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Hey mate, where can I contact you?

Even if it's a festival that took place only once I think it's worth creating it. (I've done it). Maybe people might do a search for it and find it over here. Feel free to add the other groups.
I got a message there were some festivals in the neighbourhood, one being called Progsfest
Thanks for the edits.


You may notice that is linked to a tour named Progbury Festival. Tours are entities that can be used for multiple setlists (e.g. for the promotion of an album).
A festival is an occurance that can last one day, a couple of days or even longer and is held at one venue or several venues.
Now if you know the difference you may be able to change (delete the tour name) by clicking the name of the setlist, click edit venue and date, clicking save setlist, click Edit tour and/or festival of this setlist, erase the festival name from the tour edit, click add to festival, since there's no festival linked (yet) to the venue, nor is the Progbury Festival listed amonst the 250 festivals in the near area, you may click add a new festival, fill in the name, and fill in the dates.

Oh dude, I'm dedicated. I'd buy them (the physical pieces of paper) from you if you have them. I'm not a rich man but I'd buy them for a fair price.

If not, scans would be cool too. :)

Do you have video of the Meanfiddler 05 show with dragonforce?

In response to your last comment, though there's no official rule or guideline about the capitalization thing, I mainly do it to have the lyrics show up in the video player properly, since LyricWiki's page names normally have every first letter capitalized, except in special circumstances.

Hi Charlie,

as a (heavy) and user (that's at least what I guess) you might be interested in a nice bookmarklet to easily navigate from a events to setlists (and automatically import on the fly if needed).

read more:


People with more than 253 edits need no excuse for unintentionally wasting my time ;) But seriously, I'm glad that some people report bugs, even if it turns out to be the user's fault in the end. So please keep reporting your findings and thanks for all the setlists! Cheers

Hi Charlie,

I'm following up on the bug report you posted on Michi's wall.

As fas as I can see, you're still listed as attendee on for



So these two are imported as I'd expect it. I can't find the others you mentioned though.

For future feedback and bug reports, please use our new feedback forum on uservoice: (or just click the feedback button on the left of every page) Looking forward to see your suggestions there ;)


Currently we have the restriction that the artist has to be added to the database - as we're trying to keep the database clean this way and avoid duplicate artists (which in turn is good for the statistics) - so if you add an artist on musicbrainz (or tell me the artist names + website or a release plus tracks and I'll add them) - it'll be on soon.

as for the bar bands: actually it would be great to have those setlists as well, the more the better ... you won't find many of them in the musicbrainz database however. but we're rethinking the whole thing and are planning to make it possible to add custom artists as well, but that can take some weeks or months ...

wow, 136 concerts ... living in (near?) london must be quite a blast I suppose :-) cheers

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