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Luke71: I'd like to respectfully disagree with your revisions to the June 2, 2018 Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden cover song entries I had made. I created or revised separate entries for the 8 different covers, even though many of them were only short snippets, so the song titles and artist names were searchable and showed up on the setlist stats for this show and tour and his MSG appearances. I think your removing these separate entries and just mentioning each cover the way you did cheats Billy Joel fans out of seeing how many times he actually covered songs by artists like Prince, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. -sk

Hi Luke
Can you unlock this so I can add the songs
The other option is you could just copy the songs from this identical concert and then lock it again

Alright man, fair enough.

I said you did not attend the show, so learn how to comprehend what you are reading on the screen you skinny little brat...

Neither or both. It's a case not covered by the guidelines. Please drop the insults (extra points for apologising) and discuss this in a friendly way. I added a comment to the setlist.

Official setlist from
June 30th 2017 Chicago

Intro Jam
Can’t Stop
Dark Necessities
I Wanna Be Your Dog / Right On Time
Don’t Forget Me
Go Robot
Jam 2
Jam 3
Sick Love
Sir Psycho Sexy
They’re Red Hot
Higher Ground
I Could Have Lied
By The Way
Let Me Roll It
Goodbye Angels
Give It Away

The jams are listed, you were wrong
.. now go away and stop ruining my show or I will literally continue doing this until the day I die...

Hi, I'm collecting lossless live recordings by Ramones and Ramones solo.
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I am curious to see the ticket of Phil Collins concert in Hartford.
Have you keep it?

HAHAHa Sorry Luke71! i didn't see that van halen and alice in chains didn't play in those dates, here are the dates

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