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Saw your Iron MAiden setlist deletion request.
Once a setlist is "active"/ within 2 days of the show date, the date can't be changed to a "Future" date (a date more than 2 days away).

You are just repeating or clarifying what you edited. The guidelines are for every edited or new setlists.

Please read updated before adding, updating or correcting setlists.

You made it out for those Neil shows - that’s awesome!! So excited to see his NorCal shows :)

Saw we'z wuz at some same shows/bands/artists ... I put em up check em out ...
Hope you subscribe and like if you do ...
Hasta Pasta

Dope. That was so quick. Thanks for saying something coz I was really dragging my feet on getting that taken care of.

howdy again livemusicfan - that is so strange. We both have ticket stubs for U.K for May 7th, 2012. I also saw them the night before in Baltimore (May 6th) at the Sound Stage. Love this band. Saw them on their first tour (first album) at the Orpheum Theater in Boston (don't have the date in front of me). baztunes

Thanks for adding our set from last night. Hope you enjoyed the show. Have a great holiday!

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for catching that! I'll submit a request in the venues forum for a tweak.

Hi Livemusicfan, Thanx 4 listing our last 3 shows of 2022. For what it's worth, I am Nektar's tour mgr, VIP host, & merch mgr. R U attending any of these shows? If so, I could comp U our pre-show VIP M&G Soundchk. 6:pm@Orion & 6:15pm@Sellersville. Come to the merch table & introduce yourself to me...-G!


>> continually dropping bread crumbs all over <<
Sorry. Not my bread crumbs (p.o.m.)...

For your information. I was defending another users right (who happened to be an attendee) to include said information they deemed important. It was not hurting anyone (except you and jedmark perhaps).

<< "Stating that he is playing a piano on his own tour is frivolous." >> The people (attendees) have spoken (again). What will you do, oh dictator? Take a look below...

I'm not going to intervene in this discussion. I only told the other person not to insult you.

PS Maybe the Belgian concert was listed at the time you uploaded but it's gone.
One way to avoid this is to upload pages at and refer to the page uploaded there.
The website has been captured 200 times
Even on the one saved May 1, the same concerts starting from September are mentioned, no earlier ones
there's trace on the saved May 26
Maybe a suggestion to use links saved on ?

bq. just for the record. i did not ''complain'' to anyone. the roadie ''earfdae'' left me a polite message informing me that they had used a comment that you left on my profile page to raise a concern of theirs in the roadie forum. that was it. i just read your latest on my page. your initial point was taken. i agree. i do my best here, and every piece of information i have ever entered has always been, and always will be true and correct to the best of my knowledge at that time. i do strive to set a good example for others, and always use the best info (links) i can find. no worries...

I know you do your best, but most people start from their own point of view and think everybody is a fan of the same group. But to learn new users here how the site works it's better to give accurate sources.
And yes especially for those Paul soundchecks where some disagree if they should be listed it would be better to see whether there was a soundcheck which one could attend if paying. Don't think there will be one at Glastonbury :)


Apparently you complained to a roadie about my behavior and he opened a forum about it. I explained I was mainly talking about the VIP soundchecks.
At the moment you posted the East Rutherford soundcheck with the generic link to the Paul McCartney website only Glastonbury is listed as an upcoming show.
Even on the link to buy tickets for East Rutherford there is no sign of the VIP package.

Here's my justification on that forum since you don't have access to it
To be more specific I was referring to the soundchecks Paul does for VIP people. On the link there is no mention that one can buy tickets for these specific concerts.
At least would be more specific and would avoid people clicking two or three more times to get to that specific page even for the public concerts.
It may be common knowledge to McCartney fans that Paul is doing soundchecks for a limited audience since about 20 years but unknown to the general public, so I thought it better to use some more specific links to the soundchecks to be “****as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. ****”
Since these soundchecks are allowed on because there's tickets for sale I thought it needed some more specifications.

Knowing that those VIP soundchecks are tricky, one of them even was deleted by a moderator, I feel that a more specific source is needed.

Well on the generic site one has at least to search for tour dates which is not ****as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. ****

A bit generic all the sources for your Paul McCartney setlists is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be
****as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. ****
To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Ah, thanks for the explanation for ProgJect. I attended one of their shows and look forward to seeing them again when possible.

They list it all kinds of different ways over the years. With a "The", without a "The", with "Resort", without "Resort". I just decided to go with the basic Foeger Ballroom with an alias. Not a big deal and nothing you did 'wrong' here. I couldn't find an opening date for the ballroom tho, just a lot of alternate names.

Capitalisation as source =
So new users can see why certain words are written in a certain way.

Hi there, thanks for all your contributions! Some of them are not that important though and upset users. E.g. removing periods or commas in infos. For example over here: The thing is that people get e-mail notifications whenever you do such an edit and then they check what has been edited, and then it's only a removed period that was perfectly fine in the first place. I'm sure you understand. Thanks!

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