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In an ideal world we would have a way to distinguish snippets and shortened instrumental versions in the statistics, but unfortunately at the moment the @Info tag is all we have. And if a piece of music has a clear beginning and ending it warrants an entry on the setlist. Besides, if Parsons himself has it on his setlist, then so should we:

You didn't revert the edit though, you just changed the wording to snippet which is still incorrect.
The songs need to be instated back

The show you asked me to delete is done

You have removed 'Maybe a Price to Pay" from all shows of Alan Parsons' latest tour
You added this song as an @Info tag saying it was an intro to 'Damned if I Do' . This is incorrect. The song was played as a 2-minute instrumental by the band, while Parsons walked on stage and greeted the audience. So it was an intro to the show, and not an intro to the first song. There was a pause, applause and sometimes a few words before launching into the first song.
Can you revert all your edits and add the instrumental intro back to every setlist please? Thanks!

That is what I am thinking too. Also from an editing standpoint LA and NYC are virtually unmanageable there are so many venues. There are 15 pages of Hollywood venues alone. That is more than most big cities. Miami has 16 pages for instance. At least this way we can kind of handle the venues in the Southland with some hope of accuracy
Thanks for bringing this up. Please let me know if you see anything else that should be looked at especially with venues and locations.

Hollywood and Westwood are definitely part of Los Angeles and not separate municipalities like Santa Monica or Pasadena. They should probably be merged into Los Angeles. I think the reason they were kept separate initially was to convey to users a sense of where the venues are actually located in the Southland. There are also venues with the same name located in these different areas. I can see reasons to merge them and reasons to leave things the way they are. Do you have any thoughts about this?

Hey man,
added some 2012 Phil n Friends shows..
going to try to slowly fill in the Terrapin Crossroads gaps as I have time to..!
I have many setlists from the first year of its opening.
Would you take a look and if there are formatting tips you have I'm open to em
I know "jam" is a tough call - there were many sets containing long, unique jams that first year, close to songs of their own.. do you think @Info[>Jam>] is best?
Also, there are many shows I have notes for the singer (see 24 Mar, 2012). These Rambles and P&F lineups with guests rotated the singers quite a bit, and i think it is of interest. Do you think an @Info note is appropriate?
Happy New Year - hope it's a good one for shows for you!
*2012 shows added today:
March 24,27,29 April 26,28,29

When you find a mistake in a venue name I would appreciate it if you would also post it in the Problem With Venues forum so all the setlists can get merged into the correct one. Especially for venues that "look right". I never knew the official name of The Centrum was Centrum in Worcester and wouldn't have thought of double-checking it. I just happened to see the edit you made and learned something new.

Got CRB Terrapin tix for you if you want to make the trip, livemusicfan!
Thanks for all your attention to setlist accuracy and comformity - it is appreciated :))

Please use the forum to request deletions of venues. All these venues are still marked as 'in use' - probably because they host festivals. Do they need to be merged with a particular venue?

Done. Next time, you should post on the regular "Duplicate setlist / Delete setlist" forum. :)

Personally, I think when there are 2 shows on the same day by the same artist this information belongs at the bottom, kind of like a footnote as additional information. Listing it at the top gives it too much prominence. Even the guidelines would suggest that this information be added as the very last line of the setlist.

Holy crap, do you really go to all of these concerts? That's awesome, my favorite thing to do as well. Wish I could attend them like you do!!

Hi...Yes...There are 4 stages at the NAC...The Southern Hall is the largest & where 99% of all the Bands would be playing that are on this website...i just moved 40 of them over to just The National Arts Centre to have the venue stats look right....Maybe merge the 2 together?...CHEERS

You should post that request for the batch-edit of the song on the regular Problems With Songs forum. Unfortunately my computer isn't capable of performing that task.

That's pretty cool that you saw Slowdive at Paradiso!
I'm going to The Orange Peel show in Asheville next week.
Best, Dr. Al-

No, Hero and Heroine is not being performed in its entirety. However many shows in the UK were still advertised as such. Dave Cousins is also prefacing the Hero and Heroine portion with the comment that "Tonight, you are getting the Campbell's soup version of Hero and Heroine - the condensed version". This is to make way for songs from the new album "The Ferryman's Curse".

If the guys at musicbrainz don't allow the artist, then it might not be a valid one.

Sorry but no, haven't read them. Could you please explain the problem in detail and provide links to the setlist in question?

... Well that didn't answer the question at all.

There were two venues with the same name... I merged them... it shows up as an edit... Is that a good enough answer for you?

When you reverted it for no reason you moved it back to the archived venue that should no longer exist. Please DO NOT revert moderator edits if you don't know what you are changing. None of the shows listed on this website are YOURS. People are going to edit them. If you don't like it... well there's nothing you can do about it. Grow up please.

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