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Thanks for the reply, and for fixing the medley issue with that setlist. In the future, it's probably best to write 'I have a recording of this show,' or something like that. If you know of anywhere that recording can be found on the Internet (Youtube, Archive Org, etc.), then providing a link would be great.

Hi there. the March 14, 1976 Jackson Browne show, you entered songs with the comment 'Listened to show.' Were you an attendee, or did you listen to a recording of the show?

Hi hemisphire. I am going to the Spoon/Jimmy Eat World show tonight in Bensalem, PA. Just curious what time did Spoon go on? Were they before or after Jimmy Eat World?
Also was it the entire Spoon band or just Britt and Alex?

Thanks for the Youtube HFStival '99 tip. I've already seen Blink, RHCP and Sugar Ray from the Spring edition. (I know Jimmie's Chicken Shack was taped and circulated on VHS 20 years ago but it hasn't found its way to YouTube yet. A friend of mine has a copy and just got a VHS > digital converter so maybe I need to get on him about that.) However, I've never seen anything - video or audio - from the Fall HFStival before, so if somebody is streaming the Fuel set somewhere, maybe other stuff is being streamed as well. If you have any info on that, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

I got a couple of issues with Album Assignment.
Have you found a solution for it? What do we do to get it fixed?
I have noticed that some songs are in the 'Other' section

Hi there, I read that you attended Blondie's gig in Washington DC 1997. Did you tape it or know of anyone who did? I'm interested in Blondie live recordings.

Hey man - Were you at that Emmet Swimming show at Springfield Mall?

Have you recorded by any chance the Cash Brothers show for which you provided a setlist?

@wawijr - thanks for the heads up. I'll take care of it.

Hello, I was going over my list and saw Equality Rocks Concert listed as being on April 28, 2000 at RFK Stadium. That show was actually April 29, 2000. I saw that it was listed on the same day as the Smashing Pumpkins in Fairfax and I was at both shows. Is there a way to correct it?

Sorry Paul, don't have one.

Hello Hemisphire. Any chance that you still have your ticket/stub from the Brian May show at Hammerjacks (3/5/93)? And would you be willing to scan an image of same to me? It would go a long way toward completing my collection. Let me know, please.

thanks for this setlist. enjoyed the show. 'satisfied mind' is a byrds cover.

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