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Hi there, just seen your comment you left me with that 'The Flame of Youth' live video, well done for finding it and thanks for sharing!

Sure man, I might have some DF stuff on an old hard drive, I'll take a look

Hi your reverted change for the Architects concert at Grosse Freiheit at 2016-06-07 is not accurate. Architects performed as a four piece. The last show with Tom Searle has been at Rock im Park.

The issue with Erra's albums being unavailable has been fixed. There are actually multiple artists with the name "Erra" and the setlists were assigned to the wrong artist.

You may notice that the band picture for "Erra" is wrong. Unfortunately that's a known issue when there are multiple artists with the same name. Sorry about that!

Nothing personal either. If you don't like that policy, you can take it up in the forums. Thanks!

Read leglessmoof's comments on your profile. That's our site policy.

Dancing on My Grave first appeared in Transitions (EP) published in 2010:

Rescue (album) was published in 2011:

Because of that we won't reassign it.

We go by the data from MusicBrainz.org. We assign the song to the first release containing the song. If the first release is an EP, that's what we use. The band's opinions are not a consideration.

Songs are actually assigned to the first release. If the song appeared on an EP first, and then on an album later on, then we assign it to the EP.

Please don't add songs to DragonForce setlists (Chemical Interference, Heart of the Storm, EPM, etc) that haven't been played just to request album assignments to them and then delete them. If the songs haven't been played then they don't currently exist in our database, and we can't assign them. But if they ever do get played in the future, then we can assign them.

I have some reviews that I wrote of early Dragonforce gigs, but I can't find the review of that very first gig on my external drive. IT might be in some old Outlook archive file somewhere. Anyway I have some scans of adverts, tickets etc from that era which I can send you, if you are really that obsessive! :)

You want to read my review of an early Dragonforce/heart gig? sheesh. No-one ever cared before! ;)

The sitre where it was posted has long since disappeared. I may have a copy somewhere in my archives. I'll see what I can do

Regarding your question about the DragonForce show, I’d have to ask if he has the video. He might of put it on YouTube.

Regarding capitalization, you should be able to fix it yourself. You may have to uncheck the box for autocorrection.

Alternatively, you can post the details in this thread and someone should take care of it:

Cool. I think it'd be more likely that it was the intro they messed up as you say. I imagine it would have been more memorable otherwise.

I vaguely remember the song and the mention that they they were playing it live for the first time. I don't recall the part where they messed it up and had to start over I have to say, but that's not to say it didn't happen!

Sorry if that isn't much help. It's a shame because at that time I did go to that show mainly to see Dragonforce and remember the fact that I seemed to be the only one singing along to most of the songs!

Hi, sorry only just seen your message now about the Dragonforce MEN Arena show in 2007. I remember it, albeit not like it was yesterday!

I actually don't, I mostly just use email, I'm a little old school haha

ammatarazzo@yahoo.com I'm always down to talk dragonforce haha I've also been following that guys youtube channel since the start he's got some amazing stuff on there

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