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Nobody says that. We'll just keep things uniform on the site. No special wording needed.

Can you please lend me hand by putting this set-list in order?
I guess that you will enjoy it ;)

Many thanks,

You may think here is that annoying person again. But capitalisation can be interpreted any way for new users.
So to help you out why don't you use as a source, so other people might know why songtitles are being written in a certain way.
I already tried to convince you last September but you seem to have a problem with authority.
It will also avoid you in making less corrections if people learn from their mistakes.

Hi, PhilippeLandry. I see your changes of this nature fairly often and I typically don't bother with reverting them, but this change feels reductive, erasing Khan's contribution as a writer and obscuring the proper title of the song in the context of the artist performing it.

Can you perhaps give a more substantive justification? Why is it imperative for you to make this change? What larger purpose does it serve? And when you say this is just "how we do things here," which "we" are you representing? :) That would be helpful to know!

Hi. When users are reverting your correction of a song as cover, you can report the song as "duplicate song" on the song's statistics page. Same amount of time as posting in the forum and it won't be reverted by another user.
I've done this for the last couple of songs you've reported in the forum (Milord/Cher, Voodoo Child/Andreas Kisser, Rock And Roll All Nite/Kiss).

hi, when u added cover, the wording in info makes it sound like Julie Andrews was at this show (i dont think she was), my original info wording was prob confusing. i did not reread my source but i think i made comment to specify the correct song (as u did with cover) not that she actual sang at show

Thanks for correcting Ride of the Valkyries. Understand that I just went through Cowboy Mach Bells book (which was taken from his detailed daily diaries) and I inputted it that was over 250 times as they played it before every show which was their cue. I didn’t input it for shows before Mach came into the band because I just went off what he posted.

Great! It's now locked in to "no album". Bonne Année!

Hi! You wrote "I think that what i wanted was the possibility to assign songs to nothing at all,". That's exactly the use case :-). If you want the song being assigned to nothing at all - and avoid any future wrong, automatic assignment to an album then select "no album". This includes any type of release, i.e. singles, compilations, EPs, albums, etc.

Hi, since you've asked for the feature some weeks/months ago: good news, it's now possible to report "No Album" as the correct album assignment for a song. You'll see it in the dropdown list of albums at the second position when reporting a wrong album/missing album. cheers

I locked those setlists the other User was messing up. If you want to do any further edits let me know and I will unlock them.

Please use the source instead of writing capitalization which can be interpretated in any way. is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information.

You are 100% correct. My mistake. Hard to see on the phone's small screen sometimes

We include song info for Unknown songs as stated in the Guidelines.

Poetry readings should not be deleted. They are "performances" like comedians or rap/hip hop shows.

Glad you got the vax!!

As far as jazz standards, I'm a jazz fan, but not so much on vocal jazz; so I don't know if I'd be any help on trying to sort them out.

Thanks for the @Cover attribution work you do on a lot of older songs/standards. I imagine it takes a lot of research. Anyway, cheers!

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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