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You are 100% correct. My mistake. Hard to see on the phone's small screen sometimes

We include song info for Unknown songs as stated in the Guidelines.

Whatever dude I was at the show...I have youtube footage/photos and a signed setlist so just goes to show how much you really know....

In regards to your comment about Randy Rhoads dying in 1982 and the concert I attended... If you knew how to READ CORRECTLY the concert was Randy Rhoads Remembered...not Randy Rhoads himself. It was Rhoads family members and musicians celebrating Randy. Go back to school and learn to read AND comprehend and you wont make mistakes like that in the future. Hopefully you can read and comprehend this comment

Poetry readings should not be deleted. They are "performances" like comedians or rap/hip hop shows.

But the shows did contain songs performed by Patti Smith...anywhere you see performed with Lenny Kaye or Ivan Kral was a song.

Hi Phillippe
The changes you made to my Patti Smith updates for 7/5/77 and 7/8/77 need to be undone. The actual change that needs to be made is that these were solo appearances by Patti Smith with her mostly just reading her poetry and not performances by the Patti Smith Group. If you'll notice on the posters for the Village Gate shows it only indicates the Patti Smith Group on 7/9/77 and 7/10/77. I'm sorry I didn't really notice that the 7/5/77 and 7/8/77 setlist listed it as Patti Smith Group. Thanks

Good morning. How is it possible on to note that the closing medley at Love Rocks NYC 2018 of One Love/People Get Ready was a cover of both Bob Marley and a Curtis Mayfield and not just of Marley alone?

Glad you got the vax!!

As far as jazz standards, I'm a jazz fan, but not so much on vocal jazz; so I don't know if I'd be any help on trying to sort them out.

Thanks for the @Cover attribution work you do on a lot of older songs/standards. I imagine it takes a lot of research. Anyway, cheers!


Je débute sur le site que je connaissais un peu, j'ai eu idée de faire çà, je pensais que je faisais bien le remplissage. Vraiment sincèrement désolé, j'ai vu qu'il manquait des concerts sur Téléphone, donc j'ai complété. Ils se rajoutent à ceux qui existent déjà et que je n'ai pas refait. Si tu peux m'aider, merci à toi mais mon intention n'était pas de mettre le souk. Cordialement

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Please don't just copy another user's previous edit comment for your own unrelated edit.

As a self acclaimed authority you should know we use musicbrainz as first source.
So your source on should have read
I don't think a user can edit his messages, so you may have written (censored insults) in the first place.
Everytime someone counters you, you end up insulting
If I reverted your edits it's because there's a reason, not because it's you.
Adding a with artist, additional info or a cover results in affecting all songs of the medley, not just one song.

I don't have a grudge on you, you seem to take everything personnal.
And you may learn also how to spell my name, I've noticed this at least twice.

You've told me that you prefer to have Comments erased when they are no longer relevant.

I changed the addresses because there weren't many of them. But when a large municipality is merged out we don't because it is too much to do manually so if you merge Hollywood into Los Angeles it really isn't worth it especially because the postal address may be different from the physical address.

Like you said
The only motto i ever lived by is:
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!... and i do

What stops you to build your own website?

No answer to even try to refute my statements and arguments.

To be honest I wrote on your profile page because I remember you told me you are not subscribed to setlists to which you make an edit. So how could I contact you to know if you made other edits for Venus and Mars (Reprise)?
So every advantage has its disadvantage.
You've already told me several times about the Nessun dorms cover, so sorry if that upset you. I learnt from my mistake because I didn't know at that moment about opera songs.
Apart from the fact that you stated that you don't read my message I have noticed a change in your listing a source. So you do read them and take into account my remarks to put a real source instead of just mentioning what you did. Thanks.
And I compliment you from time to time, see my posts on
Dec 27, 2019 "You have a good knowledge about covers"
April 26, 2019 Maybe you could show sources to your edits to show you're smarter than the others.

On another note I was surprised to see your question about Billy Strayhornn cover songs. So you were wrong there too.
Maybe some of your other posts are not followed up because they contain mistakes? Or because half of the swear words on the forum are authored by you. People don't like to be insulted if there's no reason.

Years ago when I was just a user here I told you about a website with lots of information about cover songs because I noticed you did a lot of edits for covers. You just shouted back you didn't need my information. This was way before you started to hate me for some reason (again I didn't take away your roadie badge). Isn't it because you just don't accept any help from anyone else and you think you know everything better?

Also when admins asked about information where exactly you had problems you pulled out your middle finger and stuck it up in some way. When more information is asked it's not because we want to annoy you, but are trying to find the bug that may cause the error. So it was important to detail every small step of your working method.

If you don't like the guidelines here or just pick out the ones you like, you may as well start to build your own website with your rules.
Peut-être il faut envisager cette option? Think about it.

Yes, there is a new way to enter a reprise, but unfortunately for you Wings released a song called Venus and Mars (Reprise)
so if apart from this setlist you changed more, please revert them.

Everybody can see you changed the capitalisation to . What's the source?
Excerpt of
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer."
Source :

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