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Hi there

I’m sorry, I only have good memories of the Genesis show in Basel, but no ticket…

Best wishes,

Sorry I do not have a paper ticket from the Genesis Chicago show.

Hello again Anton, nice to hear from you again! Unfortunately I do not have a paper ticket for the 11/15/21 Genesis show, there was not an option to get a paper ticket and it was all-digital due to the demands of the venue during Covid. If I could have gotten a stub, I would have! No souvenir for me unfortunately : P

Hi I found my stub from Hartford/genesis/1987

Hi, yes i do have the Locarno ticket PG 2007.

I can send you a scan if you want.

Hi, I have a ticket from the Bratislava concert. Where should I send it?

Hi Antoine, I am not sure if I still have the ticket of the Peter Gabriel show in Rotterdam. I will have a look at home. When I have it I will scan it for you.
Best Regards, Herb


Seems that I still have the PDF file on my laptop but looks like you already got an actual ticket for the Helsinki show.

I'm as sure as I can be I have the stub to the PG Taormina show... the question is where and then how to get it to you if so?

Hi, I only seem to have a self-printed PDF ticket for Peter Gabriel's Helsinki show, but I guess you'll get what you need from harry99.

sorry, I can't find the ticket from the Peter Gabriel show in Stockholm back in 2014.

Hi, unfortunately, I’ve lost track of Peter Gabriel Vilnius concert ticket a while ago, sorry..

Hi Anton, yes, I do have it, it may be a bit faded, I always kept all my ticket stubs. :)

In that era they were thermal prints, so they don't look to great, but of course they are authentic. I'll have to look for it.

I have a ticket for the Stockholm show. It's a boring PDF. But leave your email in my profile if you want it.

Unfortunately, I don't have tickets to Peter Gabriel concert 2014.

Hello Anton., Sure having a ticket and some amateur photos as well. Please give me your email so will send some amterial to you. Rgds. Harry from Finland

Hello Antoine,
Sorry, no ticket for Peter Gabriel 2014 show, only a bracelet... (I was working for Live Nation that night)
Cheers !

just sent to your email

I did manage to find the Cardiff ticket as well, so let me know a way I can send a scan if you're still interested.

Hi - yes I still have the Cardiff ticket - happy to send you an image let me have your details

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