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Seems suspect, indeed. I googled it and the only mention outside of is a tweet or two that could also be fake. I'd bring it up on the same forum. A Mod could likely delete all of those sets and the venue. That's above my paygrade, but I'm with you on it looking odd, for sure.

Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concert in Dallas, TX on July 9, 1983, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert that night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me at

Hey Scott. I have pictures and notes. I will check.

Venue details changed, thanks for the info.

Sure does. Also I find no evidence for The Mini Club in Garland used for his other edit. I left a warning but have a feeling this is not just an honest mistake. We'll see. Thanks.

I think this issue is more complex than I first realised, I've created a forum topic for it. pulls its artist profile from musicbrainz. There are two separate entries for "Alice Cooper" on musicbrainz.

If you disagree with this, please perform the necessary edits on musicbrainz, and then report back to to follow suit once those edits have been approved.

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean at all.
28 shows you attended are not split at all.
They are all Alice Cooper (the musician Vincent Damon Furnier) shows, not Alice Cooper (the group).

Please take a deep breath and see below.
Alice Cooper (the group)
1964 ~ late 1974-early 1975
This entry is for the original Alice Cooper band, not the individual by the same name.
This group disbanded in late 1974-early 1975.
Please do not add any Events to this artist if they occurred after 1974.

Alice Cooper (the musician Vincent Damon Furnier): Solo career
1975 ~ now

That Wildflower line-up looks good...let me see if I can get off work for that !!!!

Still hanging in there. Looks like you're finally getting a chance to see some interesting shows again.

Thanks! Checking out King Clam this morning. Not bad at all!!!

I know what you mean...back in college, I used to be friends with a lot of the local bands, and while you liked them as people, and you didn't always like their music. You didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm the same with the big names...loved Metallica until around the "Black Album" period, and just lost interest...As far as Madam Radar/Texas KGB "Hands" is a good song (going to be on the new album)..."Young Wild Love"...worth checking out...a lot of live clips on youtube and I think everything but the 1st album by the Texas KGB is on spotify

Still enjoying those recommendations of yours. Did you ever get into Madam Radar (formerly the Texas KGB)? Kelly Green is one darn good guitarist. Their new songs get better and better. They play all over hard working band. trying to get them over here to Louisiana for some gigs

Been checking that lineup for Wildflower...would love to see Jason Eady again, and really like Curtis McMurtry and Jamie Lin Wilson's stuff too...Let me see what our workload at the hospital looks like...

Wish I could see BettySoo at Wildflower. Not sure how soon Nobody's Girl will be doing any live shows, as Grace Pettis moved to Ireland a few months back.

I agree. the Joshua ray solo stuff is OK...not bad...but it takes a while to get into...I like those Ottoman Turks tracks much better!

You have given me a whole new batch of people to want to see live! REALLY like the Ottoman Turks and Quaker City Nighthawks stuff. Jason Elmore is darn good too and enjoying the heck out of 40 Acre Mule. THANKS!!! I am always into checking out new (to me) bands.

Haven't seen BettySoo in person...just the livestreams. We usually email back and forth once a week or so about music. She's a super nice person. Was supposed to see her in NOLA, and that got re-scheduled to Baton Rouge due to Covid, then cancelled altogether on the new tour dates. She's opening for James McMurtry. I'm hoping she has her "regular" band on the road with her when you see them...Bonnie Whitmore on bass, and my old college buddy Jon Sanchez (Roky Erickson, Chrysta Bell, Rich Hopkins & The Luminaros) on guitar.

Didn't know anything about Roomsounds before...REALLY like the videos I've found on Youtube. They have a cool classic vibe. I like that!

Thanks for the recommendations! Knew a little about Texas flood, but not about Elmore & Hoodoo Witch...these sound interesting...I'll let you know what I think. You haven't steered me wrong yet!

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