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Great show at ABC! The band sounded great. Waited around for a bit after the show to say hello. But. I did not want to interrupt you. See you in May!

BTW your list of shows is ridiculous! I was just going through your list and noticed quite a bit of shows we both attended. I was at that Maiden show at the Metron! Where are you from?

Hey man! We're actually going to do Moving Pictures AND Permanent Waves back-to-back (plus an additional set of songs) at our next show in Harrisburg at Appalachian Brewing Co. on March 9. We're slowing adding more songs from Signals. We recently did Losing It with a guest violinist and we're adding Chemistry this year. The Weapon is gonna be a tough one if we decide to add it. And our bassist HATES Countdown LOL! I'm stoked about doing all of PeW though. Jacob's Ladder was so tough to learn but it was worth it. One of my faves to play despite how nerve-racking it is. :-) Hope to see you at the show! Please introduce yourself at set break or after the show. Cheers!

Hello ffejherb! If you ever decide to do Moving Pictures, Signals or Grace Under Pressure front to back. Please shoot me a PM. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend!
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