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Maybe you haven't read or noticed that in the guidelines since some time one needs to put a source for every edit
It is mandatory to add sources to all of your edits. Not only can your edit be verified for other users, it can also avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time.

Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example "added a song" is not a valid source. Examples for valid sources are (among others):

Links to official websites (e.g. artists posting their setlists on their websites)
Links to social media channels (e.g. fans posting images of the setlist)
Links to setlist scans
Links to videos of the concert
"I was there" - if you were at the concert and remember the song being played

So next time put something like
so one can verify it's the same song and not just a song with the same title for your edit to

Salut, je suis à la recherche de lives de Téléphone pour compléter ma collection de 77 à 85. Si tu as des K7 non numérisées ou des lives en numérique, tu peux me répondre sur cette BAL: @ +

Nice one, thank you for your help!


They are explained in my edit.

I haven't seen that so-called edit anywhere. Maybe the other moderators erased it because they agreed with me. If you really made that edit, you should've answered back to my request faster. No means no, but no answer at a all means yes.
Remember all these french songs and Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey? If they keep on considering Patti Smith's Gloria as a Them cover, i'll do exactly as they do and keep on calling Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen as a Santana cover.

Look at the edit I did on Oct 5, 2018. It's written almost 2000 times to all the edits I made then, so hardly not to have noticed this. Especially since you probably get a notification everytime a setlist is changed that you made edits to.
So undo all the changes you made.
Remember again this is a community, not something made to suit your wishes.
I think we're done with those French covers. Again you want these to be written like you do.

And Everybody's guessing as to what you refer to on the "Can't add an artist from database forum"

I've already told you politely to put the reasons why you want something to be changed instead of writing in capitals (this is considered shouting on the internet). It's your work to explain why you want something to be done. We are not mindreaders or telepathists.

Please undo all those Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen so called Santana covers. We have reasons not to do so. They are explained in my edit. This will occupy you for a moment.
Again this is a community where guidelines apply, not your personnal opinions.

You have a good knowledge about covers, but when doing edits you sometimes should do more research and put sources as to why you change or edit these.
For exemple
When Steve Goodman and David Bromberg make and the song The Loving of the Game is on that record, why would you assign this to another artist?
You also seem to assume you are always correct when reporting a song problem. Why not put a reason in your statements, instead of CORRECT or WRONG? On the internet writing in capitals is the same as shouting in real language. This may offend some people.
Also when putting a source it may help out others to take into account what you want to be changed, instead of having them look for the correct answer.
Just trying to help out, you know.

Because it seems like there is a possibility that Rossini may have conducted this show I would rather not to delete it. I would prefer that you put a comment on to it voicing your doubts that he actually was there but if you really want it deleted just let me know and I will do so.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions were together for almost ten years. They were the first steady backing band that Costello used. It would be similar to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers / Tom Petty covers. For what it's worth Elvis Costello & The Attractions were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I will fix the covers for the songs with batch edit.

Maybe you could show sources to your edits to show you're smarter than the others.
You always complain because your questions are not always followed up when you ask something on the problems with songs forum. Did you ever ask yourself why? Should we take for granted everything you ask because you know really a lot about cover songs?
You could start with giving a good exemple.
This is not a game either where I have to pick out a more difficult one of your edits.
As said already a lot of times, this is a collaborative site where we need to help each other. Unlike you who doesn't want to mention the covers in French which come from another language. But refuse to share with us because you don't like that part of the guidelines.

It would be better to put a source for your edits, so one can verify why you change it.
It's not because you know A LOT about cover songs, everybody should. So you might be helpful to other users by honoring this.

Please explain
I might be too stupid to follow your reasoning. So before you call me names, please explain gently in simple words without being agressive, nasty or impolite.

Thanks for the info. Looks like about the only way we can do it and have it make sense. It does look weird though but I can't think of any comment to put in the @Set line that would clarify it without writing a paragraph.

Isn't there a difference that I want the rules to be respected. If I'm wrong I will be the first to acknowledge I'm wrong.
You seem to be wanting the rules to be changed to your personnal ideas.

Well, when nothing remains, it's a whole new song. You're the only one who wants that song to be considered as a Jason Crest. In my opinion 100% – 1 people here consider it as a song by Joe Dassin. You're that one.

It's not because I changed it that I'm the only one who wants it to be considered a Jason Crest song.
I also wrote in my comments the link to secondhandsongs
Sometimes you refer yourself to this site when it arranges you, but when it's about songs being translated into French you seem to forget about this rule.
Like someone else already commented to you

"It's not a fruits basket where you pick the ones you like. You have to respect ALL of them at any time – or stop participating. Simple as that."
"The guidelines weren't made to annoy people, but to get the best out of the website including all the technical restrictions there are. They're an ever improving work of ten years. So the way to get your rules in is NOT to cheat the system, but to help to improve the system by making suggestions – and – and that's the important part – to accept that some suggestions can't be implemented. It's never personal but always matter-of-factly.
Ignoring guidelines on purpose is rude and selfish behaviour that creates a lot of work for a many users including your fellow roadies, moderators and admins."

For some reason you seem to have a grudge on me, while I was the one who warned you several times about your behavior. You may continue to think it's me who took away your badge, I can testify it wasn't me.

Hey man,
I just saw that you submitted a song by The Hollies to be reassigned from a compilation to a single. Just wanted to let you know that current order of preference is as follows:
1. "Regular" album
2. "Regular" EP
3. Compilation album
4. Live album or live EP (official release only)
5. Single

Please feel free to create a forum topic named "Order of preference for release group types" if you'd like to discuss this further :)
The guidelines you write about just above are your version of . These are the guidelines about how to write songs in French or any other language which don't follow the rules about how to write songtitles in English.
The guidelines about naming venues can be found here

Again you're acting over the top with your message to me


What the hell are you waiting for? MAKE THAT CORRECTION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First you don't know what I've been doing the last week
Secondly writing in capital letters on the internet is like shouting
Thirdly your assumption that I took off your roadie badge is you're only shooting at the pianist.
Fourthly you don't seem to learn from the warnings and messages mods and admins send

I believe we're here to help each other and correct someone's errors, not to insult each other.

What do you have against me?
It was not me who took away your roadie badge.
Your behavior doesn't seem to improve one bit.

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