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I also modified Snow Queen which was covered a couple of times.
"Wasn't Born to Follow" was also on the same The City album but known as "I Wasn't Born to Follow"

Thanks for (although I didn't find where dlmc made his remark)
user/dlmc has pointed out that the song "Hi De Ho" credited to Carle King was first released on the album "Now That Everything's Been Said" by The City. Carole King was the lead singer and songwriter of The City. Therefore should the song which was noted as "That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)" on that album be credited to that album and by The City. That album also included "I Wasn't Born to Follow" which was made famous by a Byrds cover and is on Setlist as "Wasn't Born to Follow" by Carole King.
Both these songs are on Musicbrainz on The City album, however, I cannot make the entries trigger The City album in the statistics. Can you help?

You are correct. I reread the guidelines and noted that exception after I sent the message. Thanks for clarifying. :)

I’ve just been labelling it as ‘Warmth - Outro’. I know it’s a different song and that’s how it’s been labelled on every previous setlist. It’s other people that have been labelling it as the other song.

Done, but the song is from Robert Hazard, not Richard Hazzard.

See my comment above your edit
translated when a cover is sung in another language, the songtitle is written as the translated version

Thanks, I have moved the pre-2000 setlists to the "Concorde" venue and added some information to the venue page.

Thanks for the info on the Concorde. I will work on correcting it. If you could come up with an address for the first one that would be great. If I find one I will let you know.
Later today if you could check on what I enter on the venue pages to see if it loos okay I would appreciate it.

It's not the popularity of the songs that bug me but the style. Stylistically they are two different songs which is why I think they should be separate. Lauper's style is more upbeat and changes the whole tone of the song which Urie was trying to emulate.

I guess this goes back to's asinine standards. Until they update their standards I will acqueise. It does a horrible disservice to the average user since the two songs are different and the forums seem to be in contention about this too.

Hi Chappers - just to let you know I've written to a Moderator to see whether we can resolve this issue, not least because MaccaEDU is getting abusive. they're also not a regular user of by the look of it. Anyway, we can see what the moderator thinks. Thanks, T

Blame It on the Boogie is now done. Let me know if you need any song batched-edited in the future.

Thanks for making the corrections on those Association shows.

Regarding your comment on Heroine, you're certainly correct that it was the Heroine version of the song BUT I changed it because it's always been documented as Punk Rock Princess. Even when it is his solo piano performance.

Apparently you have difficult reading, as I never stated covering a song changes who wrote the original. Are you dense? There's no dispute who wrote the song. Go complain to Restless Heart for giving tribute to Glen Campbell instead. By your methodology most songs here, if not all, should be credited to the original songwriter. Fine, get to it Skippy. You'll be adding writer credit to thousands upon thousands of songs. Good thing there are no such things as liner notes, album labels or Wiki. Otherwise, without heroes such as you we would all be in the dark.

Your changes are not required. You weren't at the concert, so you don't know what was included in the medley. Furthermore, Restless Heart is doing a tribute to Glen Campbell by covering his version (the hit) of a song written by Jimmy Webb. Once again, your changes are not necessary or welcome.

Hey it's me again. i've been doing some research and the Rag'n'Bone setlist tour is definitely wrong, which is what we both think. I've contacted a moderator and he told me it is wrong, so I suggest we fix it. Okay?

Hey 'chappers2306', I couldn't find the setlist from Rag 'n' Bone you were talking about. Where is it? have TOO much time on your hands. Editing a setlist I created for a concert I attended (and which you did not) simply to remove some capitalization in a song title? Get a life. Seems like most of the other users who have commented here feel the same way.

With all due respect, but 'Ceremony' was written by Joy Division, not by New Order. That has been documented extensively.
It was also released first by Joy Division on the album 'Still' in October 1981:

Later on New Order released it again as their first single. But 'Ceremony' is definitely written by Joy Division.

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