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Yes, I attended the Tina Turner Show at Lüneburg Open Air in 1991. I was very far away from the Stage. Maybe at the mid of the ground. And I remember well, that it was so low noise there, that we couldn't almost hear the Songs, when someone around us standing was talking. :-(
I am not sure, if something from that Show was broadcasted by a local radio station. This might be. In that case, it would have been by the radio and TV channel NDR. If you find someone with a bootleg recording from the audience, be aware, that you might hear the audience louder than usual, because the speakers were pushed down. There were also a lot of people at the back screaming 'louder, louder'. The Show was good by the way, but it was sad that it didn't had the same volume of the bands before.

I don't have any recordings of Cher's concerts.

sorry no bette midler sydney recording

About CHER in Montréal 2014, I'm sorry I dont have any vidéo and I know nobody Who attented this concert. Sorry :( Wish I could help more !

No I don't do those sort of things! Pity as I recall I manged to get myself and my girlfriend quite close!!

Hi, indeed I attended Tina Turner’s concert at Flanders Expo in May 1996, but I didn't make any recordings of that concert neighter in audio nor video. Sorry.

Sorry, I don't know of any recordings of the Cher concert.

Sorry no recordings of Ike and Tina Turner

Hi. I have 5 total iPhone video clips from the Cher Dressed to Kill tour at Joe Louis on 4/12/2014; they are very short in length as I try not to live behind the camera for the shows. I was in the 5th or 6th row - so the clips are super close. The clips are: Woman's World, Dressed to Kill, Beat Goes On, I Hope you find it (clip 1) and I Hope You Find It (Clip 2)

Sorry. Didn't have a cell phone till 2003. So no pics of Cher in 1999. But that was a great people watching event. Lots of guys dressed up to look like Cher.

Hey, sorry no my friend and I didn't grab anything from the Toronto Cher show - we were up in the rafters for that one and just sat back and enjoyed!

I am sorry but I did not record the Tina Turner concert during the festival.

Sorry - we didn't record Sonny and Cher. Don't know of anyone who did. Someone in the Charlotte music scene back might know.

Sorry, only the memories left. I attend concerts to watch and celebrate, not to record sound, video or take pictures.

Sorry I don't have any copies of video or pictures from the Cher concert, I think I had some crappy pics on my old cell phone but I'm not sure where that is now.


unfortunateley I've kept no pics, not to speak about videos (wasn't permitted).
The only thing I've kept, is the ticket.

Sorry I have no video or images from Tina Turner in Copenhagen 2000...

When my brother and I arrived at Devonshire Downs on Friday, June 20, 1969 for the Newport '69 festival, we didn't make our way to the football field right away where the stage was constructed in the middle of the west-facing (home) grandstand. While the Ike and Tina Turner Review were playing, we were working our way through the souvenir stands, pop-up record stalls and other wares on the north side of the field near the parking lot, which is now a biomedical research complex. I didn't record any audio or take photos at all that day and evening, right up to and including the Jimi Hendrix Experience show that headlined that day's performers.