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Sorry, I did not, nor do I know of anyone who did.

Sorry, attended the Blondie gig in September 1978 but didn't tape it. TBH, I had front row tickets and couldn't take my eyes off...............................Clem Burke. Stood up, sat down, threw sticks behind his back, did 360 twists inbetween riffs, he was amazing!

Hey Eric, As to Blondie/REO show at Winterland SF in 1978, I didnt tape it, but the venue taped almost everything in Black and White till it closed just a few months later. Maybe try searching Winterland database online? The only song I remember of Blondie as I wasnt too familiar, was I Know But I Dont Know. Also her sound wasnt great, I dont think they allowed her much soundcheck beforehand. She was 2nd on a 3 part bill, and had a brown streak down the back of her blond head! Hope this helps. Ronn, California

Sorry, haven't recorded any of the shows I saw

Sorry, she was booed off the stage in Philly @ The Spectrum opening for Rush & Alice Cooper. Should have Never been put on the bill with those two bands!

saw your comment about taping blondie...sorry, but i've never recorded them. didn't start taping shows until about 1999, though i wish i had started years earlier!

No recording here. But as others have noted, it wasn't a great show....

No recordings here either, Good luck.

No, sorry, I did not tape. It's possible WLIR radio (now defunct) might have broadcast the My Fathers Place show, and someone taped it, but I dont know personally of any recordings. Too bad, because it was an incredible show!

I have not recorded any shows but i do have a bunch of recordings I've collected over the years.

Sorry enric, I know of no recordings from that show. Blondie was booed off the stage that night, so I doubt one exists. Good luck with your search!

Sorry. No recordings of Blondie.

I have not recorded any of the Blondie shows I've attended, but I do know that there is a boot of the 1982 Parade Stadium show that's been out there for a while. I've seen it on eBay. Best - Jeff

Sorry, don't know of any recordings of the gig

Hi Eric - sorry, I did not tape any of the Blondie shows.

dont have any recordings wish i did

Sorry enric. Not aware of any recordings of the 1977 Canberra gig. The set list was mostly first album with a few tracks from Plastic Letters, including Denis.


No, I didn't record the Nijmegen 1978 gig, sorry. Do you happen to know the setlist?


I recorded a master of Blondie Civic Theatre-San Diego, CA 04/16/77. I have the 42 minute show digitized already and I can scan the ticket stub. Happy to send you a Drop Box upload of both if you like Email me at innerear@att.net
Mike Cariola