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in 2003 Mars Volta played in Dallas in the big room at Gypsy. Was that the Ball room? I can't remember which room was called what, but it was definitely the big room

You should post it in the Problems With Songs forum. I'm not familiar with the song plus I am on my phone where I can't do song edits.

It's fixed now.

What's the song?

i was feeling a little under the weather friday night, so i pretty much just kept to myself, ha! and yeah, the good records thing seemed to come together at the very last minute. i just happened to see something on facebook about it earlier in the week.

Any and all Dark Star Orchestra shows at Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, Texas took place in the larger Ballroom, including but not limited to February 5, 2001, April 26, 2002, and October 4, 2002.

Thanks for double-checking them. I am sure they should be deleted and will do so.

Are you sure about these Renaissance dates being the Annie Haslam British group? It seems odd they would have played a week engagement at a small college in Dallas at a time they were not thought to be on tour.

Thanks for the Armadillo link. Unfortunately there is no automatic loading of setlists. They have to be created individually.

It's never a bad idea to stash those websites with venue or band information somewhere for future use.

Scott - Unfortunately, that Steve Earle ticket doesn't have an address. Neither does the Rhett Miller. When the ticket format changed to be longer, yellow tickets, they did add the address. However, these more square, blue Star Tickets did not show the address. They both just say Gypsy Tea Room. I would imagine the Rhett show was in the actual Tea kind of seems like it was. I truly can't remember for the Steve Earle show. If someone else feels strongly it was in the Tea Room, they are probably right. Thanks for trying to keep all this data straight.

Scott - I did some ticket stub checking for you. OK, first, for the Steve Earle gig at the Tea Room on 1/18/03, the ticket just says "Gypsy Tea Room". It's a Mike Snyder presents from Star Tickets but it doesn't specify which room. Sorry!

The ticket for the Rhett Miller show 11/5/02 is unfortunately the same way. I would imagine the Rhett gig was probably in the Tea Room but I honestly can't remember.

On the later Star Tickets I have for the Tea Room shows, they specify the ballroom, but these earlier ones do not. Sorry to not be more helpful.

Tea Room done. Thanks

Am pretty sure Saul Williams opened for The Mars Volta at the Gypsy Ballroom in 2003

That TMBG show was in the large ballroom at the Gypsy Tea Room. Which I dearly miss.

Yes, I agree, Blackberry Smoke and Todd Rundgren seem an unlikely pairing too.

Any time! By the way, you have an extremely impressive concert history....I'm seriously blown away. I thought I was doing good until I saw yours. I have to catch my shows up for my '90s and '80s concerts, but still won't approach your list. To this day, I regret missing the Neil Young / Social D show at Reunion in the Spring of '91.....still bothers me.

Scott - No worries at all. I attended TONS of shows at the Gypsy Tea Room in the early 2000s. I actually have most of my original ticket stubs. I have gone through them and validated each of the below shows/questions you had. Brandon

DBT – 10-29-02 – ballroom
Steve Earle – 1-18-2003 – ballroom
Jayhawks – 11-15-2003 – ballroom
Old 97s – 7-25-2004 – ballroom
Steve Earle – 2-5-2005 - ballroom

The three Monte Montgomery Gypsy Tea Room shows in 2000 were in the larger room. They were not in the room that became The Prophet Bar.

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