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If the guys at musicbrainz don't allow the artist, then it might not be a valid one.

Sorry but no, haven't read them. Could you please explain the problem in detail and provide links to the setlist in question?

... Well that didn't answer the question at all.

There were two venues with the same name... I merged them... it shows up as an edit... Is that a good enough answer for you?

When you reverted it for no reason you moved it back to the archived venue that should no longer exist. Please DO NOT revert moderator edits if you don't know what you are changing. None of the shows listed on this website are YOURS. People are going to edit them. If you don't like it... well there's nothing you can do about it. Grow up please.

Why would ANYBODY revert something without knowing what was changed? If you see something wrong with the setlist that's one thing, but blindly changing something doesn't make sense.

Hi! Regarding Rivers and Rust, you should be able to fix it yourself in MusicBrainz (you might need to open an account there though). Once you have done so, please let me know and I will pull the update from MusicBrainz. Thanks!

Hi! I don't have the ability to selectively remove just some dates from Tuesday in the Park (unless those dates happen to be the first or last date). Either all festival dates across multiple years go or it stays the way that it is. I don't feel comfortable completely removing the festival since most dates are Tuesday dates. Can you report this in the "Problems with festivals" thread in the forum. If nobody puts up an objection there, then I would consider removing it.

I don't remember a guitar solo as an intro to Reaper and I know that song pretty well, it gets played ad nauseum at our local Classic Rock station. Seanicus thinks similarly. If terrtwins wants to defend it, then he is welcome to put it back.

"Hello childofthemoon! Please delete this entry. Show took place on the 9th. Thx!"

Hi! I'd rather go for correct data as much as possible. We can modify previous editions of the Sturgis festival as needed. I will try to look into it when I have some free time. Cheers!

Hi! I've been going through your requests, however the Sturgis Buffalo Chip festival is fine the way it is:

Tks 4 reporting it out. And tks 4 caring about my college, it's hard, but i'm doing it well. :)!


thanks for the Ken Stringfellow update on the Helsinki concert. Was Goodnight the Beatles song?

Hi! Yeah, long time! Hope it's all well with you too. I've been busy with college and work, but i'm here :D
Batch Edit - Done
What's wrong with Dead & Company setlist?

both actions are intentional. There's no notification for a batch edit as they should be correct all of the time as they're only used to fix cases and add cover artists. If you happen to stumble across a wrong one, then please get in touch with the moderator directly. The same currently applies for deleting moderator comments. cheers

Thanks for letting me know (and for fixing it). I've posted that information in the forum where the batch-edit request was made.

Hi! Could you please provide some wrongly reverted setlists by the user? thanks

Hi! I don't have any control over user removals, only administrators can do that.

Hi, thanks for pointing it out. This was an error with a batch edit to update the songs from his latest album to Musicbrainz spelling. The error has been corrected now. Thanks!

L.M.F. You have the only 2 entries for Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, listed as Pour House. Thought you might want to update on your end. That is a great venue. Went to a show their a few years back.
Take Care. Dr. AL.
p.s. I see that Tool is STILL not changing their set!


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