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saw u ? standing side stage at soul asylum last night, how was sound over there my 1st time at that event, personally wish everyone would have stood up for show , feels weird sitting for soul asylum


do u recall a 2nd show, found an article said there were 2 at 8.3pm and 11pm, can u mark each show with correct times according to which u attended, if ur sure there was not a 2nd show, please mark 2nd as a fake show, thanks


im adding the 2nd show, 8.3pm and 11pm, want to have u attend the correct show, which did u go to, thanks

thank you
i like that answer, i hope i find ur name on a lot of gypsy shows so i can mark them all ballroom, did u change all ur shows already, i dont see my msgs anymore so i dont rem the shows, most shows ive seen there r in the ballroom also, but i have seen many in the small room


Do you have any video or audio (or can you direct me to anyone who does) of John Prine’s performance Friday night at Winspear? Specifically the intro to Summer’s End?

Thank you.

No worries. You are definitely an asset to this site. Keep up the good work. Enjoy the show tonight! Happy Easter!

hi, yes nowhere near at wilco, seen ur pic u look fam, browsed ur concerts, we have been at several small venue shows, and i see ur alice cooper, cheap trick fan and many wildflower, also, i was a wet rat at wilco did u get lucky and come at a rain break

Do you have this show, Ramones Setlist at Old Fort Dallas, Ferris, TX, USA

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