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Great catch on the cancelled Yes show on AUG 10, 1976!
The edit history with the Yes "superfans" adding a fake/assumed setlist " we know/think they played this at every show in 1976" to what was ultimately a canceled show is hilarious and ridiculous.

Thanks for your comment on Paul Revere in July 1992. I am looking into where I came up with my date. I will revise once I figure it out.

Hi Zonnyh,

Yes, I noticed the comments and links in the setlist. I had intended to make modifications, but I likely got distracted and forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it up again. However, if you have reliable information and feel confident, feel free to make the changes as well.

Gotcha. I just did a search for "dehd 2021 Chicago" and I see the Unknown Venue listing. On click, it opens the setlist with the venue address (parking lot).

Looks like it's just a site index caching issue. I'll report to the developers, but it should resolve itself eventually. The site had some issues the last month with cached information like this.

@Zonnyh - don't change dates and venues to solve duplicates. Report the setlist for merging with links and sources.

Please do not 'repurpose' shows, create new ones especially when two were he'd on the same date.

You should use 'Private Venue' for them, not Unknown Venue.

Hey, this is about LM SAJO’s stuff at the unknown venue, the reason why I had it like that is because that’s the dude’s house, so for privacy reasons, I keep it unknown for him.

Thanks for asking about the Preston gig IL vs. NV. I looked it at Newspapers.com.

After months of ads, it appears that Preston was replaced by the Buckinghams at the Limit Up on 7/15/1988 in an ad from 7/8/1988. Then a Nevada newspaper quotes him in a promotional interview promoting the Lake Tahoe gigs on 7/14/1988, so he was there, not in Chicago.

I have marked the Chicago gig for deletion and posted the Buckinghams gig. Thanks for checking!

Chicago Tribune 7/8/1988

Reno Gazette Journal 7/14/1988

I was trying to do a little research of my own on this last night but it got late. I'm thinking it would be best for the festivals to all be under the Guinness Oyster Fest main festival listing and I can just modify the name of the last few that included Roscoe Village in the name.

1999-2006 should definitely be Guinness Oyster Festival
2007-2010 also seem to be named Guinness Oyster Festival even though this is their first few fests at the Roscoe location
2011 is the first year I found a reference to Roscoe Village Guinness Oyster Festival
2013 press release mentions it both ways, and was also promoted as the 15th Annual Guinness OF
2014 ?? - Can't seem to find any information, thinking it got cancelled, perhaps this is when Guinness dropped out of doing the fest?
2015 I found a potential date but no further information, again thinking they planned to put on a festival but ended up not having one
2016 became the Shock Top Oyster Festival, so a new sponsor
2017 and beyond I found no information. So Shock Top didn't do as well as they hoped and the fest was cancelled or put on hiatus and has yet to return?

Regarding your change of the Guinness Oyster Fest to Roscoe Village Oyster Fest, the name of the festival should be what it was named at the time of the shows. Those earlier fests didn't even take place in Roscoe Village so they should not carry that name. As far as I can tell from fests previously posted on the site, all shows before 2007 should remain Guinness Oyster Fest, as 2007 is the first time the venue shows it taking place in Roscoe Village.

When the name officially changed could be another story. One article about the 2013 Festival calls it the Roscoe Village Oyster Fest in the headline but calls it the 15th Annual Guinness Oyster Fest in the article, so it may have changed even after the first few Roscoe fests.

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