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Hi sorry I’m new to this site and not sure how it sll works. I left a comment about the answer concert on dec 1 st 2009 st rock city Nottingham. I looked at the set list and nowhere freeway wasn’t on there. I was sure they played an acoustic version and was hoping u woukd remember too.

Just looking at the answer set list from dec 1 2009. I’m positive they did an acoustic version of nowhere freeway as it was the first time I’d heard that version.?

HI -- Are you sure Flo & Eddie sang "Some Girls" rather than "She''d Rather Be With Me," which starts out with the lyrics "Some girls..."? The only "Some Girls" I know is the Stones song.

Minor correction:
Hit Me With Your Best Shot is not an Eddie Schwartz cover - rather he wrote it for Pat Benatar for Crimes of Passion. Eddie himself did not record it until 1995.

Hi sternfeld's, sorry could you help me with an annoying user? It has been bothering me for weeks, it is reversing my edits in the last Ariana Grande setlist, the venue is wrong, one of the songs was its first time live, the correct stylization in the song 'POV' and it is reversing all this data that is correct, the user name is rat_pack_gal

Just checking - did you intend to assign this song to a Springsteen covers album? Or is this something then went wrong with merging/reassigning of cover songs?

"634-5789" by Eddie Floyd....THANKS for updating this!!!!

Can you explain why you edited the original artist for the cover song on this setlist? The musician was paying tribute to Aretha Franklin who originally released the song (written specifically for her). Seems like I would be a better source since I was at the show.

thanks for the info on "Over The Rainbow"...much appreciated

Ok, danke für die Antwort.

On the other hand, the song called "Since I Met You Baby" that B.B. King performed before singing on Gary's "Since I Met You Baby", *is* the Ivory Joe Hunter classic... it's complicated...

I corrected the wrong information found in the wikipedia article. Now it's your turn to correct all the Gary Moore setlist since "Since I Met You Baby" is not a cover but a GM original!

Hey, this set list you partially edited is a complete fake:

I know you didn't create it, just cleaned up the editing rules. But the whole thing is fake top to bottom.

Hello is there anyway to change the Ringo Starr All Starr Band Sets to read "Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen" instead of "Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen" with the spaces so that it's the same as the Santana sets?

Would it be a better option to mark the final song as an instrumental reprise, or keep it marked as a tape? I've found with 90% of these country shows, after the final song, the band plays an instrumental of one of the artists' popular songs for a few minutes while the artist leaves the stage. I just didn't know if there's a correct way to do this.


Thanks for response and sorry to ruffle some feathers in this old debate that we thought we had settled months ago. It won't happen again.

Hi sternfeld! How are you doing? I am considering changing Take It Easy from an Eagles song to a Jackson Browne song. I started a topic in the forum about it:

I would appreciate your feedback since this deals with a somewhat grey area in the cover guidelines.

Kraftwerk was excellent! This was their first time in Texas in 40 years.
Their show like none other that I had seen before. I consider it a privilege to have been able to see and hear live such a deeply influential band.