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You might want to take a look at and extend the period...

Olá, você pode me ajudar por favor? Juntar o festival Ensaios da Anitta em uma coisa só?
Teve esse de São Paulo e esses dois do Rio de Janeiro:

Ainda terá mais um dia 26/02, no Rio de Janeiro também mas em um local diferente.
Eu coloquei como festival por conta das múltiplas participações, se não puder me avisa.


Clarification please...sorry if seems sad question:
When I allocated the pre christmas Snow Patrol instore shows (mini tour to boost album sales in first week) (american user who would have limited knowledge of the workings of the uk independent record store network) refused to let me do allocate these shows as a seperate tour. I did not want a "fuight2 so let it go. This week Bombay bicycle club have done the same thing for their new album and someone has (rightly in my opinion) allocated the shows to "EEHGW Album Launch Tour".
Could you please give some clarification of does a small set of shows in various venues around the country in a pre-set time span constitute a separate tour.
In the case of the snow patrol shows they were stripped back (3 members of band) doing 8 song sets in small venues. These seem as much a "tour" as a full band playing large venues The O2, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow in a week and calling it the UK leg of so and so tour (for example)

These were probably broadcast on Feb 7, 1997 since they surely performed in Brussels on the same day (old Humo magazine). Since the three days before they didn't perform, and on Feb 3 they were in Berlin, it probably is one of these 3 dates.

I think the songs in a medley, with "/ /" don't work for album statistics, which it is very important to this page.
i always see the statistics for the artist, to know which are the songs that he has sung most in his career, and if they are in a "medley" can not be appreciated.


Someone has listed the show / song list for the musical "Chicago" (Chicago, The Musical tour) (which Sam Bailey appeared in as a Sam Bailey setlist. (noting each character for each song). Surely this is an incorrect use of the Setlist website. Surely a musical is a different entity to a setlist.

Hi MusicNation,
"Wiener Stadthalle" consists of six halls, two of those are used for concerts: Halle D and Halle F. These two halls are in separate buildings. I worked hard some month ago to split those halls correctly. I think it was correct, as moderators bendobrin and dirkvandamme gave me some comments and support ( I was successful with the exception of ten concerts, where I didn't found a source, so these ten are still assigned to "Wiener Stadthalle".
You changed one of the concerts back to "Wiener Stadthalle". I changed it again now, adding again the source. I accept if you think that my changes are incorrect. But in that case not only one, but all 1.000 concerts should be changed again. Maybe you can discuss it with the other moderators to find a mutual agreement.

point of interest / clarification. "The Beat"(UK). I noted that "The Beat featuring Ranking Roger" were showing songs originally released by the beat (of which Ranking roger was a member and co-song writer) as Ranking Roger songs (therefore not allocated to album). I amended one setlist and suggested (politely) that the other setlists by this incarnation of the band were reviewed and amended as necessary. The setlist previous amender reversed the setlist back to Ranking Roger songs and replied (politely) that they were a) not covers (incorrect in my understanding of the guidelines) and b) the Beat featuring Dave Wakeling songs originally by the beat were not shown as covers so why should ranking Rogers version ...A good point.
So this site now has the situation where, for example the song "Mirror in the Bathroom" is shown as a song by the beat (correctly allocated to "I just can't stop it" album)
AND to The Beat featuring Ranking Roger
AND to the Beat featuring Dave Wakeling
However "Dave Wakeling" solo does show it as a The Beat cover !
Surely this is farcical. Can you sort it our / make a ruling. I do not want to get into a setlist revision "war"
nb It would appear that this is an issue for all The Beat songs on the Ranking Roger and Dave Wakeling versions of the beat. I was just using Mirror in the bathroom as an example.

Ariana Grande's setlists (including others covering Ariana Grande) are a mess. Several songs have various capitalisation variations. Could you streamline the capitalistion so songs only appear once in her statistics. Thank you.

ABC included numerous entries for "The Look of Love, Part 1" by ABC and "The Look of Love Part one". Both are allocated to the Lexicon of Love album. These are surely the same song. Can you amend these so they all show as "The Look of Love part one (although it should really be "The Look of Love (part one).

There are over 2300 setlists across hundreds of bands on this site that use the promo naming convention in naming tours to differentiate between regularly ticketed performances shows and special shows that are performed in front of the public but are often part of the promotional work of the band for broadcast on tv, radio, internet, or for unique performances for a smaller public audience or contest winners etc.

Since the early days of this site users have requested the ability to add sub-categories in the tour labeling. Until that functionality is added to the site the community and numerous moderators have utilized adding promo to a tour name and this allows a band's community to correctly count and filter shows. I'm going to change back the Wilder Mind, Babel & Sigh No More setlists that you changed recently.

Yes, some bug in the "revert" after the submit. You should be able to remove the tour by clearing the input field and unchecking the "Use's autocorrection to resolve typos, missing covers etc. (recommended)" checkbox before hitting submit.

MusicNation - Per the above discussion with pomes27 I'm going to change back the Mumford & Sons setlists that were previously listed as Wilder Mind Promo Shows (and the Sigh No More Promo Shows and Babel Promo Shows) that you changed in the last few months, removing "Promos Shows". Because these shows are different from regular tour dates this labelling of TV, radio, promo gigs and awards show one-offs allows for easy counting and filtering and has been in place for years. I discovered your recent changes while trying to pull the number of radio & promo shows done by M&S in 2011 and returned no results as the promo shows are listed as regular tour dates. I searched the forum and do not see a thread with an official decision that Promo Shows can't be used so will proceed.

Yes. Please create a forum topic, and we can both add our opinions there for group discussion.

That's exactly why those dates had the word "promo" in the tour field. It's a great way of grouping TV, radio, promo gigs and awards show one-offs.
Such a blanket decision MUST be discussed with the full moderator team, before making edits that will only be discovered by people revisiting the data.

Why did you remove the tour name "April Uprising Promo" from a bunch of JBT shows? This is completely unhelpful and counter-productive!!

So it's basically the same? E.g. "Carnival of Madness": one base festival "Carnival of Madness" and then occurrences such as "Carnival of Madness Jacksonville 2010". Tour names are also covered by the guidelines. Compare to Lilith Fair

Sorry, I don't get it, is there any major difference to e.g. "Sonisphere Festival"?

Hey, shouldn't this be covered by the guidelines for touring festivals? Or is this a special case?

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