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hi, yes nowhere near at wilco, seen ur pic u look fam, browsed ur concerts, we have been at several small venue shows, and i see ur alice cooper, cheap trick fan and many wildflower, also, i was a wet rat at wilco did u get lucky and come at a rain break

hi do u know who opening act was for the bangles 1986 tour, specifically the show i went to at mcfarlin in dallas, but any info on who it is for ur show, might be the same opening act, did some researching b4 sending this to u and having no luck, thanks

Hi, I'm collecting lossless live recordings by Ramones and Ramones solo.
If you are interested in trading them, or if you know tapers who have recorded Ramones or Ramones solo, please let me know.
I have many Ramones and Ramones solo recordings and some rare recordings.

This is my e-mail.

Best regards.

i wish i had the whole day. but i don't remember much of anything played that day. and hadn't really looked for bootlegs of the show.

Do you have this show, Ramones Setlist at Old Fort Dallas, Ferris, TX, USA

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