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I just wanted to comment on your profile in regards to the "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" live vs tape debates from their 2018 tour. Today I messaged Jack Bates on Instagram about it out of my own curiosity and he did tell me that the band played it behind the big video screen until Billy walked onstage. More than happy to message you a screenshot of the conversation on another platform if you are ever interested in seeing the confirmation for yourself, as I know you were heavily involved in that particular song's debate. Cheers

No problem! Happy to help! :)

Hello! As I recall, I don't remember seeing any proof from anyone, including brucefan, regarding whether or not "Mellon Collie…" was played live or if it was a taped intro. I also don't recall being part of that particular discussion as the tour was happening, although I might have perhaps added or taken away @Tape tags on a few setlists for the sake of consistency. That's certainly possible... Anyways, yeah, I've already seen that you're reverting brucefan's edits and I think that's perfectly fine. Until (or unless) proof comes out that the song was actually played live, then it should be marked as a taped performance. If brucefan or anyone else gives you any guff and keeps trying to change the setlist(s) back without concrete proof, let me or a Mod know and we'll have those setlist(s) locked. I hope this answers your questions! :)

I asked my wife and she said that yes Chloe did sing on Silvery Sometimes on the 20th as well. As far as photos of the setlists go, if you contact her she would probably be able to send them. She is https://www.setlist.fm/user/polkadotpam on here.

You're right I'm not taking my own advise. In my defence this guy is doing this deliberately to troll. Sent me a message saying "I knew this would get under your skin" then deleted it.

He's a troll. And I don't see the need to run to the mods over egomaniacs like him. I wish there was a way to block idiots like him.

Please put the exact link instead of just listing the name of the website. Small effort.
It's not up to us or anyone else to look through the vast internet, even if you put a name, to search for your source.

FYI: I went ahead and cleaned up those Robert Randolph & The Family Band setlists because it was bugging me: mainly getting rid of duplicates (there were a few) and merging
(where it was obviously not a solo performance) Peace, Dr. AL

My pleasure on the Roots recording. Thanks for updating the setlist!

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Hi there,

I have been searching for the Root's RCMH J Dilla tribute setlist forever, thank you for posting this!

Any chance you have a recording of the show?


dimeadozen.org has two different recordings of the show.

Do you have a recording of the QOTSA Red Rocks show? And if so, what do I have to do to get a copy?