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hi natty! good fun! blew off peach fest for the trip. very happy i went. the ford is a sweet venue. enjoy the NorCal Neil. i just wish the shows were longer. :-) ...take care...

hey natty! glad you are well. so sorry to hear of your loss. you were blessed with many years though. unfortunately, Red Rocks is not looking good for me. there is still hope though... :-)

Good zlord that is a lot of Widespread shows!

thanks for checking out my website natty sir - it was a lot of work - and still ongoing...
so it is nice to hear some positive feedback!

thanks natty for your kind words! if you have a moment please check out my (cookie free and ad free) personal website - it is a work in progress! - also feel free to copy and share any photo from the random photo library, as well as any ticket stub photos (from the drop down menu) as well as any information on the site - it is there to share!

Natty! Has to be u! J & a miss and love u!!!!

hey natty,
i see you were also at terrapin crossroads for phil on sunday june 2nd. i am trying to locate a copy of the show. would you have one or have any idea who may have been taping there? thx, jamgol (jamie)

What’s up Natty, Tommy (Boston) here. Saw you last night at show. Quite the impressssive collection of shows you have here!

Natty, what's up man? Thanks for the edits on the midnight north setlist. We were talking for a bit in the back about the CRB and Magpie and Crowes.

Got tix for you if you want to make the trip, livemusicfan!
Thanks for all your attention to setlist accuracy and comformity - it is appreciated :))