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Fidlar was 1 of 3 openers for Oliver Tree, so it was a short set.

Yeah, the site is having some problems lately for everyone. It's taking days for stuff to show up. Site traffic is always higher during the summer in general... or maybe we overloaded the site adding 10s of thousands of shows in rapid succession lol.

Hello scottdebruin,
These are the screen-captures when I went to the website of the link provided.

I apologize for making you worry about that.
I just wanted to let you know that the Guidelines on "Adding Sources" have been revised, and I haven't done anything other than add its link in that comment section.
Anyway, keep on good work!!!

Take care.

Everything's good. Just give the short description like you've been doing with the link underneath.

Hi, sorry for the slow response. The link only works for people with an account. Not posting a link *is* against the guidelines, which is why I asked you about posting one. I think "Potentially Problematic Sources" would only lead to deletion if we don't think the user is reliable. Maybe you should post the links, visible or not.

More venue statistics is always good. If you have suggestions for improvement you can post them here:

And thank you for all you contribute to the site. Personally, I love to see the missing pieces get put into place.

No, don't try to guess. Just use the information you have. If it says a scheduled start time list it under scheduled start time. The website is a constant work in progress. If someone ever figures out the 'Actual Start Time' they can add it. It's better to be able to see without opening the page that they are seperate shows though.

I don't know who told you not to post a source link, but *not* posting one is worse. Please post a source link as stated in the guidelines for all edits where a source link is available. We've been over the 'Buddy' situation before and that's fine. I trust you on that. And, no, I don't have a way to batch edit set times into shows.

Hey there, could you do me a favor. Since you are using a source that nobody but yourself can access, instead of putting early show and late show in the setlist could you just add the schedule start times? That way anyone scrolling through the list can see that they are not duplicate concerts that need to be deleted.

Thanks for entering the Bad Marriage setlist from last night at Trees! Hope you enjoyed the band as much as we do back home in Massachusetts!

Scott thanks for the heads up re Glen Hughes.

The Cure was really good! We had decent seats, and they played 2 hours and 40 minutes. Tickets were reasonable since Robert Smith fought Ticketmaster...played songs they hadn't played since 1987 or so...Ballroom Tjieves are kinda rootsy, americana,...I know a little about it's nice to see a show in town, and I have been trying to get people booked at this place, so I almost have to show up at a lot of the shows. it's the same place where Sonny Landreth and Steve Conn play their day after Thanksgiving concert...every year since 1996 (except for 2020 and Covid)

I took forever to see Joan Jett headline, but it was worth the wait! Sounds like you have some good shows lined up lately...It does feel good getting back to shows again after Covid. Saw the opening night of The Cure...pretty amazing show...7th time to see them since 1984 in Texas...Other than that saw Texas outsider legend, Jandek and Dash Rip Rock again. Looking forward to Ballroom Thieves next month...and maybe better Than Ezra, if I can get off work early. Lots of local bands playing around here...good mixes of originals and covers.

Solved the mystery on those two mystery songs on the FEA setlist at Three Links. Since they weren't on any of the records, I am REALLY sure that "CIV" is "Civilizations Dying" by the Zero Boys, and "WTBA" is their Spanish language version of "I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are" by The Runaways. They have been playing both of those love for the last several years now. They were fun when they opened for Joan Jett this past weekend in the "metropolis" of Kinder, LA!!

yes the parking and getting in and out can be a beating. you park in open fields and walk to the stage. otherwise the area is awesome. they won’t let anybody in before 4:30. there will be a ton of people, and the stage area is concrete so really hot. band will end then fireworks go off around 9:30 typically.

Oh man, really appreciate the offer on that yungblud ticket but I don't think I'll be able to make that show. But please do keep me in mind of any future ones within those genres. Thanks again!

I already have tickets for the Zombies. Sorry you can't make it.

Also wondering the same about Cher’s March 1990 Dallas concert.

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s Dallas concert in June 1999. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of that concert?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy of it if you’d permit it. :)

BTW...when Dash Rip Rock gets back through need to see them...almost 40 years on, they still put on a really fun, and tight show.

Yow...sounds rough...get some rest, and plenty of fluids...flu season is upon us...already seeing it at the hospital here. If I remember right, Dash Rip Rock was a character on the old "Beverly Hillbillies" TV show. I think that banker Drysdale was always trying to fix Dash (the movie star) up with Ellie May. There also seems to be a dash Rip Rock from England too. there is a single on Discogs, that looks like its from the UK, and is DEFINITELY not the New Orleans band, even though it got listed under their discography:
I guess UK, since that where the city of Chorley is located.
Anyways...get well, and one day maybe we can get to see a show in Texas together!!

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