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Sorry, I did reply to you in "General website...", but for some reason the reply did not post/got deleted. Have a look now :)

Hi! There are two "Bubblegum" albums for Mark Lanegan, one assigned to a merged artist "Mark Lanegan Band" and one by "Mark Lanegan", you've assigned most of the songs to the former. The problem is that there's one song assigned to the latter. Which one is the correct album?

You can't edit an existing setlist to pre-1937. Create the setlist with the correct date, and post links to both in the Duplicate Setlists forum topic.

Hello Philipee, Thank you for your edits, however I can't say I agree with them. My intent was to share the original writers of the songs and not necessarily the original recording artist. "Cover" becomes redundant when you know that most of Cécile's performances are what you are calling "Covers" or someone else's song. Except, of course when she's performing her own written works.

Is there anyway you can bulk edit the Monkees setlists with Since I Fell For You in them, its a Lenny Welch cover not a Micky Dolenz orginal.

Believe it or not, I have been busy for the last three weeks. Like I said earlier, I'll get to your edits when I have a chance.

Hi Philippe,
Thank you for the great work keeping the songs straight!

FYI, I noticed you corrected 4 sets by The Bliss Jockeys, by indicating that the song, 'Fortunate Son', is a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

However, this is incorrect for The Bliss Jockeys' set-list-- they actually have an original song, Fortunate Son, that shares the same name as the Creedence Clearwater Revival song, but it's a completely different song. So I've gone and changed them back.

Thanks again for all the great work! Happy listening!

Thanks for the Kinks in Milw. @ Oriental. Saw the show but really don't recall if they did anything beyond the album, people were probably bummed if no hits.

Hi Philippe,
One question, regarding the following song, as you changed the cover to P!nk:
Perfect is the censored version of**kin%27+Perfect and also if P!nk performs the censored version, it is shown as F**kin Perfect here on Shouldn't in McBrides setlist the song be shown as F**kin Perfect as well, even if the clean version was performed?

"John's Other" is a HOT TUNA song written by Papa John Creach, NOT a Jefferson Airplane cover. Please correct all your changes. Thank you.

If I'd only had one problem like you call "Your problem is that you don't care about capitalized letters and ponctuation. It must be capitalized in Let It Be." I'd be a very happy person :)
I'll try to be helpfull in future so I won't cause you too many corrections.

The song “Born Under A Bad Sign” was CO-WRITTEN by William Bell (lyrics) and Booker T (music) for Albert King who recorded it first. Even though “Booker T & the M.G.'s” subsequently recorded a version of the song, so too did William Bell. The band “Booker T & the M.G.'s” did not write the song, they did not record it first nor did they own it. It does not make sanse that they should be credited with being the original artist on this site. If Booker T, as a solo artist, had subsequently recorded it, it could be credited as a "Booker T cover" (as per site rules), but he didn't so justifiably it is an "Albert King cover"

Please post those waiting batch-edits to the same forum topic, and I'll go through them when I have a chance again.

What's the difference in the Beatles' covers on the Beatles By Girls concert between my version and yours? The code between brackets is the same so I don't understand.
Please explain.

Sorry mate, I'm busy today. Did all of those in the Leftovers thread though.

Happy birthday!

Thanks. Hopefully I'll have a chance over the weekend.

You're welcome. I batch edited a bunch of songs. I'll do more later if you don't feel like finishing them.

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