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to import a new group, one has to create it in musicbrainz. Here's the link for Allman Bett Band
to import the imdb it can take a couple of minutes, sometimes hours, after the import has finished one can add setlists for this or any other artists that has been created and imported.

Shouldn’t “Anybody Going to San Antone” be a Bake Turner cover not Dave Kirby. rules are the first recording artist not the person who wrote the song.

I agree with your comment to Luke71 about a complete sentence. I am not sure about the quotations in 'The Beach Boys' Christmas Album' was played in its entirety throughout the show. Should it not be listed as: The Beach Boys' "Christmas Album" was played in its entirety throughout the show?

Same to you LMF, if those are your actual initials! Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot, I totally appreciate it! I was scared that I made a mistake that I couldn't reverse.

Tried renaming all three Lindsey Buckingham tours, but it didn't work.
I remember part was called 'Out of the Cradle' and part 'Out of the Cradle Tour'. When trying to rename the latter without tour, it didn't work. To have consistity I tried renaming the first and that worked.
Also had troubles renaming a tour for a Dutch group months ago. But for others I don't have any problems. Might be a bug somewhere.

I believe I already told you that I couldn't rename the 'tour' with tour in its name to tour without 'tour' in its name in one batch.
Please tell me about what group you're talking so I can change the name to lower case.

Ralston done and details added...Thanks

>>It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:
The name of another band.

Noted. Thanks.

Nix released this song in 1972. It was originally released by Moloch. From the comment below by dirkvandamme it seems like you guys are already handling this. I manually corrected a ZZ Top and Who setlist that I saw.

Thanks to you I could get Don Nix credit on all those Going Down covers.

The physical address is always preferred. Thanks for the info on Mountaineer. It had the wrong city and no venue information. That has been corrected.

The Forest Hills venues are actually two different venues located at approximately the same site. I have put open and close dates on them so they will at least have setlists assigned to the correct venue going forward. I have moved a few setlists but not all. There are a lot of updates happening on our site right now and maybe we will get the ability to batch edit venues by date in the near future. In any event...

Thank you for tidying up the Ponty setlists in regard to properly designating the songs as arising from Enigmatic Ocean.

It's all good, in the future will not do anything radical without clearing it with a mod first. Cold Rain and Snow is another song which needs a correction. It's the opposite issue, it being a traditional song but credited to the Grateful Dead. Peace!

I wish KX would hit the PacNW. it’s been since 2009 or something. :’(

I am now convinced as you are that this is an original Grateful Dead. It should be entered as such.

Hello, I was wondering if you had the eagles show in PA in 1996?

Sounds good (re) Boom Forest.
Must have been cool to see Live in PA!
I saw live in 95 during Throwing Cooper
about 6 months before they exploded.
The Counting Crows, however, were
terrible. (Maybe, they had an off night?)

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