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Hi Pam - thanks for confirming Chloe Mendel's guest spot at 2019-11-20 Billy Corgan show via your husband. The info is for a site I've been contributing to, which looking at your list of shows seen, you might be interested in: https://spcodex.wiki/wiki/ As I mentioned on your husband's page, it's a small world since I've been using some of your videos on YouTube for banter transcriptions of shows where audio recordings don't exist (although none have been posted yet). Your husband mentioned that you have paper setlists from some or all of the NYC solo shows - would you be interested in contributing scans or photos to the above site? You can create an account there and upload yourself or you can e-mail them to me if that's easier (davidbuff@gmail.com). Would also be interested if you nabbed full video/audio of any of the shows for which you've posted individual songs on YouTube. Really, any contributions would be welcomed! Thank you again.

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