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ça t'amuse de dire des choses dénigrantes?
And do not encourage others to disobey
Your behaviour does not go unnoticed. Deal with matters with which you don't agree more careful in future.

Hi Philippe,
saw your comment from 5 days ago: "As of lately, i came up across a few setlist in which, for some reason, the user had put a Play Video in between each song."
I know the reason: This is done by automatically, if you view a setlist, mark all songs, copy it and paste it to another setlist.
If you want to copy a setlist, you have to go in the original setlist to edit and to the text view and copy it from there. This is a little bit complicated and some users just don't know and do it the easy way, and then the'll get the "Play Video" added automatically between all the songs.

Just replace the è with e in the URL, and Wikipedia will direct to the correct page.

Should I report your behavior to other moderators so you lose your priveleges?
This site is not about how you feel French covers should be treated. It's about the guidelines on this site.

Instructions for translated covers amongst the moderators is that you leave the translated title with the cover tag.
So please revert all recent changes for Johnny Hallyday

Sorry. Didn't realize Hendrix didn't write it.

Wade in the Water is a new original by The John Butler Trio. Please don't change it to a cover again.

Is Bernard Ouest in the address capitalized because it is a proper name?

I just moved all the setlists to Gatineau from the original city, I didn't edit them.

I would think that most of the setlists that would have been created would have been found in newspapers or websites that used the name of the municipality at the time of the performance. And unless you lived in the area it is doubtful that many people would be aware of these mergers.

If you want to have me put any merged cities into their proper present-day municipality let me know and I will get it done. From what you say it doesn't seem very likely that they will dissolve their mergers anytime soon.

I am going to go ahead and merge the Gatineau venues. They are not likely to "unmerge" in my opinion. I don't think I want to do any others considering how easy it is for Canadian municipalities to merge and undergo. Here in the States it is very difficult to dissolve a merger and it almost never happens. Restoring the setlists to their original city if that happens would be a real chore.

So it seems like Hull no longer exists as an independent municipality and is no a part of Gatineau? In that case all Hull venues can be merged into Gatineau. I will do that when you confirm it.

Do you know if the other municipalities on that side of the river were also merged into Gatineau and if so which ones need to be changed to Gatineau?

Regarding Eric Johnson, I saw that you had submitted some requests, so I tried not to duplicate them. Seems like some have been cleaned up recently, but then the old variations appear in new setlists. I'll try to help keep them straight. Thanks!

Thanks for correction (Morgaua Quartet in Tokyo, 2012).

FYI - "In a Silent Way" is a Miles Davis song. Joe Zawinul wrote the song, but he was a member of Miles Davis' band at the time and recorded it on his album.

Hey man, back in 2016 you tidied up a bunch of performances of "Delia's Gone". This included 5 performances by The Fuzz - an Australian rock band. Are you sure that this is a cover of the traditional song, and not an original song?


The Joe Zawinul song is called "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" with commas included,_Mercy,_Mercy

Hi Philippe-
Do you have a recording of the Robyn Hitchcock show from May 7, 1992 - Max's on Broadway, Baltimore MD?? If not how did you come by the setlist? I was at the show. It was amazing and if you have a copy I'd love to relive it! Thanks!

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