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Just wondering, do you have any Godspeed You Black Emperor bootlegs that are not on archive or soulseek that you are willing to share? I would love the August 2000 and Sept 27 2001 shows if you have recordings those in your possession

Thanks for the info. Certainly interested in seeing what you've got. Email would work best if that's ok with you.

Is your recording of Mogwai in Toronto in 2001 circulating? I have a considerable number of recordings from that time but I don't appear to have that show. If it's worth hearing and you're interested in a trade, contact me via Brightlight please.


Hey there, I noticed you updated the setlist for Swans in Philadelphia. I'm just curious about the songs marked as "Unknown" - are they new songs or could people just not figure out what songs they were?

hey you changed the vancouver setlist back to say that Godspeed played just "Gathering Storm" but they actually played the entire 22 minute piece. I'm changing it back to "Storm"

  • 16 May 2011, 21:26 Etc/UTC
  • SallysF

The small letters like "and" "in" and "the" are only capitalized if they are at the beginning of a sentence.

It seems strange to call a song Neil wrote a "cover" but setlist.com would not accept the edit.

HEY r-r-ren!
Look at the tracklist on Neil's new album "Le Noise".
IT IS INDEED called "Peaceful Valley Boulevard"