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I'm going to add bar as everything on the internet uses it and it. We can always change it later. I added the details so you should check them and let me know if they sound right. I am glad that you are still kicking and hopefully live shows will stay around.

I need to create a music brainz account myself for their other opener from earlier this year! I’m from Atlanta but was visiting family for the holiday and had a conveniently timed show to attend while there!

My first full capacity show in Atlanta is in two weeks (Hella Mega) but like Texas, baseball started the full cap trend here in early to mid May!

We are pumped to attend shows again also. We just got to a good place financially in 2019 where we could attend more shows so covid really pumped the brakes hard on that. But at the rate 2021 is going, I may give my 2019 set count a run for it’s money!

Your list is pretty impressive too! Cheers to a full summer and fall!

Thanks for the artist update (Livingston) at Grinders KC on 7/1! He mentioned being a new artist with only three sets under his belt so thought I had the right guy!

Hey Scott how are you? I may go to chicago Saturday how about you?

Kix is famous for a song called "Don’t Close Your Eyes" a good 80's hair band. I was planning to go until these Charley Crockett tix fell into my lap. He's doing a make-up show at Sheraton in McKinney after a rain out last Saturday. Monte is also playing Friday at Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney. Nice to have choices again.

Hope you shared the Sweet recording with your friend. I hear ya about the memories fading. I'm grateful everyday that I kept meticulous notes on all of my recordings. You going to see Kix at GMBG Friday? I scored tix to see Charley Crockett with my son.

Yes I have the recording. They did play The Six Teens, and not Sixties Man, The rest are correct. Shoot me an email and I'll send you an MP3 version.

Yeah, I've gotten to know Monte over the many years of taping him. And yes, I record audio of every show I attend, mostly stealth methods, but nice to be able to run open. I upload all of my shows(if allowed) to DIME or Traders den. I do shoot some video, and post it on my YouTube page, SellOut Productions.

Yeah, I was recording Monte Montgomery last nigh.

i don't remember seeing king's X at dcl. so you're probably right with that show being at deep ellum live. took me another 20 years to see king's X.

Hey buddy. They were really good. Their old vocalist was back. I will go see them again. Good stuff.

It's going to be hard to top Joe Ely's number of shows. That's one hard working fella! I've only seen him a few times, but he NEVER disappoints! I've started making friends with a lot of the Austin and North Carolina scenes in the last year or so, thats whats been motivating a lot of the setlists I've been doing lately.

I got turned on to Lex Land by my friend Jon Sanchez, who's played guitar for her, BettySoo, Rich Hopkins, Roky Erickson....the list goes on and on. She's a really great vocalist...jazzy, and cool sense of humor. I've ended up on her Patreon group, and try to catch as many of the shows as I can. I only recently found out her father is Dexter Holland from the Offspring.

The Wrecks are opening for Driver Era at Canton Hall in December. Hopefully there’s not a Mars bug or 100 million year old thawed out oxygen-eating microbes ravaging the world by then. I guess we’ve also got tickets for Jaret next month at The Box Garden. I won’t miss the table prices - plus, every time we bought a whole table we’d get strangers demanding to sit in our empty seats - which kinda defeats the purpose. We’re both vaccinated.

We’re slowly easing back into the concert circuit - and it’s about time. Flaming Lips this weekend and bought some Wrecks tickets. Got any shows coming up?

The breathing is better, but it seems to be a problem for a lot of the patients I have taken care of in the recovery phase. At least I'm not on home oxygen like a lot of survivors. I just turned 58 last month...and it's hard to believe so many of the shows i saw were so long ago!

Hey Scott! I was lucky, I didn't end up in the hospital with Covid. I rode it out at home, and did the nebulizer treatments and anti-biotics. So probably a mild case, though I have a LOT of fatigue, and my breathing still isn't up to par, after nearly 8 months. A fair number of us have gotten it at the hospital. Some have died, which is really discouraging. I got the vaccine to be safe, it wasn't mandatory, but there are so many unknowns about this darn disease, and what we know seems to change every now there are the variants.
I can't wait to see live shows again...the Zoom concerts, and ticketed livestreams are fun, but its not the same energy. Still its better than nothing, and I've made friends with a lot of bands, which i hope will be translated into them coming to louisiana and texas. Hope you are staying healthy and safe. I'm curious to see how things go in texas with the 100% opening. I know those limited seating events are just too expensive for the average fan, so they are not in my price range either.

Hey Scott! Work has been pretty steady here...but doing well...survived having Covid. Gotten both vaccines (Moderna) and doing pretty good. Don't know billpritt, I don't think, but if he's worked any hospitals in the Alexandria, LA area, then we might have worked together and not known it! I REALLY miss live shows...the streaming shows and Zoom shows are fun , BUT it's not the same! On the other hand, I've built up a lot of friendships with bands, so when they tour, looks like more interesting gigs will be coming Louisiana's way! hope you are doing good my friend!

I'd like to get with him. I'm trying to fill holes he can probably help fill. What's your next show? As far as the 3 shows I went to in the fall, two had "spaces" you sit in, the 3rd was completely normal. I had a blast and really miss live music. I'm going to start going to anything in March.

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