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Hey, thanks for commenting about the Butch stuff! I'll look into it and see if I can find a record of two shows. Thanks!

at the last show in Mechelen, they talked about me, a guy who not only collects Posies records but also contributions by members and ex members, numbering over 600 in total.
Got my box signed by all four, and even bought an extra for a friend in Seattle from Jon which also got signed by all of them dedicated to Mmmmarkkkkk :)
Need to update the order of the songs he played yesterday, probably also some missing ones, hallf of them were played on upright piano which was in the living room

I’m guessing you’re going to the Nixons tonight, butJIC you go to the Struts, you,or anyone, for that matter,can drop my name at the VIP table in front ofLockharts BBQ for 3-4-5 dollar drinks til 10...

Hello. For the past few years BOC has been taking the stage to the GOT theme over the P.A. at every show. It would be very odd that they didn't. But. I suppose it is possible. I never add it to the list of a show if I was not in attendance unless someone else was there to refute it. Change if you know for a fact they did not walk on stage to it. You would remember it if they did. Also Pre-Reaper Buck jam is just that. He may have teased a familiar tune which would bear noting if you can pinpoint the title. Thanks for the setlist update. And. Your comments/concerns.

All Dutch ones 5 in total 2 Belgian ones
Good show
Have 50 different related discs for them to autograph

Hey Scott! There were only 2 by Denim that weren't the UK band. I swapped them over to the Texas band for you. By the way, what is the Texas Denim like? I've always been a big fan of bands like the 13th Floor Elevators, Josefus(who i got to see live!!!!!!!!), as well as Ely, Butch Hancock and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Whats a good record to start with by them? thanks for any help...I've got pretty wide-ranging tastes, and you have me curious about them. More later...Tom. :)

Thanks for the Joe Ely site info. I've been a big fan of his for awhile now...probably since he opened for the Clash way back when. Saw him open for a very hostile "non Joe Ely crowd" for Tom Petty back in the early 80's in Baton Rouge. He won the crowd over with his version of "Jole Blon", and had them singing all and clapping like crazy before he walked off stage. Always admired how he put on such a great show, never NEVER boring!

Hi Scott! Could you give me the link to that Joe Ely site? I'm a big fan of his. Thanks!!! I always appreciate updates to info on the site. More later...Tom...:)

I noticed there were two artist listings for Paul Ray & The Cobras coming up, and only one was still linked on musicbrainz. The other came up as artist not found. Most of the setlists were on the page with the outdated link, and only one was on the current one, so i just moved everything over to the correct page. And then i merged the old artist with the current one, so hopefully there will be just one Paul Ray in the future.

That troll is now blocked. His edits will be reverted automatically.

Hello! I reverted the Smashing Pumpkins setlist back to the way it was, and I reported the troll user to the admins. If the troll continues to revert the setlist back, I’ll contact a moderator to have the setlist locked. Thank you for letting me know about this! :)

I merged those Leon Russell shows into the Dec 4. The Elton John supporting show is independently confirmed as being Dec 4.

I wish I did have an extra for you. or connections at hob that could get us in. Normally I'll purchase a 2nd ticket for my better half, but I learned that mid-week shows will often leave me holding an extra ticket. I pretty much knew I'd be doing this one solo.

Hope you were/are able to find one!

Hey Scott, no I'm not the Lisa you are thinking of, although i know here quite well. As for the Family values tour in '99, yes, the show was postponed for some reason, I believe someone had fallen ill on the tour, hence the date was 11/1. As for your question about the Bangles opener it was indeed E-I-E-I-O, I didn't go but I remember from the radio commercials back then, I recall all sorts of random stuff, lol.

absolutely! A treat to get 2 shows in Dallas and in that size venue. glad I went both nights. Will be lucky to even see the stage this weekend at JF. My ears need a few days to recover though

I'm working on a show for Deep Ellum Radio regarding concerts of the 1990's that took place in the neighborhood. I saw that you attended concerts by Social Distortion and Presidents of the USA during that time frame. Any memories you have of the songs performed during those sets would be of great help. And if you can shed light on any other concerts from that time period, that would help as well!

sorry it took so long brother....

12 Jul 2017, 15:51 Gravatar by
hi , i was at this show and love our lady peace so im trying to figure out why i missed them, do u rem what stage and acts they played between/during, wonder who i opted to see instead of them. thanks

my reply:


that was my first wilco show, not the biggest fan, but enjoyed it. i was third row on the far right, so probably didn't run into each other.

Wow! impressed with your shear number of shows attended. I'm in Dallas too, but having tough time finding late 90s show information. Did you keep all your ticket stubs? How'd you find all those shows to enter? I've been using Wayback Machine Internet Archive looking through venue concert listings to try and find some I remember, but obviously not all clubs were online in 90s.

Re: Creed

I'm not enough of a Creed fan to know exactly where they were in May of 1998, but this site for one has them in Dallas in April and in Chicago on the date you mention

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scottdebruin saw 1986 different artists.