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Hi, as stated in the forum topic, musicbrainz import is currently broken. Importing your mentioned artists work again after it has been fixed. cheerio

Hi MusicNation! Michi already addressed that here:

I've been trying to stay out of this discussion :-)

Hi MusicNation, thanks for the reply, and sorry if I sounded angry.

Regarding the Superbowl setlist, I just felt that there should be a note at the bottom stating that it was performed at the Superbowl (as my previous versions did), since unless you are looking at the index, there is no indication on the setlist that it took place at the Superbowl.

'The Pledge of Allegiance' was clearly quoted after 'This Land is Your Land', so that should be reflected in the notes for that number, as I did in my previous versions.

I also feel it is informative to note that she played the piano on "Million Reasons", since she usually does not play an instrument while performing, and this has been done on many of her other setlists.

Lastly, I am skeptical about all the notes associated with "Pokerface", which seem to have survived the many changes. I am not an expert on Lady Gaga, but it does not seem to me that those songs were highlighted during the performance, and even if so, it must have been extremely fleeting.

Finally, regarding the ARTPOP tour, please look into it. I have asked gangbang to clarify where he got the "Act I - VI" idea from, but he has not responded. There were brief pauses in between those numbers for costume changes, but they were certainly not "acts".

Nice show of favoritism on the Lady Gaga Super Bowl setlist, and inaccurate to boot. She only sang one verse of 'God Bless America' and 'This Land is Your Land' (hence the snippet description in the previous versions), and there was indeed a quote from the Pledge of Allegiance.

By contrast, I don't know what all the nonsense that is tagged after 'Poker Face' is all about, but somehow that seems to pass muster with you. I defy anyone to show evidence that the performance contained 'elements' of all those songs. However, it was patently clear she quoted the Pledge of Allegiance, yet somehow that information was deemed unnecessary. Great job.

Hi! Merging done. I suppose the problem why you couldn't do it yourself was that the right artist wasn't in the list? Just try using the artist's mbid in the search field next time.

Venia a decir que pusiste otro artista en los días que toco Coldplay, es "Hana", no "Hana Pleste". No te preocupes que ya los corregí, solo hay que borrar los que aparecen con "Hana Pleste" en La Plata. Otra cosa, el día 1/04 no pude poner en Hana "@Info(Opening for Coldplay). Lo podes hacer vos, por favor?. Saludos


Neither Sarah Bareilles or Ry Cuming toured to promote Maroon 5's Hands All Over. They each toured to promote their own releases. The fact that they were supporting Maroon 5 is irrelevant (in's eyes).

I've noticed you adding tour names like this before but haven't said anything until now. Although I personally wish there was a better system, this is the format that we all must follow for now.

I don't think that you should have merged "AsiaWorld-Arena" and "AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10" into "AsiaWorld-Expo"...

AsiaWorld-Arena is one of the halls (Hall 1) within the AsiaWorld-Expo complex. Hall 10 is also a separate room.

Concerts on should not be generalised into the venue complex, we should split them into individual performance areas.

eg. Sydney Opera House

Botanique, Brussels

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