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Michi (administrator) is Austrian, so he could be of help probably.
Problem will be we might not know which concert took place in what hall.
It might take some effort (like the Botanique concerts in Brussels and Melkweg in Amsterdam) but it may be worthwhile.
Thanks for pointing it out.

You are probably right. I have fixed the two Joe Cocker shows.

Don't think this one is possibel since Juli did a performance the same day in Berlin
Found the probable venue for Luxgms

I just notice there's three other venues for Gaffenberg
Forum (2001)
Festivalgelände (which may be considered the same as Gaffenberg) 1998
Audi-Zelt (2001)
So won't automatically link the festival to Gaffenberg

Just noticed by accident you asked to merge Bierbrunnenfest to actual venue. Since I probably asked you to list a source it's better to respond to that message so I can change my question to 'proved' otherwise this stays open as uncompleted on the Moderator Forum.

Do you think all Gaffenberg performances were part of the Gaffenberg Festival, so I can change the name and possibly link it to the festival?

please use exact location or venue for the Bierbrunnen festival you created

please use exact location or venue for the Wolkenkratzer festival you created

another option that sometimes works is to find the list of datas on an artist website. For example Roger Hodgson or Meatloaf have very accurate lists on fansites
Here is the correct list of dates for 2004:

Hi Markus,
Yes, for some reason it is difficult to find the exact show dates for NL, and Festivalinfo doesn't always list the off-days. The official NotP site always removes previous year announcements, very frustrating. A good tool is the Waybackmachine, this stores old websites and gives you the following result:
Shall I remove the incorrect ones from the list of shows?

I also noticed Il Novecento has been renamed, this is tricky. We have no way of capturing band name changes or aliases on this site, so a whole new band needs to be created on first, but as there is no official website I am hesitent to create it. I'm inclined to continue with the old name for now, to be honest.
PS: thanks for reporting the troll posting fake setlists, we're dealing with it.

Hi Markus,
The two last entries in the troll forum require a huge effort to validate. We recently had an issue where we accidentally deleted genuine setlists. The user seems to live in a fantasy world where several of his bands play well-known venues. Their band has no website and does not come up in any google search...
I've given him to the end of the week to come up with proof of his concerts, or everything will be deleted.

Thanks for the Patrick Fiori updates. I used the setlists to get rid of a number of incorrect artist entries, but did not realize the songs would be assigned to the wrong artist then.
Next time you come across something like that, let me know - I can easily do a batch edit so you don't have to go into every individual setlist.

That's ok, I can do the classical artists if you like. That's how I ended up editing the NotP sets in the first place, I was cleaning up a number of incorrectly assigned classical compositions.

As for the finale, I usually let it depend on the song that is played. For example when Nile Rodgers was the headliner the encore was We Are Family, which he wrote, so obviously the song is added to his set.
On the other hand, if the encore is a more classical song, like Yellow Submarine, I just add it to the Il Novecento setlist.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi, thanks for for all your help with the NotP setlists. I spent months finding the correct dates and adding individual setlists, but never got round to finishing it. I am picking up that work again now, but could really use your help with it!

Hi Markus. We are going over some ideas for multi-language songs which could take a while to be put in place. In the meantime if you would like to change the title for any shows you know we're sung under that title that's ok.

Hi Markus. Thanks for your message. I'm asking the other mods for their opinions and to see if we can come up with something more official to add to the guidelines. "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" does seem like the correct way to list it in Austria... The ONLY reason we don't do that is because one song ends up listed as two songs in the statistics. Maybe we could make an exception for a song that's 200 years old.

Servus, dafür gibt es derzeit leider keine offizielle Guideline. Wir hatten das Thema einmal vor Jahren: "Stille Nacht" ist allerdings ein harter Brocken der zu viel Verwirrung führen könnte. ExecutiveChimp ist der Situation sicher öfter begegnet als ich es bin - ich gehe davon aus, dass er eine gute Antwort hat :-). Wenn nicht, dann können wir das gerne mit ihm - und anderen Moderatoren diskutieren. cheers