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Thanks! Didn’t realize that re: Lage/NC4 until you said. D’oh!

Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot! is the BAND NAME used for Brian Setzer playing with the trio/quartet format since 2011, in the same way it is Brian Setzer Orchestra when touring with the big band.

The tour name can be Rockabilly Riot Summer Tour 2017 or whatsoever, but Rockabilly Riot is a band name.

I was in a couple of those shows and I know what I am talking about. I have a fan site called Stray Cats Collector's. I know very well what I am talking about.

I didn't notice that they just recently changed all the old Summerfest shows to the generic park name. I mainly just did the 2018 shows (and only a couple of 2017 shows). Summerfest is a little different from most festivals as most the stages are built as permanent structures and used for festivals throughout the year, though i think the ampitheater and BMO Harris Pavilion are the only ones they tend to use for separate ticketed concerts. It might take a couple days but i'll go through them as fix them.

Yes, we shouldn't be listing stages as venues (unless it's an actual venue used throughout the season/year).

I keep it changing because they play "Level Five". I've been last week at the King Crimson show and they played the very same LF version as you can find on the studio album. Someone might think "Leve Five" and "Larks' 5" are two different pieces. They are not just because Fripp writes so on the setlist.

I'm not sure about this one. This may be considered a tour not a festival. I don't usually deal with these questions. You should probably post this on the Problems with Festivals Forum so it can be corrected and if someone else recreates the festival incorrectly it will get noticed.

Got it. We can't add the Jun 30 festival yet. What I did was delete the previous festival and created a new one named Radio 104.5 Birthday Show 2018 #1 For the Jun 30 show a new separate festival with the name Radio 104.5 Birthday Show 2018 #2 will have to be created which you can do on the 28th. If you have any problems let me know.

I'm not exactly sure what the dates of this "festival" are and who played when. In fact, I am not sure if it is really a festival or just a show. Did Bonham/Foreigner/Whitesnake play and if so on what dates.

Got it. Thanks.

Update on the Uli Jon Roth tour - visa issues have caused them to postpone all California dates before June 12. The updated also noted, "If the Visas haven’t arrived by the end of this week, we will have to postpone the whole North American tour until later in the year for logistical reasons."

Colin is performing as part of Ringo's band. It is not necessary to add a separate entry just for Colin.

As always, thanks for the clarification!

It is kind of odd that there would be some information there and no address or note. My guess would be that when the Wiki post was posted, perhaps years ago, it was just a stub with no address that just says it was in Rochester or suburban Rochester. The links automatically update themselves when Wiki changes them so that's a possibility.

In any event, thanks for the heads-up. I have fixed it.

If you found the source on a Belgian website, would it be too much to add it as a source.
To tell you the truth years ago I was also taken aback and astonished why a moderator questioned my sources.
Years later for some reason they appointed me mod.
What might be evident now or in one week, won't probably be later on. I know websites disappear and for most festivals once the new lineup is coming they don't bother to enlist what was on in the past.
A good source for old websites is
I also know it's difficult to proof something before the internet age. I bought almost a complete collection of Belgian magazines, with concert listings (in 80s and 90s several hundreds a week). Don't think I'll live long enough to list all these. But as source I put in the number of the magazine.

If you don't want to add sources to any of your setlists, I can't put a revolver on your head (talking about Beatles LP here). You just might want to think that if everybody behaved in that way, nobody would add sources.
To me it's just a matter of politeness and respect. There's already enough fake news around.
To give you an amusing exemple : Same thing with throwing chewing gum or banana peels on the street, one might think, it's just only one chewing gum or banana peel, but what if millions of people think in the same way? Everybody would be stuck on the ground or slip and fall down :)

Thanks for the edits on the John Parr gig - that old nutmeg 'capitalisation' again (Haha). I tend to go with what is offered once I start typing.

Hey !! I saw the BSC Setlist on their Instagram which they uploaded and the set lists I usually get them on a BSC Fan Group which they upload photos of the sets!

I did too. Use the alias (or part of it) and you should get it. Chicago Balaban will work.

Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre

You really should post duplicate/delete setlists on the forum as there may be technical reasons to merge, delete or keep the setlist that an individual moderator may not know about. In this instance there is a debate on whether or not the show happened. Being hockey-related I may know something about finding information and on this night the Canadiens were NOT in town. They were in Hartford so it Could have been played. I am posting a link on the setlist. Feel free to refer it to the forum (setlist, not Montreal) though.

Thank you for the Hartman Arena information. I have added the correct location and moved the setlists. Makes it easy when you provide the links.

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