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Hey there, it's about the arch enemy song again. The problem is that they never released the shortened, instrumental version on an album. So it really should be added as snippet - otherwise the song statistics would get messed up as the instrumental snippet would be counted towards the plays of the "real" full-length song. I know this might be hard to take as it can sound counter intuitive at first, but in the end it's an attempt to get songs of a concert into a data format, which can be quite hard at times. Long story short, according to the guidelines, it should be marked as snippet as long as there's no official album release of the shortened version. Thanks for your understanding.

Legal encontrar outro Tonon que curte Angra!

I am asking a friend that also attended
I will remove my update until I can be 100% sure

Hi Victortonons
I can bet they did
But now I am debating that with my wife
I'll confirm in a moment