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Hello again! Unfortunately, I don't know how to solve that problem. I can't even find anything about that in the guidelines, which is curious, and there doesn't seem to be any way to make an edit after clicking on an arrow. I would talk to a Moderator about this issue, as they might have more of an understanding as to how that whole thing works. I'm sorry I wasn't very much help! I hope you're able to figure this issue out soon!

Hello! I apologize for the delayed response! Life has been rather hectic as of late... Anyways, I really appreciate, and accept, your apology. :)

Regarding the @Info/@Set tag, both are technically correct for pointing out that a show is acoustic, but I think you're right in that @Set tags are more for denoting that a section of a show is acoustic. In my experience though, I've seen a lot of users add in @Info tags to individual songs even though there's a note at the bottom of the setlist pointing out that it's an acoustic show. Because of that, I've typically added @Set tags in because they appear at the top of the setlist. But again, both are technically correct and your method is probably the more correct thing to do.

Again, thank you for apologizing and for being so sincere about it! I really do appreciate it! I wish more users on here would do this, but so it goes... I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Cheers! :)

I reverted my recent edit to the Mazzy Star setlist. I'm not going to change any of those setlists not because you told me to, but because I don't want to start any needless edit wars on here. I very strongly suggest you reconsider how you address/talk to people on here and not give other users orders. I'm sorry to have been a "minor annoyance" to you.

hi railrat, sorry i missed your messages from a couple of months ago. i did make a sincere mistake in adding vedder's name to the first of those two ministry bridge shows. i was watching video online and impulsively edited the entry, thinking that the video i was looking at was for that first show and not the second. my apologies for the edit and my tartness in responding.

Great meeting you at Jim Irsay's collection. Keep on, Keepin' on

Hi. Everything looks good if you want to fix those shows. I didn't realize who was in 'Echos'. Normally we list shows as advertised, but your edit makes sense. Thanks

Wow! Great site and I love the ticket stub images :)
Takes me back… beats a bunch of screenshots of QR codes! :)

Hey now, railrat!
It’s awesome you’re adding TXR shows! There are many holes to fill in….
Before you add more shows with “Grate Room” as the venue, take a look at the numbers. Someone added that as a venue tag when the vast majority of shows there were under “Terrapin Crossroads”. Kinda threw a wrench into things. Same with the “Beach Park” tag. My modus operandi has been to use the “Terrapin Crossroads” venue tag for Grate Room shows, as well as for Beach Park shows but noting the Beach park stage in show info. The Bar in the restaurant has its own tag, which is a helpful distinction. If you have more set lists, or even placeholder dates for those please add them - I know there are major gaps there.
Thanks - keep at it!!

Hi. What's your method for remembering all those songs played at shows almost 30 years ago? Just wondering your process.

Either way is okay but with four songs I would use the set designation myself. But you really don’t have to change it if you don’t feel like it. In fact, a few years ago using the set designation wasn’t standard procedure

We don't put support act info in the setlist body of the headliner but feel free to put that info in the Comment section. In fact, you can post just about anything in the Comment section that isn't profane including personal memories, opinions etc.

Usually the info for the support acts shows up on the setlist page below the Songs on Albums section and above attendees but not always for some reason. You can add the setlists for opening acts yourself if they are missing.

It sounds like what you did with the acoustic sets is fine as there is more than one way to list them. But if you send me a link to the setlist in question or tell me what is was I will have a better idea of what you mean.

We don't put support act info in the setlist body of the headliner. Please stop.