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Just because I don't have 100 edits every month, that doesn't mean I'm gone. I'm always watching.


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Hey wanted to ask if you have any Manowar Bootlegs? If yes please contact me via Email:

Hey Lizard, many thanks for updating the Ukrainian nat'l anthem with the composer!

Hello Lizard, I gave it my best shot but I'm not smart enough to navigate the editing process. I tried to solve a minor mystery, the "unknown venue" for Bachman Turner Overdrive for July 20th, 1996... is The Atlanta Olympics. It was not the main stage but a side stage of sorts. Randy, I think it was him, announced that they were a last minute replacement for a different act. I do not remember the set list.

I just did a mass-revert on your recent Porcupine Tree change, but could not add a note. The reason for the revert is that the naming you used doesn't seem to be used anywhere else, at least, not on the album covers, streaming services or on MusicBrainz.

Hi Lizard,

I’ve got your message - discord doesn’t mean a thing to me, must be the age! If you give me an email address then I can send you an Accuracy file next week if that helps.


How do I contact you Lizard? I’m going to be transferring my tape of the gig next week and will send it to you once done. It’s in mono(!) and is only missing the first verse of Backseat Rock ‘n’ Roll due to a tape change over.

Octavarium 1960

Hello kind sir or nice lady - I'm in the process of updating a bunch of Queens of the Stone Age setlists, based on recordings I've collected over the years. Mostly adding intro music but also fixing setlist order in some cases. As I get into 2005, I have an edit that I think would apply to the first month+ of shows and as you seem to be the moderator whose name I'm seeing most there, let me run something by you so I don't waste my time adding the information and you don't waste your time running behind me cleaning up.

I'd argue that Mark Lanegan should be listed as a guest using the @With feature for the individual songs at shows for which he appeared. Lanegan left the band in 2004 ( and is not pictured as a band member with Josh, Troy and Joey in the Lullabies to Paralyze booklet (see picture here: as he is with Josh, Nick and Grohl on Songs for the Deaf. One might consider him a touring member on the LTP tour like Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider but he also did not complete the tour as scheduled like those two did - thus, I think he should be listed as a guest.


Since Valenciennes is a city in France and there was already a concert on the same day for The Jesus Lizard
I suppose yours may be deleted (but it probably has the correct setlist)

Hey, could you please edit this...
The fragment "Puppies on Acid" is listed as it's own track when it's really the intro to "The Mirror". Could you please edit it so it's listed as "The Mirror".


I posted in the forum 10 days ago and there doesn't seem to be any place for support on here otherwise, or even a PM system, otherwise I would not be posting this here, but could you take a look at this since you are moderator?
I don't believe that this tour should be named this and said user has taken it upon himself to do such. If I can't get a response out of you or the forum about this I will just change it back.

Hey there! I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I need some help assigning a few Weezer songs to their respective album. Could you please assign "Wind in Our Sail", "Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori", "Friend of a Friend", and "I Love the USA" to The White Album? It'd be a huge help... Thank you! :)

Winter's Gate by Insomnium is problematic because that Part 1-7 division is done solely with streaming services in mind. Physical formats have only one 40 minute track and that's probably how Winter's Gate will only ever be performed. This website probably uses database, but I thought I'd let you know this so that something could be done.

Hey there! I noticed that you managed to assign certain songs for the Smashing Pumpkins to the Deluxe Reissue Editions of Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie, Pisces Iscariot, and The Aeroplane Flies High, as well as songs for their compilation album Judas Ø. There are 3 songs if their's that need to be assorted into those albums, and I was wondering if you could do it since I don't know how? The songs and the albums they need to be assorted to are as follows:

• Jersey Shore
> Adore (Deluxe Reissue)

• Sparrow
> Judas Ø

• Lover
> Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Deluxe Reissue)

I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenience, but I don't know how to assign the songs to these albums because they aren't listed in the regular assignment file. If you could do this for me, I would be greatly appreciative. :) Thank you!