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Hi there! I see you attended 3 Queen concerts, and was wondering if you or someone you know happened to tape any of these shows. If you do have an audio recording of any of the shows, I would love to know, thanks!

Hey VieNo2 - great catch on the postponed date! I was going strictly off of my old ticket stub.
Best, Chip

Dear ChipperSaam,
I just saw that you attended the following concert: The Police, July 27th, 1983, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit. Just moments ago I have asked admins to merge it with the concert on July 29, as due to a source in the internet, it was postponed by two days on short notice ( ). If there was a concert on July 27th, please feel free to recreate it afterwards.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Regards, Markus

HEY CHIPPER!!! thanks for the heads up on my error in the JAMES TAYLOR CENTRAL PARK date, you (AND WADDY!!!) were indeed correct. it was NOT July 11, 1979 in NYC rather JULY 31. it is now amended. appreciate your assistance in helping my accuracy. thanks. peace, benny

Thanks for the note on The Church in Michigan - your comment aligns with my original source and I've corrected the venue now.

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