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The JG band also played for dancing before and after stage shows. Remember this was the late 60's and early 70's. Different audience and format than in later years. Intimate setting and mostly a business audience. Top quality dinner was also served, as you may well know.

Hello Again - No, I am not related to Jerry Gray. I am the Gray family uathorized biographer for post-WWII Jerry Gray. Yes, JG was the musical director at the Venetian Room from 1969 opening night to his death summer of 1976. Mostly six nights a week. Major touring artists came in for a few days up to several weeks. Play lists can be pulled together from the various reviews in the Dallas newspaper plus a couple of others. I suspect they followed similar format after Gray died. The artists were ever changing and keeping up with the changes in music taste. Jerry Gray and his Venetian Room Orchestra backed all the artists behind their floor shows. The musicians were the best in the Dallas Fort Worth area plus North Texas at Denton. I am quite surprised to stumble on your work this morning. Very tedious, time consuming, and I suspect very few people will appreciate your work.

...... Don't know that I have any concerns. However, I have published a full listing for all the JG and associated artists songs at the Venetian Room from 1969 through the Jerry Gray death in 1976. Glad to see there is another person interested. Some of the songs you are showing don't line up with the Dallas news clippings I have. Was most curious if you had another source. Keep up the good work.

..... There appear to be some errors in your Jerry Gray Fairmont info. Where are you getting all this info?

Doing well but not staying happy. I don't know very many Shiny, Happy People These Days.

Found the opening year here but no mention of a Lola's Saloon in Denton. A Lola's Salon but not Saloon. I have no idea where that alias came from.

Sort of, yes. The search index, not the database. This is necessary sometimes, but it's been back to normal within a couple of hours. It only affects the setlist search. This means you should always be able to go to your user profile and click through the concerts you attended (or search for setlists on Google and get to the page)

If you do have a copy of the pdf and wouldn't mind, would you be able to email me a copy of it? My father in law would be pretty excited to see it! My email is

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks so much for the info! I went down to the Library a couple of days ago but they are currently only doing curbside pickup by appointment. Would you happen to still have the PDF of the Buddy Magazine add that you mentioned? It was for this concert:

Thanks so much and happy holidays!


I have a feeling that the Palace Theatre Became part of the newly created Palace Arts Center around 2005. The Lancaster Theatre is part of the center too. No definite confirmation but it is definitely now part of the center.

Yes for some reason when changing the artists the songs get automatically reverted. It has happened to me to.

I believe the update has been completed. Think all Belgian shows show up 169000 +

No live shows here since over a month. Not until half of January, possibly longer.
You can still add shows, it's not because shows are not searchable you can add duplicate. When trying to add a show already on setlist you will get a notification it already exists.

the display data being changed is the updating of the database.

From time to time the search engine needs to be updated. Earlier today there were only 300 concerts in Belgium.

Not really. Most of that info is in the Wiki article and we have thousands of similar venues (especially in England) where we don't make note of it. The other info you just posted is something I need to look at and will probably need to add some aliases. No problems tho. Better to have more details than less about these venues to prevent duplicates.

Which Stubbs should we use?

Do you have any more information about the concert that you listed here:
My father-in-law was the bassist for Trax, the band that opened that night, and I'm trying to gather any pictures, articles, or audio relating to his old band for a Christmas gift. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!!


Which city should Jubilation be in? Euless?

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