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Now, Howlin' Wolf is a solo artist and not a band. Therefore it's not important on this site which musicians played in the recording of the song (even if it's the songwriter). The only question is if the songwriter did release the song for themself (as a solo artist or member of a band).

I must say the number of wrong or guessed edits / requests is far too high in your case. Data quality is very important, so please do concentrate on working on 100% clear cases and not on all the possible grey areas (which are time-eating monsters just to see you're possibly wrong). Please do me, the other moderators and yourself this favor!

I'm sorry, but that (again) is simply not true

several different writings of the song titles have been used in cover versions

According to our guidelines:

Cross Road Blues is the original title (songwriters release)
Little Red Rooster is the original title (songwriters release)

So once again you took me some worthy time to recheck a false claim. If you are 100% sure you are reporting an error, feel free to do so, but please don't post guesses and personal favors even if they could be 80% true.

Some cases can't be solved with today's knowledge, so it makes no sense in asking for edits back and fourth.

How on earth did you come across the Sax Cuvée setlist????

Now we are working on some improvements for classical song titles. So it's not a good idea generalising to the common one. In your examples it should be one and the same concerto, but there are three different movements. "Generalising to the common one" would be a kind of guessing, the most popular one had been performed.
I came over several setlists where these songs already got generalised, but some have not been correct.
Once we have decided how to deal with classical music songs you are welcome helping making adjustements. But for now, please just leave them as they are. This project sure will take a longer time and will not be closed for the next months.
At the time we are trying to evaluate thousands of different songs and artists, so we are not any near a solution.
In fact any "old" song and artist gets monitorized as there are many open questions how to deal the best way. Thank you for your understanding.

You wrote "Can i generalize to the common one?"

What do you mean?

Please only do 100% fact based edits or requests.

You requested changes for example for Miles Davis and gave a source. In the very source you provided, it showed the opposite. Other wrong requests got through because your links seemed legit and so they did not get doublechecked.

So it's fine to work on capitalisation and on wrong cover tags if 100% wrong has to be turned into 100% correct.

But 90% correct or 30% correct, it doesn't matter. Just don't do them if not 100%!

I just deleted whatever you said on my profile. Didn't even read it. It would be one thing if you were actually helping, but you're not. You are STILL doing the opposite of what you should be. How about you just don't make any more edits to classical music until after we finish the new guidelines?

Just a heads up: do not use Setlist song stats as a source when making edits anymore. You need to post an outside link to a website like musicbrainz or secondhandsongs. Posting a link is the same as not posting a source at all. You don't post an actual source... you don't edit.

Please stop posting your ravings on the spam/troll forum. You haven't been banned, though I must admit that action would probably make a lot of people who use this website a lot happier if you were. You are getting to be a Royal PITA.

Mozart has never sang an opera... He wrote them. And on select occasions he conducted in person. He's still not performing alone though. If anything he's a guest musician. @Info is the best place to list conductors regardless of how famous they are.

"Searching for Heritage" is not a live release, and it was recorded and released by John Butler solo.

"Valley" and "Ocean" belong on this release.
Somebody to Love was first recorded by The Great Society
A medley is a mix of partially performed songs connected together with no breaks in between. Please note that:
cover must not be added unless all songs in the medley were by the same artist
What's so difficult to understand about this.

Let me know if he continues doing this and/or post another note on the Troll Forum. Right now I'm checking out for the evening tho.

Please don't reassign any performances of Paul Kelly performing poetry of another artist to the poet.

I have discussed this specific case in the forum, and it was decided that as Paul Kelly performs this with his own music, and the poet never "released" the piece as music, it should be assigned to Paul Kelly. I agree that there is logic to link all performances of And Death Shall Have No Dominion by various artists and their own musical arrangements, but it was decided to do it this way.

Nobody says that. We'll just keep things uniform on the site. No special wording needed.

Can you please lend me hand by putting this set-list in order?
I guess that you will enjoy it ;)

Many thanks,

You may think here is that annoying person again. But capitalisation can be interpreted any way for new users.
So to help you out why don't you use as a source, so other people might know why songtitles are being written in a certain way.
I already tried to convince you last September but you seem to have a problem with authority.
It will also avoid you in making less corrections if people learn from their mistakes.

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