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Thanks again for the CSC info. That Rat show was ridiculous! Probably my first Boston area show and only time visiting that legendary venue. Good times!!

Thanks for the kind words. I thought the same thing when I glanced over your list. This guy has good taste! The Rifles... it's a long story, but the short version is they're one of the greatest live bands I've ever seen and in 87 I wasted no opportunities!! I was friends with the band but had no role like merch guy. What you immediately picked up on is that the 32 cr shows is crazy because opportunities are so limited. Since no one else cares lol I'll share these two great experiences with you.
1. The day after the ann arbor show in the early afternoon in an empty club with chairs upside down on the tables I saw a stunning jam with Kent Dave and Paul with Gary Rasmussen from SRB. Was unreal.
2. The Vassar college show I was allowed to write the setlist. They showed me a ledger with about 120 covers they knew. I had them do beach boys and roxy music covers. Wish fulfilment.

Quick question: as far as you know did cop shoot cop play the NYC Iggy date? Or was that someone else too??


Wow, you really blew my mind with the cop shoot cop info!! Thanks so much for the correction!! Cheers...

Looking forward to seeing those updates on both The Rat and the Channel! Its good to see some of us old "soldiers" from college radio and gig promoting in the 1980's turning our diaries and memorabilia into information for the site. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help with things on the site.

Thanks for the story about Charlie Pickett. I love things like that! He is a pretty nice guy, I was friends with his guitarist, the late Johnny Salton.

Awesome, thanks for the cool info!

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