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hi, jul 3 cheap trick sherman lake, guessing u have been at lake area b4 will be my first time, is it a mess to get in and out of, parking, stand close to stage, how early, i would appreciate helpful info thanks
what did u think of this band & the others would u see any of them again, had this show on my calendar but wasnt in mood that night
thanks for backing me, but i listened to his recording and setlist is now set up as his recording, i was sure they played no you dont, but not on his recording and i didnt notice any breaks, which songs were u concerned with, that show was b4 i started actual tracking of songs, just on memory which is apparently melting
hi, do u recall if Kings X played with Blue Murder, u did not mark as attended, and i found sources that say Kings X played at Deep Ellum Live not DCL

hi, warrant i did not go to that show, i just found the pic online while doing some research

hi, hope u and family+ r doing well,
was this a live in person show or just a live stream, i would have gone if i knew about it, i heard/ad about the deep blue something (not a big fan) show, but not lit, i cant find a link to sign up for, and i seem to always miss shows at the sanctuary in mckinney im interested in too

hi, trying to define exact locations for Dallas Alley / West End shows
was this show at outside courtyard btw Dallas Alley bldg and West End Marketplace bldg or at a club inside Dallas Alley bldg or on surrounded streets in West End Historic District as during Taste of Dallas or specialty shows, thanks

here is what I can confirm at address 6532 E. Northwest Hwy
1974 - 75 Crystal Palace (Sep 19 1974 - ?)
1976 ?
1977 - 78 Windmill Theatre (Jan 18 1977 - last entry Jun 78)
1978 - 79 Palladium (earliest entry Aug 78 addr entry shows thru April 1980 prob correct)
1980 - 83 Agora Ballroom (May 80 - Aug 83)
1983 - 90? Monopoly's Park Place (Sep 83 - ?)
1990 - ? Metropolis (opens April 6, 1990)
? - 1992 Xenon
1992 - 93 Agora (Jun 3 1992 - 93)
1993 - 97 ?
1997 - 99? Tejano West
2000 - 04 ?
2005 - present New West

b4 it was the agora in the 80s, it was the original Palladium

The multimillion-dollar Agora Ballroom, at 6532 E. Northwest Highway, will reopen Wednesday with a concert by the rap group Beastie Boys. The Agora, which operated as a live-rock club from 1980 to 1985, has gone through several incarnations since: From 1985 to 1990, it was Monopoly, a rock disco; then it became a series of teen clubs, the last of which, Xenon, closed a few weeks ago.

found more 90s shows listed as agora ballroom

thanks for confirm, guessing it did close officially by owner, was mainly wondering if they used a diff venue name, building is still there and maybe was opened/used for a few shows now and then, and yes Buddy does have misprints mostly with tentative show dates
hi Buddy magazine says dallas agora closed in 1983
was wondering if ur show if venue was still called agora and at same location on 6532 northwest hwy, there r 8 shows listed at agora after 1983 but none have source listed,
I do trust u for info but we have a conflict


Many thanks for your reply.
No problem. Digital is our world now.


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in Dallas.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you!

saw u ? standing side stage at soul asylum last night, how was sound over there my 1st time at that event, personally wish everyone would have stood up for show , feels weird sitting for soul asylum


do u recall a 2nd show, found an article said there were 2 at 8.3pm and 11pm, can u mark each show with correct times according to which u attended, if ur sure there was not a 2nd show, please mark 2nd as a fake show, thanks


im adding the 2nd show, 8.3pm and 11pm, want to have u attend the correct show, which did u go to, thanks

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