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Sorry mate, I'm busy today. Did all of those in the Leftovers thread though.

Happy birthday!

Thanks. Hopefully I'll have a chance over the weekend.

You're welcome. I batch edited a bunch of songs. I'll do more later if you don't feel like finishing them.

Hello PhillipeLandry, Regarding the edits done to Corrina, Corrina wherein you insist that it should be Corinne, Corinna (whether by Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke, or a dozen others), why not use the spelling the artist himself uses--on stage, in album liner notes, etc--yet still maintain the homage to Bo Carter as the original author (even though the song evelved and if frequently quite different)? Thanks for addressing this.

Can you compile a single list of all the edits you're waiting to be performed, then post it in one forum post (or split it into multiple as necessary due to maximum length rules)? Then send me a direct link to that forum post, and I'll go through the edits when I have time.

We are all pretty busy outside of the website, so sorry that we do miss some of your posts.

Hey mate, if you're looking for a project, please take a look at Bonnie Prince Billy. He could do with a tidy-up. Thanks!

Marillion's "Fuck Everyone and Run" is split into 2 albums. Could you please merge these in the album assignments.

Hey PhilippeLandry....the band The Neighborhoods have a song called Roxxanne. It's not The Police song. Notice how The Neighborhoods spell the name. Thanks.

I get that was original title of the song but when John Mayer, Clapton and other artists issue the song on their own albums it's credited as "Crossroads". Why would use a different song title than what the actual artist who is performing the song considers it's title to be? John Mayer released this song on his album "Battle Studies" under the name "Crossroads" by Robert Johnson. It was released by one of the largest record labels on earth, Columbia, who didn't seem to have any problem listing it as "Crossroads" and crediting it to Robert Johnson. When John mentions the songs onstage and in interviews it's called Crossroads. When he prints the song each night on his written setlist it's listed as "Crossroads" I remembering getting into this same fight over the Grateful Dead and the song "And We Bid You Goodnight" where other mods insisted the "original song title" was "I Bid You Goodnight" even though the Grateful Dead lists it on their albums and on their official website as "And We Bid You Goodnight"
Links below to back up everything i'm arguing above in regards to John Mayer.

Can you explain to me why we use "Cross Road Blues" for Clapton, John Mayer, etc? I get that was original title of the song but when Clapton and other artists issue the song on their own albums it's credited as "Crossroads". Why would use a different song title than what the actual artist who is performing the song considers it's title to be? I feel this should be listed as "Crossroads" by Robert Johnson and it should be changed for the other artists as well. Show me a Derek & The Dominos album or a Clapton album where it's credited as "Cross Road Blues."

According to the album the correct spelling is Bourée.

I didn't understand that this site was preferring to only go by the original Mothers of Invention pertaining to concerts performed under that moniker, nor did I understand that under concerts performed by Frank Zappa (solo) would later Mothers albums still be credited to just Zappa himself. I should've consulted with a mod before doing this. I'm really sorry about this.

No shit. All the Mothers shows from 1973 - 1974 that somebody decided to change need to be changed back to Frank Zappa. Don't bother wasting your time editing songs until that's done.

Thanks for editing the Celebrating David Bowie show. I couldn't figure out how to put all of those details in!

Thanks for updating the Lettuce 1/7/17 show at the 9:30. Any chance you have the set list (or know where to find) for Friday's 1/6/17 show as well? Thanks again.

Hi Philippe,
If you feel up for a new challenge - have a look at the setlists of Ennio Morricone - plenty of correction work to do there, with sometimes up to five different spellings of the same song.

Bonjour, je me permets de vous contacter car dans mes statistiques apparaissent le festival "Les enchanteurs" mais celui-ci est listé 3 fois en 2013 (pour les 3 villes où j'ai assisté à un concert. Avez-vous la possibilité d'effacer le festival assigné pour que je puisse recommencer après? Merci

Hi, I noticed that you have arranged all of The Cadillac Three songs so that they report to the correct albums, that's great!
Is there any way that you would be able to look at the song Runnin' Red Lights. It always reverts to "Running" even though it is listed as "Runnin'" on the album sleeve and all other references to the song. Bit of OCD thanks.

I would like nothing more but to accept Bright Eyes as an Art Garfunkel song, but unfortunately the rules dictate otherwise. Batt released the song on an album of his own in 1998

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