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Hi there,
I just added a bunch of Eartha Kitt content, pulling from her live albums on musicbrainz.
If you fancy a project, there are a lot of cover tags needed.
If I reverted your edits it's because there's a reason, not because it's you.
Adding a with artist, additional info or a cover results in affecting all songs of the medley, not just one song.

I don't have a grudge on you, you seem to take everything personnal.
And you may learn also how to spell my name, I've noticed this at least twice.

You've told me that you prefer to have Comments erased when they are no longer relevant.

I changed the addresses because there weren't many of them. But when a large municipality is merged out we don't because it is too much to do manually so if you merge Hollywood into Los Angeles it really isn't worth it especially because the postal address may be different from the physical address.

Like you said
The only motto i ever lived by is:
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!... and i do

What stops you to build your own website?

No answer to even try to refute my statements and arguments.

To be honest I wrote on your profile page because I remember you told me you are not subscribed to setlists to which you make an edit. So how could I contact you to know if you made other edits for Venus and Mars (Reprise)?
So every advantage has its disadvantage.
You've already told me several times about the Nessun dorms cover, so sorry if that upset you. I learnt from my mistake because I didn't know at that moment about opera songs.
Apart from the fact that you stated that you don't read my message I have noticed a change in your listing a source. So you do read them and take into account my remarks to put a real source instead of just mentioning what you did. Thanks.
And I compliment you from time to time, see my posts on
Dec 27, 2019 "You have a good knowledge about covers"
April 26, 2019 Maybe you could show sources to your edits to show you're smarter than the others.

On another note I was surprised to see your question about Billy Strayhornn cover songs. So you were wrong there too.
Maybe some of your other posts are not followed up because they contain mistakes? Or because half of the swear words on the forum are authored by you. People don't like to be insulted if there's no reason.

Years ago when I was just a user here I told you about a website with lots of information about cover songs because I noticed you did a lot of edits for covers. You just shouted back you didn't need my information. This was way before you started to hate me for some reason (again I didn't take away your roadie badge). Isn't it because you just don't accept any help from anyone else and you think you know everything better?

Also when admins asked about information where exactly you had problems you pulled out your middle finger and stuck it up in some way. When more information is asked it's not because we want to annoy you, but are trying to find the bug that may cause the error. So it was important to detail every small step of your working method.

If you don't like the guidelines here or just pick out the ones you like, you may as well start to build your own website with your rules.
Peut-être il faut envisager cette option? Think about it.

Yes, there is a new way to enter a reprise, but unfortunately for you Wings released a song called Venus and Mars (Reprise)
so if apart from this setlist you changed more, please revert them.

Everybody can see you changed the capitalisation to . What's the source?
Excerpt of
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer."
Source :

And all valid sources for your Billy Strayhorn edits were listed here So it was very easy to use them. But for some reason when someone shows you the right direction you seem to ignore all good intentions.
You said you don't read my comments, so I don't expect an answer.

Your source for Open Your Window here refers to Ella Fitzgerald singing the tune which was composed by Harry Nilsson.
You know very well, since you're a specialist in covered songs, that we only list a song as a cover *IF* it has been released by the composer. So please add in future a source like . Thanks.

Now that one needs to put a source to make edits or uploads it might be a good idea to put the real reason in your, unlike the mention beginner's mistake here edits
One good reason might be
Everybody needs to learn so it's better to show them the way instead of trying to intimidate them.
Besides 'Beginner's mistake' is no source at all to proof an edit.

Maybe you haven't read or noticed that in the guidelines since some time one needs to put a source for every edit
It is mandatory to add sources to all of your edits. Not only can your edit be verified for other users, it can also avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time.

Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example "added a song" is not a valid source. Examples for valid sources are (among others):

Links to official websites (e.g. artists posting their setlists on their websites)
Links to social media channels (e.g. fans posting images of the setlist)
Links to setlist scans
Links to videos of the concert
"I was there" - if you were at the concert and remember the song being played

So next time put something like
so one can verify it's the same song and not just a song with the same title for your edit to


They are explained in my edit.

I haven't seen that so-called edit anywhere. Maybe the other moderators erased it because they agreed with me. If you really made that edit, you should've answered back to my request faster. No means no, but no answer at a all means yes.
Remember all these french songs and Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey? If they keep on considering Patti Smith's Gloria as a Them cover, i'll do exactly as they do and keep on calling Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen as a Santana cover.

Look at the edit I did on Oct 5, 2018. It's written almost 2000 times to all the edits I made then, so hardly not to have noticed this. Especially since you probably get a notification everytime a setlist is changed that you made edits to.
So undo all the changes you made.
Remember again this is a community, not something made to suit your wishes.
I think we're done with those French covers. Again you want these to be written like you do.

And Everybody's guessing as to what you refer to on the "Can't add an artist from database forum"

I've already told you politely to put the reasons why you want something to be changed instead of writing in capitals (this is considered shouting on the internet). It's your work to explain why you want something to be done. We are not mindreaders or telepathists.

Please undo all those Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen so called Santana covers. We have reasons not to do so. They are explained in my edit. This will occupy you for a moment.
Again this is a community where guidelines apply, not your personnal opinions.

You have a good knowledge about covers, but when doing edits you sometimes should do more research and put sources as to why you change or edit these.
For exemple
When Steve Goodman and David Bromberg make and the song The Loving of the Game is on that record, why would you assign this to another artist?
You also seem to assume you are always correct when reporting a song problem. Why not put a reason in your statements, instead of CORRECT or WRONG? On the internet writing in capitals is the same as shouting in real language. This may offend some people.
Also when putting a source it may help out others to take into account what you want to be changed, instead of having them look for the correct answer.
Just trying to help out, you know.

Because it seems like there is a possibility that Rossini may have conducted this show I would rather not to delete it. I would prefer that you put a comment on to it voicing your doubts that he actually was there but if you really want it deleted just let me know and I will do so.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions were together for almost ten years. They were the first steady backing band that Costello used. It would be similar to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers / Tom Petty covers. For what it's worth Elvis Costello & The Attractions were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I will fix the covers for the songs with batch edit.

Maybe you could show sources to your edits to show you're smarter than the others.
You always complain because your questions are not always followed up when you ask something on the problems with songs forum. Did you ever ask yourself why? Should we take for granted everything you ask because you know really a lot about cover songs?
You could start with giving a good exemple.
This is not a game either where I have to pick out a more difficult one of your edits.
As said already a lot of times, this is a collaborative site where we need to help each other. Unlike you who doesn't want to mention the covers in French which come from another language. But refuse to share with us because you don't like that part of the guidelines.

It would be better to put a source for your edits, so one can verify why you change it.
It's not because you know A LOT about cover songs, everybody should. So you might be helpful to other users by honoring this.

Please explain
I might be too stupid to follow your reasoning. So before you call me names, please explain gently in simple words without being agressive, nasty or impolite.

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