could perhaps go through DIR EN GREY's tour list and delete unused tours and fix the ones that are used. Some have three dots instead of "…", but I'm not sure what setlist.fm prefers (same for some songs by DIR EN GREY, you'll see in the new post)...

uhm, I see that you've corrected the remaining two titles, but shouldn't the quotation marks be simply "" instead of “”? The latter are un-typeable on a common keyboard, and the normal ones are also used here already: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/dir-en-grey-43d6c33b.html?song=%22YOKUSOU+NI+DREAMBOX%22+ARUIWA+SEIJUKU+NO+RINEN+TO+TSUMETAI+AME

(sorry for the spam btw, can't edit my post, so I had to repost it^^)

Ah yes, those are punctuation marks: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E3%80%8C_%E3%80%8D - Encloses a quotation in some languages. Equivalent in English: " ", “ ”.

Heyo, thanks for taking on my request for DIR EN GREY. Are you planning to do that other two songs as well? Also, I posted a request regarding sukekiyo a few weeks back, would you mind going through that as well, should you have the time? :)

Hey. Could you shoot me your Jack White Brooklyn 11/17/18 recording to wileybumtail@gmail.com (Google Drive)? I'm going to try to make a live album out of it.

Thanks for the help with the Stephen Kellogg setlists. I'm hoping I can get a some more help with a few more of the songs.

The America Song is a Stephen Kellogg song from South of Stephen (2000) but there are 250 of them marked as Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers songs: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/stephen-kellogg-and-the-sixers-1bd665b0.html?song=The+America+Song

Uninspired Gambling is a Stephen Kellogg song that has 725 instances marked as Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers songs: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/stephen-kellogg-and-the-sixers-1bd665b0.html?song=Uninspired+Gambling


Thanks for Willie Nelson merge
Much appreciated!
Dr. AL

Thank you, sir! :)

Good digging, sir! Now to delete all of those “Added Glen Phillips” emails in my inbox. ;) :D

Thank you!

I am puzzled as to the changes you made to Strawbs' setlists. You changed "The River/Down by the Sea" to "The River / Down by the Sea". The spaces usually indicate a medley. "The River/Down by the Sea" is not a medley. The first song flows into the second song, but both songs are played in their entirety, much like "In the Beginning/The Nails From the Hands of Christ". You also did the same thing with "Lay a Little Light on Me/Hero's Theme". Once again, this is not a medley as both songs are played in their entirety as opposed to a medley which is simply a mix of different song snippets.

A further reference as to how these songs should be shown is here:


I hope you will change them back.

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