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Ralston done and details added...Thanks

>>It's also very important to know what SHOULD NOT be used as a tour name:
The name of another band.

Noted. Thanks.

Nix released this song in 1972. It was originally released by Moloch. From the comment below by dirkvandamme it seems like you guys are already handling this. I manually corrected a ZZ Top and Who setlist that I saw.

Thanks to you I could get Don Nix credit on all those Going Down covers.

The physical address is always preferred. Thanks for the info on Mountaineer. It had the wrong city and no venue information. That has been corrected.

The Forest Hills venues are actually two different venues located at approximately the same site. I have put open and close dates on them so they will at least have setlists assigned to the correct venue going forward. I have moved a few setlists but not all. There are a lot of updates happening on our site right now and maybe we will get the ability to batch edit venues by date in the near future. In any event...

Thank you for tidying up the Ponty setlists in regard to properly designating the songs as arising from Enigmatic Ocean.

It's all good, in the future will not do anything radical without clearing it with a mod first. Cold Rain and Snow is another song which needs a correction. It's the opposite issue, it being a traditional song but credited to the Grateful Dead. Peace!

I wish KX would hit the PacNW. it’s been since 2009 or something. :’(

I am now convinced as you are that this is an original Grateful Dead. It should be entered as such.

Hello, I was wondering if you had the eagles show in PA in 1996?

Sounds good (re) Boom Forest.
Must have been cool to see Live in PA!
I saw live in 95 during Throwing Cooper
about 6 months before they exploded.
The Counting Crows, however, were
terrible. (Maybe, they had an off night?)

I just copy/pasted Boom Forest
shows. Based it on the show I went to.
I looked about 5 others shows.
It looked like the same running order
every night. my bad.

Thanks! Didn’t realize that re: Lage/NC4 until you said. D’oh!

Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot! is the BAND NAME used for Brian Setzer playing with the trio/quartet format since 2011, in the same way it is Brian Setzer Orchestra when touring with the big band.

The tour name can be Rockabilly Riot Summer Tour 2017 or whatsoever, but Rockabilly Riot is a band name.

I was in a couple of those shows and I know what I am talking about. I have a fan site called Stray Cats Collector's. I know very well what I am talking about.

I didn't notice that they just recently changed all the old Summerfest shows to the generic park name. I mainly just did the 2018 shows (and only a couple of 2017 shows). Summerfest is a little different from most festivals as most the stages are built as permanent structures and used for festivals throughout the year, though i think the ampitheater and BMO Harris Pavilion are the only ones they tend to use for separate ticketed concerts. It might take a couple days but i'll go through them as fix them.

Yes, we shouldn't be listing stages as venues (unless it's an actual venue used throughout the season/year).

I'm not sure about this one. This may be considered a tour not a festival. I don't usually deal with these questions. You should probably post this on the Problems with Festivals Forum so it can be corrected and if someone else recreates the festival incorrectly it will get noticed.

Got it. We can't add the Jun 30 festival yet. What I did was delete the previous festival and created a new one named Radio 104.5 Birthday Show 2018 #1 For the Jun 30 show a new separate festival with the name Radio 104.5 Birthday Show 2018 #2 will have to be created which you can do on the 28th. If you have any problems let me know.

I'm not exactly sure what the dates of this "festival" are and who played when. In fact, I am not sure if it is really a festival or just a show. Did Bonham/Foreigner/Whitesnake play and if so on what dates.

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