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Wow! impressed with your shear number of shows attended. I'm in Dallas too, but having tough time finding late 90s show information. Did you keep all your ticket stubs? How'd you find all those shows to enter? I've been using Wayback Machine Internet Archive looking through venue concert listings to try and find some I remember, but obviously not all clubs were online in 90s.

Also, May 23rd 1998 was a Saturday, not a Thursday

Re: Creed

I'm not enough of a Creed fan to know exactly where they were in May of 1998, but this site for one has them in Dallas in April and in Chicago on the date you mention

As for the Bangles show, this website has info from nearby on the night before:

11/08/86: Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

Setlist: [partial]: I Want You/Manic Monday/Walk Like An Egyptian

Notes: Enthusiastically reviewed in the J-TAC student newspaper, November 13th 1986. The concert was played in front of a crowd of 600 and opened by E*I*E*I*O.

They don't mention your show. Is that your opening band?

Hi! Please post it to the forum. thanks

I don't remember who might have opened up for the Bangles in 86. I did find that these 2 bands opened up for them at points in 86: Ring of Roses and Silent Movies. I haven't heard of either of them, though. I think they might have been on the early 86 European leg. They might not have even come to America.

Happy searching. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.


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