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I did too. Use the alias (or part of it) and you should get it. Chicago Balaban will work.

Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre

You really should post duplicate/delete setlists on the forum as there may be technical reasons to merge, delete or keep the setlist that an individual moderator may not know about. In this instance there is a debate on whether or not the show happened. Being hockey-related I may know something about finding information and on this night the Canadiens were NOT in town. They were in Hartford so it Could have been played. I am posting a link on the setlist. Feel free to refer it to the forum (setlist, not Montreal) though.

Thank you for the Hartman Arena information. I have added the correct location and moved the setlists. Makes it easy when you provide the links.

Chicago Theatre merged.

Just wondering about the Brian Wilson setlist you posted tonight. Is the 2018 really necessary? The Website lists the tour as "Greatest Hits Live!". Putting the year after the exclamation point just does not look right to me. Besides, when you look at the date of the setlist, the year will be shown there.

Hi - Just noticed these 57 wrong entries - pretty sure it's a Paul Simon song. Is there an easy way to make a mass edit for multiple erroneous entries like this ?

We not always agree, but I appreciate your hard work and passion. Keep it up!


I do not care about capitalisation...only that songs have the same capitalisation for each individual song whoever performs it - and that song is attributed to it's originating release (however the capitalisation is). Capitalisation disputes have resulted in "Making Plans for Nigel" by XTC being attributed to Nouvelle Vague's debut self titled album. If you are not aware of Nouvelle Vague (and no reason why you should be) they are a band that do cover versions of 80's classics in a latin style. But if you try and change the capitalisation so it is attributed to Drums and Wires (the XTC album it first appears on) and all hell breaks out - so i gave up. So now the site has the ridiculous situation where XTC's performances of their own song are directed to an album of cover versions. Hence supporting my position that ensuring the song is allocated to the correct initial release is paramount above capitalisation consistency. Sometimes posters insist that all letters must be capitals, other times "the""an" "and" and the like must be lower case. For me it matters not as long as they are all consistent for each individual song.

And, I’d recommend it. I try to see Charlie Hunter anytime he comes through. His style and playing completely amazes me. :)

FYI, I didn’t name the CHT tour that. Someone else did and it is auto-attributing. But based on the guidelines (or my memory of it - can’t access now), designating tours by years isn’t preferred, as they can always be sliced & diced by year based on the date fiend in the database.

Hey, I was able to remove the tour by unchecking the autocorrect box (see your settings to have it displayed)

hey, yes we're aware of the capitalisation issue - the revert (I guess you mean the autocorrect?) can be disabled using the autocorrect box - see your settings page. the "amongst others" seems interesting though. any other major issues?

Thanks re: Ribot Ceramic Dog. Works for me.

livemusicfan, for the Bob & Phil duo concerts coming up, shouldn't they be listed as "Bob Weir and Phil Lesh", since they are both getting equal billing? It's a unique occurrence in their history, not just a Bob Weir concert with a special guest.

In an ideal world we would have a way to distinguish snippets and shortened instrumental versions in the statistics, but unfortunately at the moment the @Info tag is all we have. And if a piece of music has a clear beginning and ending it warrants an entry on the setlist. Besides, if Parsons himself has it on his setlist, then so should we:

You didn't revert the edit though, you just changed the wording to snippet which is still incorrect.
The songs need to be instated back

The show you asked me to delete is done

You have removed 'Maybe a Price to Pay" from all shows of Alan Parsons' latest tour
You added this song as an @Info tag saying it was an intro to 'Damned if I Do' . This is incorrect. The song was played as a 2-minute instrumental by the band, while Parsons walked on stage and greeted the audience. So it was an intro to the show, and not an intro to the first song. There was a pause, applause and sometimes a few words before launching into the first song.
Can you revert all your edits and add the instrumental intro back to every setlist please? Thanks!

That is what I am thinking too. Also from an editing standpoint LA and NYC are virtually unmanageable there are so many venues. There are 15 pages of Hollywood venues alone. That is more than most big cities. Miami has 16 pages for instance. At least this way we can kind of handle the venues in the Southland with some hope of accuracy
Thanks for bringing this up. Please let me know if you see anything else that should be looked at especially with venues and locations.

Hollywood and Westwood are definitely part of Los Angeles and not separate municipalities like Santa Monica or Pasadena. They should probably be merged into Los Angeles. I think the reason they were kept separate initially was to convey to users a sense of where the venues are actually located in the Southland. There are also venues with the same name located in these different areas. I can see reasons to merge them and reasons to leave things the way they are. Do you have any thoughts about this?

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