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That was me. I was actually driving up to Indianapolis with my wife to see Smashing Pumpkins last Thursday/Friday and mentioned the changes and she said "oh Billy just did a Q&A and said the band actually is behind the stage playing live behind the screens over the video introduction, and during Disarm when only Billy is seen on stage". That must have been what spurred brucefan's changes. So i deleted the original message but hadn't gotten around to re-addressing it. I still think some @Info tags should to be added to state the band being behind the screens playing live on those songs, and i also don't think the opening video song should be listed as "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness". It has some hints of that song in it, but it's not strictly that. I just don't know what it should be named.

Shoot, so sorry!! Didn't realize... could switch them back, but as Mod, probably easier for you. I'll keep that in mind next time before I get a hair0brained idea to help. D'oH!

Buenas! Otra consulta! ¿Cómo pongo dos "With" en la misma canción?


Hola! te informo que ya agregué los discos de Sueño de Pescado a Music Brainz. me dijiste que te informe para que los agregues aca. saludos!

Soundwave, cómo va eso? Te hago una consulta.. Por qué en este gráfico de torta no aparece "Nombres" en el disco "Apocalipsis Zombi"?

En musicbrainz está bien cargado


Thanks. I will want to learn that going forward. Might as well use the Jeff Lynne thread.

I think I made a comment about it but I wasn't the one who originally brought it up. Unfortunately I can't remember who did either.

Le podríamos agregar un lias a este lugar: , como "Maldito Blues Club"
La información la encontrás aca:

Otra pregunta. que necesito si quiesiera aplicar como Roadie para sí poder ir por ejemplo, completando los datos de muchos de los lugares que fui agregando?

Gracias de antemano,

Batch edit, please. Thx! lmf
Should be:
Brush With the Blues

Do you have a policy where teases are not allowed to be listed as a standalone song? The problem with mentioning the tease in the comments for the song that followed it is that it doesn't have the automatic link to youtube to see the tease. This is regarding the tease of Lick It Up (KISS):
a day ago Soundwave
Setlist reverted: View changes
Not worth the mention as a stand alone song, but you are welcome to mention that a tease was played in the comments for the song that followed it.

Hello, Soundwave! I’m sorry to bother you with this, but could you lock this Radiohead setlist for me? A user on here keeps having this setlist listed as being a part of the band’s “A Moon Shaped Pool” tour, but this show wasn’t announced as a part of that tour. It was just a standalone show that the band did after the 2017 leg of the AMSP tour concluded in July. I explained this to that user, but they changed the setlist back anyways. Please remove the tour tag and lock the setlist, if you have a spare moment. Thank you! :)

Thanks SoundwaveThe band called themselves The Shemps for this show @ Blind Pig so that took care of name Thanks for the help.

Hi Soundwave. I just send You a Message in spanish. Wich language is easier for you?
Can you please delete the following Luis Alberto Spinetta setlist :


Hola Soundwave ¿cómo estás? Ojalá que muy bien.
A modo de presentación te cuento que durante sus últimos 10 años fui amigo personal de mi máximo ídolo musical de toda mi vida: Luis Alberto Spinetta, su cariño hacia mí fue tanto que me hacía sentir como si yo fuera su hijo adoptado. Entre otros privilegios yo era el único autorizado directamente por él para grabar en video todos sus conciertos, pruebas de sonido y ensayos. Me invitó a su casa, a giras en Argentina y Chile. Por lo cual humildemente y sin ninguna intención de vanagloriarme ni nada parecido, considero que soy el que tiene más información sobre los conciertos de Luis Alberto Spinetta, ya que toda mi vida he sido un acérrimo coleccionista de videos musicales de toda la carrera de Luis Alberto Spinetta y otr@s, además me dedico a filmar conciertos y siempre escribo y archivo todos los setlists de todos los conciertos de mis artistas favoritos. Necesito tu ayuda: Quiero borrar ( eliminar ) un setlists que yo mismo publiqué dos veces y no puedo ¿como se eliminan los setlists? Muchas Gracias por toda tu ayuda.

Hi, you asked me how I know the Alvaro Soler concert setlists : It's his 2017 Tour so most of the setlists of his shows are the same :)

Hello there. I am going to a concert July 17 2018 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. It is called Ron Ashton's 70th Birthday Party. It features J Mascis, Don Fleming, Mark Arm, Kim Gordon, Mike Watt, Mario Rubalcaba and Jennifer Herrema. I would like to know what the band would be named in the artist category. I will follow whatever the moderators want it to be in the artist category. Thanks.

Not sure how to approach this one. As you may know, Roger Daltrey is now doing a "Tommy" tour. Some of the setlists are ending the "Tommy" portion with "We're Not Gonna Take It", which was the last track on the original album. Others are ending it with "See Me, Feel Me" which was not a track on the original "Tommy" album. It was later released as a single, but on "Tommy" it is included as part of "We're Not Gonna Take It". Just wondering what your take is on this issue.

Soundwave, cómo estás? Es probable que lo que digas sea cierto. Todos los que subí yo los saqué de su fan page en Facebook donde están los flyers. Sin embargo el usuario subió shows muy viejos así que quizás sigue a la banda hace mucho y sabe de repente si ese show existió por más que no haya figurado.


Hello! I really need your help with something. A user named Jedmark keeps altering several Nine Inch Nails setlists in an inappropriate manner and won’t let up on it. This user keeps changing the assigned tour of the few 2018 setlists that the band has to the “Cold and Black and Infinite Tour”, but that tour doesn’t start until September according to Nine Inch Nails’ website. Several other users have explained this to Jedmark, but he/she just disregards this information and keeps changing the setlists back to “Cold and Black and Infinite Tour”. Could you do me a favor and please lock the following setlists for me? Please change the tour to “Summer 2018” for the Las Vegas dates and “Europe 2018” for the European dates? I would really appreciate this. Thank you! :)

Oh, and just a head’s up... The band has several more dates this month and I think a few in July, and I don’t know if this Jedmark user is going to do this to any of the other future setlists, so if it’s not too much of an inconvenience, could you or possibly another admin keep an eye on them to make sure that they aren’t labelled with “Cold and Black and Infinite” as the tour? I obviously can’t lock the setlists myself, so I’m sorry to have to ask this of you, but what else can I do when a user won’t listen to reason, you know? Anyways, thank you again. I really appreciate this! :)

Dos cositas con estos Venues

No me deja cargar en "Citibank Hall, São Paulo" porque dice que está cerrado. Segun no lo está y Andy Summers va a tocar ahí en 22/06.

Por otro lado, estos parecen estar repetidos:
Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro (209)
Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro (4)

Muchas gracias y saludos,

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