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i would like to see u guys if possible, where r ur seats for springsteen, my official tix r in 319, hoping i can improve find open seats closer, i have been lucky for my other springsteen shows and have always got ga floor tix

hey bill, dont go to dos equis the show is at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Irving, TX

what did u think about pretty reckless and halestorm, had them on the calendar but felt too tired to go

Hey Scott. I have pictures and notes. I will check. ?? to what
currently trying to get springsteen tix, u springsteen?

guessing u will be at cheap trick rod stewart

Hey brother I see you said flying piano tour on cinderlla in Dallas in 89 . Yea didn't he come out of the ceiling on the piano. That was a bad ass show I was 18. I didn't care for winger much but 18 I didn't care .bullet boys were better than winger . I am always looking for footage from that concert but all I ever find is same tour but not dallas

did u pay for parking at mavs center if so how much

thanks for saving me at the sting show tonight, after i wandered around and came back i couldnt find u guys, i was gonna buys u guys a round or 2 of drinks, remind me at next show we r both at, nice to see sting at a small venue

hi, this live 80s show u attended, was it full band changes after each 3, 4, 5 song set, or was it more like same stage band with diff band singers, with no stage breaks, or something diff, i love dramarama but for only 4 songs seems silly, like songs by some of the other bands but would rather have a full show set of just dramarama, thanks for info

nixons at 2pm, deep blue something at 4p, plain white ts at 6.3p
free saturday nov 6 at five star complex in the colony
be there bring friends

where were u sit/standing for 1100 springs and offspring
we could meet if u want to, lots of same shows, u will have to find me cus i dont know what u guys look like, im sure u have seen me at shows, GA im always near center stage front, ive described myself to u and i am writing songs down in paper notebook which is obvious, as many people walk up and ask what im doing,
ran into stubob at soul asylum local h sitting with a couple thought it might be u and sno, i introduced stubob to deepugh, ceepugh, 95cart, who were also there

where were u and sno seating at cheap trick, r u going again in oct in forney

setlist for chicago looks like they played everything u could have wanted, how did the band sound, my sat show with jimbos and 2 others were all very good and enjoyable, so whats coming up next for u, i might go to back in black sat at lava depending on weather and my mood, 3 more shows next week

i will be at the Jimbos at trees sat

hi, i see u were at old 97s at grandscape also, too crowded to find u even if i knew u were there, i see A-SNOTEX was at brett scallions (fuel) at lava also but ur not marked as attended did u not go, we could have found each other there, what shows do u have coming up, i have a bunch im planning on going to, im sure at least a few u will also be at

Hello i am a major ABC collector and was wondering if you have a recording of this show. Willing to trade

i see u and stubob r going to winger great white, i might go to the show, if u want to meet up, let me know what u look like and if u will be with stubob, i will be in GA if i show up

i see u went to miranda lambert, was 1 ticket at a table $200, thats really expensive unless its ur fav band and only show ur gonna see during the year, and thats not us, $50 tix GA side rail price wise is ok but i hate not being on the floor table area close to stage, how was lambert and yoakum never seen either but some interest in both, is billy bobs 100% capacity or spacing at tables and masks on or optional

Also worked at Rapides Regional in Alexandria fro about 10 years.